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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Oh What a Surprise! President Now Apologizing For Quran Burning* Updated

You don't suppose this has anything to do with Obama's Indonesian Muslim lean do ya? Can't he just call a beer summit and work this out with the Afghans? Send them some Chevy Volts or something?

Obama, fresh off his three year world wide apology tour, shows that he is a professional apologist.

I'm still waiting for my apology from Obama. That is the one where he takes PERSONAL responsibility for the last three years of absolute ineffective leadership, tossing the rule of law, and stealing taxpayer money to enrich his crony supporters. When can I expect my apology?

Another flaming liberal, writer Wang, has jumped on the apologists bandwagon. By apologizing to would be murderers- we save lives. That's  the logic.

Guess what Wang. Sociopaths don't care.

1 comment:

Jim at Conservatives on Fire said...

"When can I expect my apology?"

About 27 o'clock on the 35th of June.