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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Thoughts From Lincoln City

Have you ever heard anyone say they can't stand the ocean?

Lincoln City is a coastal town in Oregon. It's beautiful here, reasonably priced, and as I sit here writing- I am glancing out at some pretty decent sized waves. You can rent homes and condos on the beach here for 150 clams a night- which is about what they charge for a motel room anywhere else.

It's a good place to forget about crooked government employees, sneaky government deals, Bowe Bergdahl, and homicidal pilots. The worst part about being here- is that it has to end. With the exception of 15 minutes worth of the Kentucky-Notre Dame game, we never turned the television on. I just read the news on my computer. The world in all of it's lunacy- is still turning.

I saw that Hillary is continuing her criminal enterprise. A majority of Americans, 52% believe she did nothing wrong by destroying all of the emails she generated as an employee of the State department. That is an unbelievable thing. That's like generating 25 years worth of police reports and then destroying or taking them with me when I retired.

The worst part about the Clinton criminality is that not one prosecutor at any level will charge her. Lawyers are cowards mostly. If they can't advance their careers or make big checks- if they don't see some big payday for themselves in every endeavor- they simply won't do it. Doing the right thing falls somewhere low on their list of priorities and they easily justify it. I love to engage them in this topic- because it makes all but the most sociopathic among them just a little uncomfortable.

I noted this week that they are finally charging Bowe Bergdahl with desertion. I think that is a good thing. In as much as it was a stupid thing to do (walking away from the base) and got a lot of people hurt and killed- I hope they go light on his sentencing. All of the punishment in the world will not bring back the lives of the soldiers who were killed looking for him.

I'm probably in the minority. I hold our government more accountable by engaging in useless wars and then swapping evil Taliban adults for a young and stupid kid who made a mistake. Bergdahl walked away from his post that night- but I feel fairly certain that he simply didn't think his actions through. In other words- he made a stupid and very costly mistake- but I don't think he acted maliciously or meant to get anyone killed. He is exactly what I always thought he was, just a young kid prone to mistakes.

That still won't stop the witch burning crowd from asking for their piece of flesh.

Did you notice how quickly France found the cause of the Lufthansa/German Wings airline crash? They found the in flight recorder, reviewed it, and disclosed almost immediately that the co-pilot had flown 150 souls to their deaths. I note that the plane which was made by Airbus and Boeing's chief rival, is a French company. You can bet that Airbus was doing everything humanly possible to prove that this plane crash had nothing to do with the air worthiness of their planes and thus avoid any liability.

In just a couple of days- we discovered that the co-pilot had locked the pilot out of the cabin and that he was also a clinically depressed madman.

In America- it would have taken the FAA and the NTSB an entire year to disclose anything. We would have forgotten about it in a few months.

Forgive me but the family is packing up and my computer is going dead. One last glance over the waves and I'll catch up with you later...