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A Sunday Soliloquy- Liberals Worship Words, Not Deeds

 Last week, I read a Mia Farrow tweet which immediately preceded a lightning bolt to my head and an "aha!" moment. Farrow was bitching about President Trump and the language he uses. According to her, it was so abrasive that she would not allow her children to be in the same room as a TV broadcast featuring Trump. Not one to simply separate words from a speaker, she went on an anti-Trump rant. That's when I had the "aha!" moment. She wasn't bitching about low inflation, low gas prices, or a secure border- she was bitching about the language Trump uses. This is what the democratic party has become. A mob of pussies hell bent on trying to make us use their silly ass pro nouns and words while they topple over our history. I started applying my newly discovered Mia Farrow "aha" moment to everyone in my life. It was true. Liberals absolutely hate direct speech that they find offensive- because it does not agree with them.   Conversely, they loved Obama