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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How To Become A Middle Eastern Nut Job*Updated

A few months ago, in a rare educational moment of mine, I decided to read the Quran on line. I don't know a lot about Muslims or Islam and I figured reading their book might be a good place to start.

That and I was having problems with some Muslim kids at the gym. They like to stare at me in the weight room. They were acting like punks and had blocked my egress a couple of times- once in a doorway and once on a staircase. Let's just say, we kept "running" into one another. Their disrespectful behavior was enough to pique my interest. One of their fathers comes into the gym frequently and he dresses like the uni bomber. Hoodie up over his head, yaks non stop on his cellphone. Dude gives me the creeps. Ugly buggly, eyes darting around all of the time. Anyway back at the ranch...

I was motivated. To be honest, I did not read all 144 books of the Quran. I did read 80 or 90 of them. I considered that sufficient enough reading to capture the essence of the book.

The Quran in my estimation should be subtitled, "This Is What Your Crazy Uncle Says When He Forgets To Take His Medication."

Forgive me for uttering my opinion. Mohammad, the Quran's author and I, clearly don't see things eye to eye. I feel comfortable saying that- after having read the Quran and having the good fortune not to be indoctrinated into some "death to non believers" propaganda by crusading Muslim parents. God, don't you know, enjoys punishing people and killing them.

I gave up the punishing God propaganda and it's inherent believers- years ago. Which is to say, if you feel like a little extra guilt, shame,  fear, and punishment- go ahead and indulge yourself. As for me, I have enough of that stuff already.

I'll tell you how crazy I am- if God punishes and kills the people he created, I don't want him. You keep him.

A billion people believe in Islam. That will make you pause.

I don't have any trouble believing in a God or a higher power. Mostly I just don't like anyone else's version of that. That includes Mohammad's version and Joe Smith's version- the one where golden tablets are buried under a hill in upstate New York. 

But if you want to believe that stuff, I am ok with it. We have this thing called freedom of religion here. And I like it a lot. The key word is "freedom."

The next time you hear a moonbat preach about religious tolerance (aka "co-exist") immediately ask them what religion they practice and where they go to church. Don't allow atheists or agnostics a chance to hijack a subject they don't know anything about.

That freedom concept has no place in the Quran. In fact, oddly enough, Mohammad never mentions that people are entitled to believe what they want to believe. It's his way or the highway.

You know what I say when someone like Mohammad tells me to "Believe this or else!"

I buy 100 bucks worth of or else. That's how I roll.

I have all of these images of middle eastern men lighting our flags on fire, stomping on them. Hate America signs... blah, blah, blah. I don't care. What do I expect from a class of people who have been brought up on the Quran? Not much. Islam isn't a religion so much as it is a philosophy of exclusionary tactics, fear, and hatred. When you blend those ingredients with adamant and fervent believers- you have all of the ingredients needed to create a nut job. In the middle east, there are no shortage of nut jobs. They hate- because Mohammad says so.

So that's how you do it. Get your nut job diploma eere!

This is what Afghan Muslims say when we burn the Quran. One of them says he will fight until every last drop of blood has gone missing from his body. (clearly every last rational piece of brain matter is already missing) Someone on our side says, "That's not who we are as a people." Really?

Maybe I'll just speak for myself. Maybe that is who I am.

*Four killed, dozens wounded as the nutjobs riot for a second day.


republicanmother said...

sounds like someone would enjoy seeing Ann Barnhardt take on muslims with her Hello Kitty AK. Her videos are entertaining to say the least.

That's how real Americans deal with the Sharia.

Anonymous said...

I remember someone once posted a quote along these lines:

It's not Jesus I have a problem with, it's some members of his fan club.

I fully subscribe to that notion and I do maintain that my particular beliefs really only work for me, and that others are entitled to theirs as long as their beliefs do no harm to others.

And that's the difference between spiritualism and religion now isn't it?