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Monday, August 9, 2021

A Hill to Die Upon

 Every morning I get up and the first thing I see on Yahoo is some ridiculous fear porn about covid. Stories about how all these dying people wish they had been vaccinated. Of course there are other articles as well, click bait for scantily clad women. Yahoo is always chasing advertising dollars like little whores.

This is what passes for "news." Yahoo of course stopped all commenting on their propaganda pieces and leftist editorial writing. Thus when people die of covid, I can't ask why they weren't given Ivermectin.

It's clear what the agenda is and coming from a billionaire owner who lives in Woodside, California- this all makes sense to me. I am taking Yahoo off my home page.

The liberals you see, can't simply stop at trying to scare you into taking experimental vaccines. That ain't good enough. You must comply with them. If they want abortions, they say keep your hands off my body. If you don't want an experimental vaccine in your body- they say tough shit you are getting one anyway. The hypocrisy of liberals is sickening. 

You see liberals are like little babies who when they don't get what they want, they throw temper tantrums, ridicule people, and demand new sanctions. So it is, we are seeing the mask rollouts all over again. Now they are demanding covid passports and closing crowded venues to anyone who is not vaccinated.

Even the Pentagon has chimed in on behalf of that idiot who is running the country.

I am tired of these liberal pricks telling me what works and what doesn't. Goofball people with scarves on their faces and those ridiculous shields on their heads. 

My sister says she has found a hill to die on. So have I.

Last week I was betting horses in the casino when I struck up a conversation with a plump and retired investment banker from Hawaii. Everything was going well until my banker friend brought up covid as a masked cocktail waitress walked by. He mentioned how if everyone would get vaccinated this stuff would go away. I countered with it's never going away and not only do the vaccines not work, but I think they are damaging quite a few people. The fight was on. This guy was adamant and so was I. When I brought up the only safe treatment, the censored and blacked out FDA approved Ivermectin, I could tell he had no clue what I was talking about. We argued for about five minutes before mutually realizing that we weren't going to change any minds. 

I thought a lot about that conversation and how adamant he was that the vaccines work. That is the weaponized response of a man that thinks Dr. Fauci and the government tell the truth and that they can be relied upon. Beyond that, it was clear to me that my investment banker friend had not done a lot of research on the topic. 

Today's shot across the bow. The Pentagon is going to require all troops to take the experimental vaccine by Sept. 15. If you know anyone in the service, tell them to fight this shit. We've had enough.

I'd take the court martial before or after I filed my lawsuit.

These assholes just won't quit. I cannot think of anything more un-American, more un Constitutional, than forcing people through coercion to become implanted with a virus with unknown side effects. The lunatics running this asylum are even violating the Nuremburg Code. 

I think we've found our hill worth fighting on. I've had it with these assholes. I am done playing nice.

Two links. Best of the web. First discusses why Big Pharma silenced any talk of Ivermectin.

Second link discusses all of the potential damage caused by vaccines (including death) from a pathologists' perspective.