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The Warlords Keep Winning- The Sunday Collage

I wish that I could tell you that I entered law enforcement because I loved my fellow man and I wanted to make the world a better place. But that would be untruthful. My reasons were far more shallow than that. I thought law enforcement would be fun. I wanted to be entertained. I'm not sure it was any more complicated than that. Eventually, that superficial thought process would fade away. About six weeks ago, I read this story about a woman who stabbed and killed her 7 year old son, a 5 year old girl she was babysitting, and the two family dogs. She made the children pray before she stabbed them to death. What are the chances that this woman is insane? Better than average. I landed on schizophrenia for her. When you are prescribed medication for mental health issues- the translation is that we don't have any way of fixing you- so society's answer is that we will ju

Who Kills 5-10 Year Old Children? This Guy Does*Updated

*I am not surprised that CNN initially reported that Ryan Lanza, rather than his younger brother Adam Lanza, is the deceased shooter in Newtown, Conn. News agencies are reporting that cops got the two names mixed up. The latest info is that Adam Lanza was carrying his brother's ID when he shot and killed himself. In some odd way- that all makes sense to me. MSM now stating Adam Lanza is the deceased suspect. Cops are questioning brother Ryan. Back in the old days, I often speculated on why "would be" killers never showed up at the police station. It was simple. We have guns and we will use them. A guy even tried walking into a Detroit Police Station a few years later to shoot a few cops and test that theory. He is no longer with us. So the cowards, guys like Adam Lanza, focus all of that pent up hostilit

Apple Has Jumped the Shark

When I was a kid, I watched Happy Days religiously. Until I grew up that is. A few years ago, people started using the phrase, "jumping the shark." In the last episodes of Happy Days- the writers were apparently running out of material to write about. So they came up with this ridiculous idea of having the Fonz water ski off of a ramp and over an enclosed shark pen. Jumping the shark has thus become cliche for something that obviously- should have already ended.   This morning I was reading another blogger who was extolling the virtues of Steve Jobs. Jobs was a great industrialist- but he surely was no patriot. There are 43,000 Californians paying taxes thanks to Apple. Big deal. There are four times that or 180, 000 Chinese employees making a little over a dollar an hour and get this... Foxconn, the Apple subcontractor, has agreed to only work employees only 60 hours a week. Fucking humanitarians, those Chinese.

All Great Men of Faith Have Courage

This is not one of them.

We Are Not Obligated To Obey Bad Law, Nullify It

You are going to hear the term nullification a lot as Obamacare approaches. The Constitution was never written in a way that allowed the Federal Government to impose unconstitutional restrictions on the states. In fact, it is the duty of the states to oppose those over reaching and unconstitutional laws.

Obama's Great Lie

Do you know what this means? Ex ut, ver is. Today over at Conservatives on Fire, Jim wrote an excellent piece that makes an assumption.  Jim assumes, like any reasonable person, that the President of the United States wants to save his country. That's an honest assumption and it makes sense to a lot of normal and well adjusted people. Here's the problem. Obama has not done anything that would support that premise. In fact, I haven't seen any evidence that he has any less apathy than the typical American. During the debates and the campaign, I listened to Obama shovel his "tax the rich" rhetoric onto every voting soul who would listen. It is meant to be divisive and to get votes from stupid people. I had already done the math that was required to get us on a path of solvency. The really bad news was and still is, that it was no longer possible. You can confiscate the wealth of everybody- at 100%- and you cannot br

Gold Always Remembers, So That You Can Forget

Gold has an inverse relationship to easily counterfeited currencies. The more governments print, the higher gold goes. In cases like ours, where the FED cannot stop printing, gold cannot go down.  The only thing that drives gold down at this point- are the banks that manipulate the price through the futures exchanges. That is the last line of defense for bankers- who simply cannot find the alchemy to counterfeit gold. The gold vid. Redux.

How To Hijack a Republic

For the past 3 years, I have been on this website stating the incredibly obvious. We are bankrupt and insolvent. Figures cannot lie, liars figure. As many of you will note- I had this back and forth with some idiot on Huffington Post a week ago who maintains that we are not bankrupt- kind of like that idiot Krugman. Where do we get these people? This is the new normal. These morons think that math is some hideous Republican invention- like pro life and God. They think....and get this.... that math is an opinion. What happened in 2008 was unprecedented. Never in the annals of this country or our history had we turned over the public coffers to bankers. Trillions of dollars. It was the greatest theft ever conceived and when I tell you Bush and Obama deserve a prison cell- I am dead serious. What did you think would happen? Did you think we were going to pay this back? That we were going to have this miraculous job growth even though we had lost 50 million jobs over the past

Some Thoughts on Silver

First my positions. I own physical silver and shares in PSLV. I plan on buying SSRI as early as tomorrow. I have been doing a lot of silver research over the past two weeks. There is very good evidence that the supplies of silver are very tight and that a silver surplus- does not exist.  Please remember that just because silver is 50 times cheaper than gold does not mean silver is 50 times more plentiful. In fact, there is strong evidence to suggest that the only thing keeping the price of silver down is market manipulation and specifically two banks. Here is an eye popping report showing short positions and a potential price explosion in metals. The top report on the GATA site. Not only has the price of silver been solid for the last few weeks, but I have been seeing serious buying action at the silver miners. SSRI was up nearly 6% at one point today. In fact, on a day when the DJIA and other averages were

What Ben Knows

It is the greatest lie never told. Several years ago, I began to realize that people only care about something if it directly effects them. They don't really care if some stranger needs a kidney transplant and they have a match- nor do they really care whether you are out of work so long as they are not. They are apathetic. This week, the Federal Open Malarkey Committee, headed by Ben Shalom Bernanke will meet once again. They will decide how much more money to counterfeit. Now you'd think as the sixth year (07,08,09,10,11,12) of this depressed economy and subsequent bank deception comes to a close- that people might actually start catching on. This economy ain't gonna get better. This is an elevator that only goes one way. There are some clues. -A continually rising food stamp recipient number currently at record levels of 47.7 million. -A labor force participation rate which is at 1981 levels when we had about 90 million people less than we do today. -Budget d

Doing the Right Thing- The Un American Way

Iceland went after the people who  caused the crisis  — the bankers who created and sold the junk products — and tried to shield the general population. But what Iceland did is not just emotionally satisfying. Iceland is recovering, while the rest of the Western world — which bailed out the bankers and left the general population to pay for the bankers’ excess — is not.