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What the End Game Will Look Like

I have had a very difficult time convincing my friends and family what the future in the United States is going to look like from an economic standpoint. The people in my life- those with a little wealth or money (currency) are about to get hurt badly. The people who convert worthless currency to silver and gold are going to see the other side and avoid this pain. In fact, they or their children may actually prosper. This outcome, the end game, is unavoidable. My biggest problem is credibility. When you are telling folks something they don't want to hear or something that hasn't happened before- you already have a credibility problem. If the issue is beyond your perceived expertise; and/or the credentialed investment type people in their lives are telling them the opposite thing because they are biased and compromised by their work- your credibility will be suspect. That is the place I find myself in.  In life, sometimes doing nothing (like standing frozen in the headlight

One Million Job Applicants at McDonald's

Your chances of getting hired? Not less than one in twenty. This is the big recovery they've been talking about. God help us.

The Defenders

When I was a kid, we often played some sort of "cops and robbers" type of game. With real BB guns and ski goggles. We never really cared which side we were on, I think we just enjoyed shooting at each other. One other thing. Getting hit in the forehead with a BB hurts. I remember it well. When I was 11 or 12, I witnessed a murder. A drunken little weasel of a man with a knife. In a bar called the Helsinki Club. We were just kids and the first thing that bartender did that night- was to kick us out of the bar. The police station was one block away. I'd like to think that I chose to be a cop. But I think it chose me instead. It took me about 35 years to figure that out. There are three types of people in the world. There are sheep, wolves, and sheep dogs. Here are the roles that they play. The vast majority of people are sheep. They are prey animals. They are honest, hard working people. They go about their business of making a living. They don't gouge, cheat, or

Huge News Day!

So President Obama, after three years of hiding his long form birth certificate, finally produces it. That he did this today, of all days, makes me scratch my head. I mean what was the big mystery? Does it take Donald Trump to make Obama do what he should have done years ago? And why today? The very same day that FED Chairman Bernanke is making the first ever televised press conference with government approved reporters asking softball questions? Weird. I am listening to Ben now. I will say this. He is full of shit but at least he communicates that bullshit and misdirection clearly- unlike Alan Greenspan. Transitory inflation. Bernanke says it will go away on it's own. The Bernank had nothing to say about our weak dollar other than saying a strong dollar is good. That's the kind of deep insight one would expect from an MIT grad. Bernank also said that the FED would keep low interest rates and that they are going to end QE2 on June 30 without tapering it down. He believe

Cyber Bullying Bill...How Did We Ever Survive Without That?

Bullying is not a new thing. In Oregon, a lawmaker was reading about two isolated cases of cyber bullying that purportedly resulted in suicide. Her solution? There should be a law against such abhorrent behavior. It is happening now. This is the kind of mindless law making that I absolutely detest. The knee jerk reaction for all Moonbats when they find something distasteful is to pass a law against it. Imagine my shock when I saw the (D) behind this legislators' name. The reason they do this has far more to do with self seeking behavior than any of them care to admit. At first blush, a bill like this seems relatively harmless. It seems almost reasonable. The bill's sponsor, perhaps a victim of bullying herself, decides to right an old wrong. Champion a law which won't accomplish one positive thing- including preventing cyber bullying. In fact, it will rest like thousands of other wo

Quite Suddenly, The Silver "Experts" Materialize To Warn Us About Bubbles

The experts now warning about a silver "bubble." I find it absolutely fascinating that so many people are now talking about bubbles in the price of gold and silver. These good Samaritans are trying to help us avoid disaster. Trying to warn us that silver is greatly over priced- as though the worthless fiat currency that we use to purchase silver- is somehow of far greater value. Wow. First of all two disclaimers. I am no "expert." Secondly, I own gold and silver. Physical. Historically speaking, gold and silver have ALWAYS been money. When fiat currency is on a "gold standard" it is worth something. When fiat is not on a gold or silver standard, it is just paper. It is backed by noth

Get Your Evacuation Papers Fast!

Now thinking I am a genius for having obtained my evacuation papers last month. Now the government is going to make it very difficult to get a passport. I hope every tax paying, non-deadbeat citizen gets a passport. The government needs your assets to pay their 14.3 trillion debt. They are going to want to keep you and your earning capacity stateside.

California Taxpayers Buying Cigarettes and Booze for Deadbeats

Left Coast Rebel had this post up about lawmakers in Communist California now allowing deadbeats to buy booze and cigs with food stamps. You really can't make this shit up.

Happy Easter!

Please have a wonderful day. We will resume watching the nut jobs that masquerade around as our leaders tomorrow. Today, should be reserved for far more important things.