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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Is Boise the Tattoo Capitol of the West?

It doesn't hurt the local tattoo market that the state prison sits a few miles south of us.

Over the past couple of years, I have noticed an explosion of tattoos on people. This could be for a number of reasons- not the least of which is the company that I keep. We have tattoo parlors everywhere here. Maybe 30 of them.

I used to like tattoos on women. They looked kind of trashy, slutty, maybe even sexy. Now I am not so sure. Tramp stamps on the base of the back are very popular in Boise. Most of those tattoo jobs are ugly. Lots of women still indulge in the breast tattoo. You can never draw enough attention to your breasts.

Well, women that is.

In 2008, while residing in New Orleans, I was going to get a giant fleur de lis in Mardi Gras colors on my back. I had enlisted the very best artiste in town. Thankfully, he was in the process of moving his studio and that giant fleur de lis was going to take days to finish. I was moving away. So our wires got crossed and I was spared.

I wear fleur de lis earrings instead. Check out this tattoo+body part definition at Cracked! and tell me if that isn't dead on accurate. Very funny.


Paco Bell said...

Every member of a herd eventually capitulates.

Well except me.

Negative reinforcement has been a useful guide for me in this life.

When everyone else has a tattoo, then it will be my turn to be special.

Anonymous said...

Some pretty savy shit for a guy with fleur de lis earrings.

Brian said...

You ought to see their faces light up at the race track in Boise when I am betting horses.

Dressed in jeans, western belts, and flannel shirts the locals have no ear holes. Let's just say my earrings...are somewhat under that venue. Shitty looks make me giggle.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I bet the Boiseans give you the eyeball. I used to get worked up over homos, earrings, and the like. Went from Neocon to Libertarian. Guess we are on the same glidepath.

Brian said...

Geezus, we might be. Maybe we are just growing trauma free brains.