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"They're Just After My Money" and Other Enlightening Moments- The Sunday Collage

Many years ago, I used to play poker in Northern Nevada with a cantankerous old millionaire who played a lot of cards. He was frequently very lucky and he'd do stupid things like count the cards in the middle of the table with his index finger, including the two he was holding in his hand, and then announce he had a straight. Of course, he would then bet. Newcomers would always think that nobody would say that out loud and mostly they would just call his bet- a few of the aggressive ones would raise just prior to being introduced to a re-raise. One time, after a very lucky session, my friend looked over at me and announced he was leaving. He was a big winner. He looked at me and said, "These assholes are just after my money." I replied, "No shit Sheldon- it's a poker game." In just the last three months, my property taxes have gone up 200 a year, my homeowners and car insurance went up 200 a year, and my cable bill went up 150 a year. I am going to pay a

The Free Speech Nazis and Some Tuesday Humor

Today I noted that a professional football player was fined for tweeting some free speech regarding an openly gay football player selected in the draft who kissed his boyfriend on national tv. You see it's ok to kiss your boyfriend on national television- that speech is protected. But if you object to men kissing other men on the lips and tweet about it...well that speech is not protected. You cannot make this shit up. There is a part of me that is very grateful I am in my 50's and that I don't have to put up with another 50 years of this bullshit from the free speech nazis. The speech nazis of course, are free to pick and choose who gets free speech and who does not. If you are black you can  say "nigger or nigga" but if you are white- that is off limits. The first amendment they will say, only protects free speech where the government is concerned. Therefore any consequences you suffer- as th

Six Years at Bernie's- The Sunday Collage

During the week, I had the chance to see an oddball movie called "Weekend at Bernie's." It is the story about an embezzler (Bernie) who invites two co-workers (who discovered the theft) to his vacation home to have them killed and gets killed himself. The two co-workers, fearing they'll get blamed for Bernie's death, pretend he's still alive and although there is a party at Bernie's house over the weekend- nobody notices that Bernie is dead. I don't want to ruin the movie- in case you want to see it. It came out on blue ray last Tuesday. There is a metaphor in here somewhere. All during the week, more and more internet chatter took place about Benghazi after the disclosure of an administration email that essentially proves that this administration willfully lied to the American people regarding the nature of the attack on Benghazi. Blaming it on some poor islamaphobe/videographer/felon schmuck in California (eventually having him arrested) and ca