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The God of the Machine- The Sunday Collage

In about ten days time, three things are about to happen. Millions of un-informed Americans are going to march to the polls and vote for someone. Millions of informed Americans are going to march to the polls and vote for someone they think they know something about. Millions more are going to stay home for one of several reasons ranging from apathy to a loss of voting rights. I fall in the second group. I am going to go and vote straight libertarian which is an absolute waste of time- or maybe I'll just pass altogether. The outcome of course has already been determined. Nothing will change. There will be no lobbying reform, or term limits, no tax reform, voting will not buy us ethical leadership nor a Supreme Court willing to stop the intrusions and illegal seizures of big government. In fact, voting will get us exactly what we already deplore. More of the same- insert a new face here or there. Rinse and repeat. The GOP is anxiously awaiting this year's election because the

The Hunting Trip, Part 2- The Sunday Collage

Wednesday was largely uneventful. We had some more yelling, some more swerving, some more dog whining, one heated political discussion, and then we arrived at our destination in Williston, N.D. late Wednesday. We hunted a little on Thursday and Friday. The big hunt was scheduled for Saturday morning. I have to tell you about an incident that occurred on Friday. We had driven by two gals on horseback who were riding about a quarter mile from us. We were hunting some farmland about ten miles from Williston. My cousin Ronnie is a character. He has lived here his entire 61 years, everyone knows him, he has catchers mitts for hands and a size 14 shoe. He was quite the rounder in his day and he still scares the shit out of me. So Ron jumps out of the truck and just as soon as he does- the dog kicks up a rooster. Ronnie shoots it. Just as he shoots, I glanced behind us and the two horses those gals were riding spooked a little bit. The riders were about 200 yards away and they brought the h