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Skimming the Masses, the New America Business Model- The Sunday Collage

...or as my friend Billy likes to say, "We are all trying to make the most money with the least amount of work." Yesterday, I got into a spirited back and forth over my most hated topic- the ACA or Obamacare. Midway through, I realized the person I was speaking with didn't understand the "skim." He was busy blaming me for the costs of healthcare which I have always found to be a peculiar argument. You know the type. "Don't expect me to pick up the tab when you find yourself uninsured in the E.R." That sort of guy. I have the proceeds of my work- called a work product or money. I enter into a contract or agreement for some good or service when my need for that particular item meets or exceeds the value of my work product. A seller has an item or service of value. He becomes a seller when he perceives that the price I am willing to pay meets or exceeds his expectations. We enter into an agreement based on a given price point. There is no opportun

The Very Best of Frankenstein Government- 2014

It's kind of humbling to scroll through 6 years of archived blogs and to re-read some of the things you have written. Some projections/opinions of mine have been very wrong particularly any of those dealing with the stock market. There are other things- that clearly needed additional editing. My top two all time blogs consist of a piece I had written on the death of CNBC Mark Haines who I really liked- and the other was a piece I wrote called the "Ten Reasons to Hate Huffington Post." My very best blogs of 2014. They might not always represent my favorite writing- but people liked them. Here they are, month by month for 2014. On changing our corporate biz structure: January- The President trying to convince us to buy government debt: February- The advantages of being black or po