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Boise St v Georgia

Thankfully, we have the fall. Beautiful colors, temperatures moderating, hunting, and football. Let me tell you how it is in Boise on game day. Everybody flies colors, flags sticking out of cars and trailing motorcycles. Old men and women wearing orange and blue. Even their dogs. That's how it is in Boise. I think all of those years- relegated to football hell- are easily remembered. People are enjoying this new found respect and winning ways. Fans adore coach Peterson. He's a gutsy coach. I did not mind Baylor whipping TCU's ass last night. Taking on powerhouse football programs, like Virginia Tech and Georgia, makes Boise St. fans nervous. Well, it makes me nervous. Maybe it makes Georgia fans nervous. So tonite, you can damn sure bet that I'll be watching the game. Virtually everyone in this town will be. Boise St. is a three point favorite. I hope they remember that disaster in Reno last year and play every down in this game. I think they will.

Unemployment A Huge Miss, Gold Rallies, Obama Schedules More Desperate Rhetoric, Weird Government Behavior

It's been kind of a boring week. There just wasn't that much going on in the world. Until today. Today we got the non farm payroll unemployment report which was a huge miss at zero. Of course it will be reduced to a net loss next week. This in turn has caused gold to rally 50 bucks because now it appears QE3 is imminent. President Obama who had originally scheduled another hackle raising "win the future" speech to conflict with that of the GOP debate- has agreed to reschedule his speech a day later on Thursday of next week. Of course, it will be more hollow rhetoric. With some half baked plan that is not designed to do anything but get him re-elected. There is a limited amount of bullshit that John Q. Public is willing to put up with- and Obama is about to find that threshold if he hasn't crossed it already. Of all the weird things that have happened recently- the one that has left me scratching my head is that the Federal Government has finally decided this

Spoiled and Entitled Kids Sue Mother For Neglectful Acts and Raising Idiots, But Mostly For Raising Idiots

I have seen some ridiculous shit lately, I have to tell you- this is mind boggling. Only in America. These kids take unconsciousness well beyond that of Rip Van Winkle. Unreal.

Dude With 12 Fingers and 12 Toes... Rubs It In

Some guys have all the luck. I have often thought, while scrambling up various coconut trees, how much easier it would be if I had six fingers on each hand and six toes on both feet. Buy him a pair of gloves for Christmas. Or a piano.

You'll Need Some Scotch and Xanax After Reading This

This was 6 years ago. Two trillion dollars. This is what happens while you are busy working looking for a job. Do not open this link if you have guns within your immediate lunge area. OMG. You cannot make this shit up. A 2.5 million dollar grant for immigrants so that they can work as fashion models? Isn't that in the Bill of Rights somewhere? A constitutional guarantee? And just what the hell is a non immigrant alien? Are we really locking up models? WTF is this?? That's it. I have gone full blown batshit crazy. I cannot open one more link. Mom, send the ambulance to my house.

Ron Paul, Putting His Money Where His Mouth Is

Paul makes 600% returns on gold and gold mining stocks over the last 10 years. More proof of his lunatic tendencies. He even pays taxes.

U.S. Infects Thousands of Guatemalans With Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Manages to Kill At Least 83 Of Them

This is quite the news night. One thing after another. I hope some wave of nationalism doesn't overcome somebody reading this. Thankfully, it happened 60-70 years ago. After the smoke settles on all of the lawsuits including those who survived...maybe the reparations will only cost another billion or so. Ben crank up that printer. This is what the deep thinker had to say about this ordeal... President Obama set up the commission when the research first came to light last year. He also apologised to his Guatemalan counterpart, Alvaro Colom, saying the acts ran contrary to American values. Contrary to American values? What fucking values are those? The same ones that let thousands of crooked bankers fleece the world and get away with it? Shiiittt. Whatever.

Apparently Alcoholism Is A Problem in Obama's Family

A few months ago, I was researching Barack Obama's father. In addition to being married already and then impregnating Obama's mother at the ripe old age of 17 (I did the math on Ann Dunham) - Obama's father had a number of alcohol related crashes. The last one killed him. I published that piece here. So I was not surprised to see President Obama's uncle, his father's brother, get a DUI after nearly whacking a police car. People nearly hitting squad cars tend to draw the attention of even the youngest, most inexperienced cops. I am guessing this guy is married to Obama's crazy aunt- because of the NE proximity. Not surprised that they are illegal aliens nor am I surprised based on Obama's contempt of immigration laws. In the end...things always tend to make sense. Now wondering if this contributed to Obama coming home

*Updated Color Me Shocked, U.S. Government Wastes 30 Billion in Iraq and Afghanistan

It never ends. Huffpo doubled down...says losses are 60 billion.

In America, We Spend Our Money On Killing People- Saving People- Not So Much

FEMA is almost broke. Perhaps we can just get rid of it. After all, we have two or three wars we gotta pay for. Soon, there will be new ones. This story from Yahoo.  

Now That Obama's War On Libya Appears Over, Can We *GTFO Now?

I am in absolute awe at the number of people who criticize Ron Paul for his anti-war themes. Paul's crazy notion that Obama sidestepped Congress and simply decided to declare war on Libya. Is it about powerful men and money and oil? About oil depleted allies? Yes. They have run out of excuses. No more WMD's, no more anti-communist themes. Who benefits from wars? International bankers (the financiers), big oil interests, big defense contractors, government. The usual suspects. Do coincidences ever catch your eye? You can go ahead and fall for all of that "hoo rah nationalism" nonsense that you want. The harsh reality is- this country has been making up excuses and justifications for starting wars since the Mexican American war. Land grabs, oil, business interests. Now we are broke. We don't have the money to finance this bullshit ad infinitum....which I am beginning to believe might very well happen if TPTB had their way. From ZeroHedge. On that maniac Ron

President Screw Off: Sleepwalker or Stricken with Apathy?

All of last week I have been trying to figure Obama out. Clearly he screws off more than any President ever. I have lost track of all of his vacations and I know he has played well beyond 80 rounds of golf since taking office. I dubbed him President Screw Off months ago. The part that bothers me most about this last vacation is that Michelle and he took separate flights to Martha's Vineyard. Just a couple of hours apart? This with an approval rating of 38%? I think the public is getting a little sick of his wasteful and entitled ways of behaving. PSO then cut the 10 day vacation one day To try and make a big deal out of Hurricane Irene and make it look as though he cared, I guess. The question I have about PSO is whether Michelle and he are completely unconscious or do they just not care? Personally, I am of the opinion that Obama is well aware of his public persona right now and I think he simply doesn't care. Not odd for a self absorbed narcissist- just o

Still the Best Explanation Ever Offered For ALL of the Problems Facing This Country

Always worth a rewind. From ZH.

The Fastest Man On No Legs

 If you haven't been following the Olympic hopeful runner with no legs you should be. It is a fantastic story. The original blade runner. Oscar Pistorius. Remember Casey Martin? The guy who had to sue the Professional Golfers Association and caused a big ruckus because he had a birth defect and needed to use a golf cart? I do.