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The Abject Failure of the GOP

"Pay attention to what people have actually accomplished, pay far less attention to what they say they will do." By that standard alone, Barack Obama would never have been elected President. In fact, after having been advanced 100k on a book deal- Obama could not write the book nor make the deadlines that he had agreed on. Many knowledgeable people believe his books were "ghost written." I am one of them. The point is- is that Barack Obama had accomplished very little with his life. A community organizer. A teacher and a lawyer. Good lawyers lawyer, the rest teach. He was a superficial black guy that could speak well. He let a lot of desperate and scared bankers escape in return for their financial support. That dear friends- is why he is President. Has life turned into a beauty contest? It's hard to argue that it hasn't. Take a look at the candidates. The females are all attractive, some of the men. Substance? There is very little substance except for R

Troops Salute Obama

Obama closes the nine year Iraq war. Like the magnificent bastard that he is. Troops salute. Thanks Big Hairy.

Dark Closets

Who are you going to believe? The media or your lying eyes? Can you trust your government education? A month or so ago, I got in a back and forth argument with my father. These days those things are usually avoidable. Unfortunately, like most Americans, my dad thinks that the Federal Reserve is some government institution where somebody plopped 20 trillion a hundred years ago. That this 20 trillion is just waiting around- gathering dust until at some futuristic and imminent flash point- the Fed will unleash it and save us. I guess. Don't you find it unimaginable that not one public school anywhere- teaches the 100 year old history of the Fed? If you know of just one school or textbook that does...please by all means tell me about it. I beg you. That is not a coincidence. If you plan on fleecing American workers forever- the last thing you want to do is tell those targeted sheep your game plan. Or admit you have been a horrible failure. Ultimately when I find myself arguing

Travelers Advisory, Interstate To Be Closed

They are taking a 200 ton lump of coal to Mt Rushmore to carve out President Obama's likeness. The load is coming down I-90. They could not find a 200 ton piece of shit. I-90 will be closed tomorrow across South Dakota . They are hauling a 200 ton lump of coal so they can add Obama to Mount Rushmore ... they couldn't find a 200 ton piece of shit.

The Greatest Smuggling Story Never Told

The strangest story I have read in quite some time. I offer this up and I really can't corroborate it other than to say- it must be real- a lawsuit has been filed. You are in for a real treat. A little over two years ago, I ran into this story on some obscure website somewhere. Truth be told, I thought it had to be complete bullshit. In a nutshell, two Japanese men were caught smuggling 135 BILLION dollars in U.S. bonds in 2009. Now for you numbers challenged folks out there- there are only 4 countries in the world that have that kind of money tied up in U.S. bonds. So wtf were these men doing? They appear to be couriers but why did they select Japanese men? And what follows is one of the strangest stories you will ever lay eyes on. The speculation at the time- was that most likely the bonds were forgeries. I think that is where I landed. Well, it turns out that the bonds are real. And if you think two men smuggling 135 billion is odd, that's nothing. Read this link. And

Precious Metals Getting Slaughtered, Hardly a Surprise, Get Ready To Buy With Both Hands

I love it when I hear some asshole on CNBC talk about what terrible investments gold and silver are. That happened this morning as gold was trading down 80.00 bucks an ounce. The "expert" was calling for 1000 dollar gold. Gold doesn't pay dividends he said. I was listening from my bedroom- so I didn't get a look at the suspect your honor. I have heard that rhetoric before. My favorite line was this. Gold as an investment and a safe haven is 100% based on perception! No shit. That's what he said. Like that's a bad thing. Now I want you to think about any decision you have ever made. Have you ever done anything- not based 100% on your own perception? Just when do we avail ourselves of our own perception to make decisions? I don't know when that happens. Ok enough of that. Here are the reasons that today's selling comes as no surprise. 1. Central banks and investment arms all over the world are selling gold to raise cash. The euro is toast. It is

Housing Sales- A Completely Fraudulent Number for the Past Five Years

And of course- they were inflating the number....gee I wonder who taught them that trick? I would call this unfucking believable- except that it's not. We see similar fraudulent figures week after week from the Federal Government and the BLS. How do we know unemployment figures are fraudulent? Simple. People with jobs pay taxes. People without jobs don't. The treasury has a two trillion dollar deficit this year which initially was supposed to only be a 1.2 trillion shortfall. That missing 800 billion? Well that's what happens when you start believing your own bullshit. How do we know the CPI is fraudulent and understated? Because we are the ones buying inflated goods. Anyway- here's the whole fraudulent tale from the National Association of Realtors. I only have two questions. Why did it take them so long and why disclose this now?

In the End, There Can Be Only One! Highlander!

The second thing I've ever stolen from Ace. For Troy. Comment Repin Like

Proud Moments in Law Enforcement

Well there is no big earth shattering news today, so I thought I'd tell you a war story. Over the course of my 25 year law enforcement career, I had the good fortune to see some interesting and bizarre things. I also had the opportunity to see some really funny things. Some of the funniest shit- just happened to be things that I watched cops do. Sober, excuse free, cops. This story is one of the finest. You will never see this story on an episode of "Cops." There is simply no way that this story can remain untold. It will take a little character development, so please bear with me. I am going to use fictional names to protect the guilty. A little over 20 years ago, I was patrolling a small town in Idaho. A much larger city that wasn't too far away was experiencing a big manpower shortage. I went to work for that city as a part time police officer, working a couple of extra shifts a week. It was during that time, in the early 90's, that I met the hero of this s

GImme Back My Drone!*Updated

Of all the funny shit that's been happening lately, I'm not sure that anything could top President Obama asking the Iranians for our drone back. The drone that we were spying on them with. Now picture this. The greatest pussy man of all time, a guy who throws like a girl, gets beat up in a basketball game, and wears some high rise dork bicycle helmet is asking the Iranians to return our high technology drone. I'll bet they are just scared shitless. Maybe Obama needs to throw a pair of Uggs at 'em to get their attention. That's how they do it over there. Ain't that rich? Next thing ya know, Mexican drug smugglers will be asking for their confiscated dope back. I managed to intercept this Iranian reply to President Obama's pleas to return the drone. *

Mother Teresa Didn't Have Any Kids

Who thought buying a car was easy? It's easy as long as you let the seller dictate the price, the terms, and the other little slick things they throw in the loan during closing. Including higher interest rates. So it was, I have backed out of the third deal this month and I cancelled a flight because of it. After all of that, I finally have the deal on the car I wanted but I have to wait a month to take delivery. Big deal. I am in absolute awe at how ridiculously priced car dealers price their inventory. Car dealers are piranhas. So what I thought I'd do is show you a run of the mill used 2011 GLS Hyundai Elantra priced at what I believe is an absolutely insane price. This car invoiced new at 15,500. Here it is used.

Woman Executed in Saudi Arabia For Just Trying To Make a Buck, In America She Would Have Been Given a SBA Loan

I am not a proponent of capital punishment. I know...I know...not wanting to kill people is irrational. In Saudi Arabia, they apparently kill you for practicing sorcery or trying to treat illnesses contrary to accepted practices. In America, this woman could have applied for and received a small business administration loan for practicing alternative medicine. Had she proven that she voted for Obama, the loan would have been fast tracked and she might even be selling franchises by now. She would be alive and well, touted as a business woman with acumen, creating jobs in America.

Wait for the Precious Metals Selloff and Then Buy Physical Mortimer!

I've been reading Turd Ferguson's, "TF Metals Report" quite a bit lately. He has been "spot" on and he called today's huge sell off. He is on my blog roll on the right margin. And here. Gold and silver are getting their asses kicked today. Bad. Gold is off 50 bucks. Here is a very timely piece on why. Strange. Of all the reasons for today's metals sell off- the one I find most intriguing is that paper speculators are heading for the exits. There is simply no point in trading paper (futures, options) if the underlying commodity has several claims on it. Because of the MF Global bankruptcy, one investor has already filed a lawsuit claiming that he paid for and wanted to take delivery of physical gold and silver. Metals that he paid for before any bankruptcy was declared by MF Global. As the metal was about to be shipped, a trustee halted the shipment. Th

Why Obama Is Not The Anti Christ, The Archived Madness of the Lunatic Fringe

Friday, May 14, 2010 It's Official, Obama Is Not the Anti Christ About a year ago, a neo conservative friend of mine called and asked if President Obama could be the anti-Christ. Although Obama clearly has many of the qualities and characteristics that one looks for in a good anti-Christ, I was not sure. After watching Dear Leader this year, I feel confident in saying that Obama is not the anti-Christ. I know, I know, some of you righties want to cling to hope. Perhaps you are questioning my credentials for determining anti- Christs. But I've watched this dude closely last year, which you can do when you are unemployed. Eternally. Trust me, I am using solid logic. One other thing. Just because I have determined that Obama isn't the anti-Christ doesn't mean that you non religious types can breathe a sigh of relief. You still have work to do. The anti-Christ is thought to be a gifted orator. Now at first blush, many of you may think that great orato