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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cyber Bullying Bill...How Did We Ever Survive Without That?

Bullying is not a new thing. In Oregon, a lawmaker was reading about two isolated cases of cyber bullying that purportedly resulted in suicide. Her solution? There should be a law against such abhorrent behavior. It is happening now.

This is the kind of mindless law making that I absolutely detest.

The knee jerk reaction for all Moonbats when they find something distasteful is to pass a law against it. Imagine my shock when I saw the (D) behind this legislators' name. The reason they do this has far more to do with self seeking behavior than any of them care to admit. At first blush, a bill like this seems relatively harmless. It seems almost reasonable. The bill's sponsor, perhaps a victim of bullying herself, decides to right an old wrong. Champion a law which won't accomplish one positive thing- including preventing cyber bullying. In fact, it will rest like thousands of other worthless laws in each state that go largely unenforced until some odd set of circumstances finds the narrow wording of the law precisely right for some future case. 

In our new lawyer driven Moonbat culture, when we find something distasteful- we immediately call the police, sue, or pass laws. We assume there is no other solution. We will never have enough laws, enough law enforcers, or enough jail space to make our society happy. In the end there must always be revenge, cloaked as justice.

This year, millions of people will commit suicide. Nobody will give a shit about any of them other than their immediate families. There will be no investigations, nobody will get angry reading the paper (because Lord knows we can no longer mention the truth, or the cause of death in an obituary) and there will be no knee jerk reactions or laws passed that will save any of those millions. Because we don't know how to treat people in this country. We can't even tell the symptoms from the disease. We treat symptoms like they are the cause. The best solution we have- is to pass another law. That is kind of sad and pathetic.

To hell with free speech. To hell with educating our children and teaching them how to behave. To hell with teaching our children not to take bullying personally. To hell with trying to communicate with the offenders' parents and find an amicable solution. Let's pass some more laws and put some more kids in jail. Let's demand more from an overburdened criminal justice system that is already leaking oil everywhere.

The cyber bullying law. Gee, I can't wait. Hell, maybe that Oregon lawmaker will charge me with violating that law with this blog. What was her name again?

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