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First Frankenfish. Now Frankenrabbit. Frankenugmo. Yech.

Showcasing "naked capitalism"

"naked capitalism" is one of my favorite sites. Most of my on going banking intelligence comes from this place. To say that bankers are completely in control of our country is an understatement. In a minute I'll give you the latest link on that worthless Securities and Excgange Commission (SEC) and the equally corrupt Commodities and Futures Trading Commission or (CFTC) Both of these agencies originated as regulatory bodies. They have become lap dogs for the elite. The blog owner/writer is very intelligent. She writes under a pen name. While I don't pretend to understand everything she writes- I do understand a majority of it. Here then is a taste of the latest magic bestowed on us by the agencies we underwrite and pay to protect us. Heh.

Obama's Liberry


A Mid-Summer Ride With Additional Funny Shit- Part Two

 Stupidity does not guarantee success, but it most certainly helps.      -Me, commenting on a Huffpo piece. Day 4 started out sunny. It was beautiful. So into town for breakfast and then we were off to see the Crazy Horse Memorial. The Federal Government loves to take over tourist attractions and gouge people ridiculous prices for things that have already been paid for long ago by taxpayers. Of course government, tells the sheep that gouging the hell out of them is necessary to maintain these venues. It is complete bullshit. Tourist attractions are ridiculously profitable, require very little maintenance, and the Feds charge atrocious prices. There will always be those people who believe government is telling them the truth. Very often, I refer to those people as morons. Truth is, I'd like to see individual states take back their parks and boot the crooked Feds out. Keep the money. Why haven't states done this already? When we arrived at the unfinished Crazy Horse memo

Supreme Court Inoculates Big Pharma, Protects and Exempts Them From Lawsuits*Update

You just can't make this up. In another round of screw consumers (citizens) and protect the oligarchy, the Supreme Court has ruled that you cannot sue pharmaceutical manufacturers even when their drugs damage you. Here's how big pharma ripped of American consumers for an extra 100 billion. Drug dealers, only they have a license to steal.

Oklahoma Medical Clinic Posts Surgery Prices, Kicks Off Price War

Why hasn't this happened until now? This should make your eyes bulge. An excellent piece via the Ron Paul feed.

A Mid-Summer Ride, With Some Funny Shit, Part One

"97% of the time I am right, so who cares about the other 4%?          - some fat kid coming out of a truck stop in Columbus, Mt. Well it's finally over now. I am sitting here with a bruised and swollen left arm, the second and third toes on my right foot may need to be amputated, my legs cramp intermittently, I have sunburnt my balding scalp so badly that I woke up with a headache and immediately took three ibuprofen this morning. Oh, and we're out of coffee. So I got all that going for me. I wrapped up our ride to the Black Hills yesterday with a 600 and something mile, Billings to Boise, speedapalooza. The Road King has layers of bugs on it. I put it in the garage last night. I may never ride it again. Our annual mid summer motorcycle odyssey began on Tuesday. Our target was the Black Hills. Getting to Idaho Falls is pretty easy. I use SH 20, watch for deer and other suicidal creatures, and speed a little. When I get to the Moonbat Valley highway junction, I