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From Federal Judge Susan Bolton to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, D.O.A.

I think Arizona's immigration law was long over due. Unfortunately, the people of the United States no longer have a voice. The people have been marginalized to the extent that we are little sheep who only have one duty. We serve government and the elite and for that privilege, they ask us to send in our money. Taxes. That's the definition of being a good citizen. Shut your mouth and send in your money. We have become slaves. Sure we have a vote, but our vote doesn't matter any more. I am fucking pissed. I am sick of government telling a majority of it's citizens that you no longer have the right to decide what is best for you. Only government does. Thus Judge Susan Bolton, a liberal Federal Judge appointed by Bill Clinton, blocked Arizona's law. That Billary Clinton and Barack Obama have many mutual friends and are friends themselves is not a coincidence. All three are morally bankrupt. Trade any cattle futures lately, Hillary? Whitewater, Rezko, and a Bank in Illi

It's Just Worthless Paper

The Plunge Protection Team. A secret society of elite bankers/investors who come in and buy stocks to keep the stock market propped up. Complete bullshit. Maybe. Here's a link. I'd like to believe this urban myth. But I can't. For two reasons, both of which make sense. There is simply no place to put your money- anywhere and make anything close to a decent return. Thus the stock market has become the default investment vehicle. The businesses and people still working are doing quite well in a zero interest rate business and lending environment and they gotta park their dough somewhere. It's not that the stock market is such a great and choice vehicle for saving- it's just that everything and everywhere else sucks so bad, the market just sucks a little less. The other reason. Good old fashioned greed. People do not waste money buying stocks with their own mon

Wir Focked, But Hey I Did Ok! *Waves Nobel Statue

Too funny not to post. Forgive the theft. Obama Calls for National Dialogue on Changing the Subject Washington, D.C.--President Obama called for a "national dialogue" on changing the subject today, saying all Americans would benefit from an honest and frank conversation about something -- anything -- other than the dismal state of the economy, unemployment, and the competence of his administration. "This is a great and diverse nation," Obama told viewers in a televised address, "and there are so many things that should be contributing to our great national debate that have nothing to do with how our nation is governed, like the new trailer for the movie Tron: Legacy, that robot on YouTube that can flip pancakes, and the guy who robbed a bank in a Darth Vader costume." Administration officials also pointed to "that new 55 percent alcohol-by-volume beer that comes inside an actual taxidermied squirrel koozie" as something "

We Can't Afford a Recovery

The U.S. has 109 trillion in unfunded liabilities. That is 13.2 trillion in current debt+medicare+prescription costs+social security liabilities. The 13.2 trillion grows by about 500 billion per year at the cheap interest rates we are paying. Half of that 13.2 trillion is refinanced every year. So what happens in a recovery? Demand for goods and services increases as people have more money to spend. The Fed hikes interest rates to slow growth and inflation. And although more people are working and paying taxes- the interest rate hikes on that 13.2 trillion will more than offset any increase in tax receipts. So there you have it. We have screwed the pooch. Our only escape is to declare bankruptcy and eliminate the Federal Reserve. At the blog entitled the "Economic Collapse" they describe this in detail. The reason we have to have this economic collapse is evident. There is no stopping it. The greed of international bankers, as well as that of our d