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Minority Rule

I saw a photo today of Barney Frank and Chris Dodd. They were standing on the steps of some government building. Both Congressman were instrumental in taking millions of dollars of campaign funds from big banking interests. (That info is available on open They were also instrumental in bailing out banks and bailing out Fannie and Freddie who bought all of those bad loans. Loans which Frank and Dodd helped to create. Everyone got rich except you, little guy. That these two men are morally and ethically bankrupt is without question. That they know no shame and are seeking re-election is also beyond comprehension. Yet, they will undoubtedly evade responsibility and claim innocence. So it is, with my ineptness and my desire never to view their faces, I offer up the caption to that picture. Dodd: "How'd it go?" Frank: "Good... the taxpayer took it all without so much as a whimper. Near the end he even seemed to be enjoying it." I don't want to spe