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I Heard My Ex Got Re-Married...

Bad luck for some guy with a pickup.

Too Good Not To Steal, Thanks Wirecutter


Big Hairy Has Exclusive Photo of John Edwards With His Lover

Too funny.

If You Aren't A Little Angry- You Might Be Brain Dead- A Cop Story

Years ago, I had an Aha! moment for the ages. I have to be careful because I don't want to embarrass anyone who was involved in this story and might stumble onto it here. I was acquainted with a man that had four daughters ages 9 thru 15. I knew this guy only because we did business with him. I also knew his wife. In fact, his wife and mother of those girls would hit on various men at the gym until one day- she lured a man into a rather bizarre sexual tryst. Eventually in a divorce that became legendary to only those insiders who were aware of it- the man, his wife, her lover, and four daughters all between the ages of 9 and 15- found themselves living under one roof. The situation, I understand, calls for further explanation. There was quite a bit of deception and money issues involved- so I am going to sum it up that way and keep it simple. To call this situation volatile is an understatement. One morning, the jilted father/husband creature, was desperately trying to get to

I Fought In The Battle Of The Bulge and Other Outrageous Lies

I'm not sure what causes people to lie exactly. Mostly, I think they are simply not happy with who they are. Perhaps they feel like shameful under achievers. There is something very sad about that. Odd how many Navy Seals, combat vets, (mostly Vietnam) and black belt karate experts I came across in my 25 year law enforcement career. Mostly they are all gone and I am still here. Somehow, I survived. I was not surprised to see some firefighter claim 9/11 hero status and get caught lying. Read how he minimizes what he said. Like I said earlier, pretty sad.

Living At Just the Right Time- The Teddy Nadler Story

Chances are you've never heard of Teddy. Teddy was a genius with an 8th grade education. The reality was- was that 8th grade was all Teddy needed and in fact, eight grades might have been over kill. So why do I bring up Teddy Nadler? For a very odd reason actually. America has become obsessed with "credentialing." You are not allowed to talk about anything with out two things. First you must have some certifiable piece of sheepskin conferring Ph.D. status in a given pursuit. Secondly, it helps if you come from some storied, elite, or privileged background. The kind that gets you into Harvard and ultimately because of that credential, a seat on the Supreme Court.  Or, having failed at that, there is a second way to receive credentialing. If you make absolute enormous amounts of money- society confers some sort of honorary credential upon you. It is presumed, and presumed erroneously of course, that in order to make all of that money- you must have been smarter th

Is Boise the Tattoo Capitol of the West?

It doesn't hurt the local tattoo market that the state prison sits a few miles south of us. Over the past couple of years, I have noticed an explosion of tattoos on people. This could be for a number of reasons- not the least of which is the company that I keep. We have tattoo parlors everywhere here. Maybe 30 of them. I used to like tattoos on women. They looked kind of trashy, slutty, maybe even sexy. Now I am not so sure. Tramp stamps on the base of the back are very popular in Boise. Most of those tattoo jobs are ugly. Lots of women still indulge in the breast tattoo. You can never draw enough attention to your breasts. Well, women that is. In 2008, while residing in New Orleans, I was going to get a giant fleur de lis in Mardi Gras colors on my back. I had enlisted the very best artiste in town. Thankfully, he was in the process of moving his studio and that giant fleur de lis was going to take days to finish. I was moving away. So our wires got crossed and I was spare

What's Up More In the Last 30 Days, The DJIA, Oil, Gold or Silver?

The answer is silver. About 7.5%. A percentage point better than oil. The problem with 3.50 and 4.00 gas is that it affects everyone. The only way you can hedge your losses at the pump is by using a strategy of investment and executing it. American citizens are getting their asses kicked on so many fronts right now- it's almost hard to fathom. Competition is all but non existent. Monopolies exist in the drug manufacturers, the cell phone carriers, the oil companies, utilities. Government is manipulating CPI and inflation numbers while they counterfeit currency and hide debt- This year, for the third year in a row, my state retirement fund handed out a whopping 1% cost of living adjustment. This is deplorable. They are not even trying to match the manipulated 2.5% CPI numbers. Shadow stats has real inflation near 11%. So my buying power continues to shrink away. Rapidly. Taxes are increasing everywhere. Not odd that taxes are never accounted for by your government manipulate

Try the Up Dated Blogger Interface

Yesterday, I thought it would be interesting to try the new "Blogger" interface that allows you to show your page a few different ways. My goal was to leave it up for a couple of days. My page count went up dramatically- rising from its daily average of 250 views to over 1500 on Wednesday. That's kind of cool although I am not sure why... exactly. On the down side- I hate the look and so did most of my readers. So I thought I'd let this run through Thursday night and then... Sometime toward the weekend, I will revert back to the old Frankenstein Government page. I tried finding the old page on the design and couldn't figure out how to get my old page back. Maybe I will end up re-doing the whole original layout. Ugh.

Doctors Find One Small Piece Of Healthy Tissue on Hugo Chavez, Decide to Remove It Before It Spreads

Cuban doctors have found a very small section of healthy tissue on Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Fearing that the healthy tissue might eventually spread and turn Chavez into a decent human being, Cuban doctors have decided to operate and remove the tissue as soon as possible. That's the way I interpret the story.

Free Dare Devil Tickets!

I have four extra tickets for the Robbie Knievel (son of Evil Knievel) event at the Community Center parking lot next weekend in Twin Falls, Id. if anybody wants them. Robbie is going to try to jump over 1,000 Obama supporters with a Caterpillar D-9 bulldozer. Should be a good time!

Oh What a Surprise! President Now Apologizing For Quran Burning* Updated

You don't suppose this has anything to do with Obama's Indonesian Muslim lean do ya? Can't he just call a beer summit and work this out with the Afghans? Send them some Chevy Volts or something? Obama, fresh off his three year world wide apology tour, shows that he is a professional apologist. I'm still waiting for my apology from Obama. That is the one where he takes PERSONAL responsibility for the last three years of absolute ineffective leadership, tossing the rule of law, and stealing taxpayer money to enrich his crony supporters. When can I expect my apology? Another flaming liberal, writer Wang, has jumped on the apologists bandwagon. By apologizing to would be murderers- we save lives. That's  the logic. Guess what Wang. Sociopaths don't care.

Pleostocene Flower

Wow. The Russians took a 32,000 year old seed and re-created this. Pretty neat. Regenerated Pleistocene Age plant.  David Gilichinsky/Institute of Physicochemical and Biological Problems in Soil, Russian Academy of Sciences

How To Become A Middle Eastern Nut Job*Updated

A few months ago, in a rare educational moment of mine, I decided to read the Quran on line. I don't know a lot about Muslims or Islam and I figured reading their book might be a good place to start. That and I was having problems with some Muslim kids at the gym. They like to stare at me in the weight room. They were acting like punks and had blocked my egress a couple of times- once in a doorway and once on a staircase. Let's just say, we kept "running" into one another. Their disrespectful behavior was enough to pique my interest. One of their fathers comes into the gym frequently and he dresses like the uni bomber. Hoodie up over his head, yaks non stop on his cellphone. Dude gives me the creeps. Ugly buggly, eyes darting around all of the time. Anyway back at the ranch... I was motivated. To be honest, I did not read all 144 books of the Quran. I did read 80 or 90 of them. I considered that sufficient enough reading to capture the essence of the book. The Q

Telling Bankers To Go To Hell, Iceland Survives Quite Nicely

Nothing says WINNING like the Icelandic people. The only country who told bankers to go screw themselves. Apparently the Icelandic people actually pay attention. Odd. Don't they have TV and a bunch of superficial women with big boobs to stare at? You want to know how nuts Iceland is? They are even prosecuting crooked bankers. Absolutely draconian measures.

Hunting Moonbats

The anti-freedom party. We must have laws for everything. That is the moonbat way. It’s illegal to enter into an economic transaction which might include a fondling of your nether regions by a total stranger… UNLESS that stranger happens to work for the Government , and you want to fly, in that case- it's ok. (Hit that key word above-you'll love the link.) Here in Boise, the land of eternal autumn, it's easy to locate and find moonbats. They are confined to an area of town referred to by locals as the "north end." They congregate at a place called the "co-op." For the record, I hate moonbats. Not only do they think of themselves as intellectually superior to the hoi polloi, but they want to legislate how everyone else lives because the inferior hoi polloi are far too stupid to conduct their own lives. That is how a moonbat thinks. Moonbats don't want freedom for you. Just for them. You can't be trusted. It never occurs to a moonbat th

The Over Achiever