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Thoughts From Lincoln City

Have you ever heard anyone say they can't stand the ocean? Lincoln City is a coastal town in Oregon. It's beautiful here, reasonably priced, and as I sit here writing- I am glancing out at some pretty decent sized waves. You can rent homes and condos on the beach here for 150 clams a night- which is about what they charge for a motel room anywhere else. It's a good place to forget about crooked government employees, sneaky government deals, Bowe Bergdahl, and homicidal pilots. The worst part about being here- is that it has to end. With the exception of 15 minutes worth of the Kentucky-Notre Dame game, we never turned the television on. I just read the news on my computer. The world in all of it's lunacy- is still turning. I saw that Hillary is continuing her criminal enterprise. A majority of Americans, 52% believe she did nothing wrong by destroying all of the emails she generated as an employee of the State department. That is an unbelievable thing. That's