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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sixteen Days of Hell

To be followed by 25 more.

On Dec. 15, I stuffed all 278 pounds of me into my size 36 Wranglers for the last time. Those are some really tough pants. They very nearly cut me in half that day. I have gained 40 lbs. since I quit smoking a year ago. That's hardly a novelty- having heard that same story from every ex smoker on the planet.

At any rate, using a "come-a-long" winch to put my pants on is the kind of thing that motivates me. Instantly, that day, I began the diet from hell.

I did not give two shits that Christmas was coming up. When I get determined to do something, nothing stops me. I thwarted cookies, fudge, chocolate, bread, egg nog. So today, I stepped on the scale at the gym. Exactly where I want to be, 262 lbs. I have lost a pound a day.

It has not been easy. I forget how much my version of the Atkin's diet on steroids sucks.

This is a typical day for me. A glass of V-8 juice, my prescription and vitamins. Go to the gym and burn 700 calories, about 4 miles worth of work. Come home and eat a salad. I make ginormous salads. A few hours later I have something like 3 brats with cheese and sauerkraut. Some nuts or pork rinds for a snack. Lots of water. I buy the carbonated stuff. Day after miserable day.

No carbs. No cookies, no bread, no fruit, no oatmeal. Then kill myself at the gym. As I write this- every part of me is sore except my ears. And my hair.

I don't know if I can live through this shit again. I'll tell you what a nut job I am. I am actually thinking of extending this a week through the end of the month if I haven't lost my original goal of 50 lbs.

Being healthy sucks. I should have just bought a bigger pair of pants. Maybe some smokes.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Absent Volume Metals Melt Down and Conspiracy

If the bankers didn't have an MF Global bankruptcy they would have needed to manufacture one anyway. This is the kind of thing that will turn you into a conspiracy nut. The precious metals slaughter continues. I have a theory.

I'd like to turn your attention to one of the biggest banking crooks there is, JP Morgan. In fact, it is primarily JP Morgan that shorts the silver market- selling virtually unlimited puts. Please read this quick story.

Now let me explain my theory and premise about the metals markets. First of all, as Turd Ferguson notes, the rush into the dollar and out of the euro has strengthened the dollar. Obviously there is an inverse relationship between fiat money and real money. The dollar against gold and silver. When the dollar strengthens, the metals trend down. When the dollar is printed and inflated- thus weakened- the metals take off. So we have that scenario. But then it gets interesting.

I am going to try and paint my version of the big picture here. I will also invite my friends to add to or make corrections if need be.

Thousands of commodity traders and customers of MF Global lost access to their money which was on deposit with MF Global when MF Global went bankrupt on Oct 31. Since then, anyone trading futures in any kind of commodity via MF Global was forced to stop. Their funds were stolen.

Now the lawsuits have started. This is because there are multiple claims on the finite assets of MF Global. We know that MF Global hijacked at least 200 million and gave it to JP Morgan in advance of the bankruptcy.  How convenient. Now people are lining up to sue.

Rehypothecation is a practice that occurs principally in the financial markets, where a bank or other broker-dealer reuses the collateral pledged by its clients as collateral for its own borrowing. So client funds, including physical assets were frozen and seized because bankers had priority claims. Claims on the money and assets of depositors at MF Global. Is that possible? Yes. It is a fantastic fraud, one which demands that MF Global CEO Jon Corzine be put in jail. But being the elite and connected bastard that he is (Obama's  top campaign bundler) all that Corzine has done is spew a few lies and evade a few questions. He walks free with his 100's of millions in personal assets I might add. This after testifying in that Congressional dog and pony show designed to make it look like some measure of due diligence is taking place.

In the meantime, since Oct 31...metals markets have taken a complete dive. Why? Who the fuck wants to deposit money with a commodity broker and trade paper metals knowing that your money can be legally stolen from you? Here is Ann Barnhardt's site. She closed shop as a clearing agent because she could no longer guarantee customer funds... although she primarily cleared cattle futures. In Colorado. Lots to like about Ann.

This is a market with no buyers. Nobody is going to catch a falling knife. The bankers are having their bankers holiday- selling gold and silver contracts and covering short positions. I wish that were the end of this story but there is one more piece. Paper still drives the physical price of metals. For now.

Position limits. In the coming weeks, futures speculators (like big banks) were going to be regulated. They no longer could issue an infinite number of contracts on underlying commodities regardless of available supply. In other words, big speculators (read banks again) were losing significant leverage- leverage that they had used to manipulate markets. Position limits regulations are already under fire and headed to court. Read the last paragraph here:

Bottom line. The metals markets are broken. There are no buyers. The price is almost straight down and the volume is non existent. It makes sense to me in light of what I have conveyed here today. Who benefits? The bankers. As always. Time and time again, they show us who runs the markets. They have a bought and paid for Congress and President. In a square game, you might stand a chance. This game is so hopelessly crooked with a deck stacked against you that you are an idiot if you sit down to play. I am talking about paper markets. This is a necessary piece of the end game.

Where will this slide end? I'm not sure. This is getting really ugly. There is absolutely no integrity or even an illusion of integrity left in markets. Our country is breaking down on so many levels, that it is hard to fathom.

I am going to take one last significant stab at adding to physical metals soon. I am expecting a tremendous, hard reversal this year. The world is still bankrupt. However,  I have no illusions that the crooked bankers won't try anything and everything within their power to maintain control over markets and us. They have demonstrated that to me in ample fashion over these past two months. If I wasn't a conspiracy theorist before then- I certainly am now.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Frankenstein Government Endorses The Only Candidate With No Visible Skeletons In His Closet (Yet)... Libertarian Gary Johnson

I've been following former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson for a couple of years now. He is the only conservative that makes sense. I have always liked Johnson better than Paul but unfortunately Johnson was wasting time with the GOP nomination. Johnson is a huge anti tax guy and I don't know of any scandals. He has 6 more years worth of experience running a state than Ms. Palin does and he didn't quit. In fact, he left it with a one billion dollar surplus. Can a third party candidate win?

Getting the Frankenstein Government endorsement will be a huge boost to Gary's campaign. 

Here's the wiki entry on former Governor "Veto" which all by itself makes him an anti-government and electable sort of guy.

Here's a quick 5 page thumbnail sketch on Gary.

The typical mainstream whine goes like this. He will take votes away from both of the rich and elite supported candidates. The GOP will say Johnson hurts them the most- like they have anything to offer. No third party candidate can win. The elites that run this country will do everything in their power to see that no third party candidate will ever win the Presidency thus ensuring that our country will continue on the same course of banker enrichment and collapse.

Ya know what I am tired of? Replacing a shitty President with a slightly less shitty President. I'd like to elect a good one sometime. Just once.

Johnson doesn't like wars and booze. He doesn't think marijuana is a big deal. He earned his own money and he's not a lawyer. What's not to like? (I have always secretly wanted to drug test Obama and back in the day, Clinton)

We are on the verge of completely losing this country to illegal immigration, Obamacare, and an insurmountable debt. Anyone that believes that the answer to our problems has anything to do with our two main parties- the same parties that have created all of our problems- may need a road map, history lesson, or a therapist. I have never seen a worse crop of potential GOP nominees nor have I seen a worse sitting President.

If not now, when?

Hank "Won't Guam Tip Over?" Johnson Wants To Eliminate Debt Ceiling Altogether, Finds It Un-Necessary

I snipped this paragraph from the previous piece. This is rocket scientist, Hank Johnson, from Georgia.

-Four House Democrats have introduced a bill to eliminate the statutory cap on the public debt. “There’s no reason to have a debt ceiling at all,” said one of the four, Representative Hank Johnson of Georgia. “It doesn’t restrain spending, since the spending has already been committed. It just threatens our credit, and it weakens our country.”

It weakens our country? Like Guam? Maybe a weak country inverts, huh Hank? This video of Hank on Guam will live in infamy. How did this moron ever get elected?

Did the Mayans Practice Boola Boola?

This will make sense. I think.

Three missionaries got lost during a trip to the Amazon jungle. They were captured by a brutal native tribe. The Chief gave each man a choice. "Death or Boola Boola" The first missionary feared death and figured anything was better than death so he chose "Boola Boola." "Boola Boola!" cried the Chief, as he thrust his spear into the air. The tribesmen all lined up and sodomized the poor missionary leaving him brutalized but alive. The second missionary, who also feared death, was a little less enthusiastic than the first missionary. "Boola Boola" he muttered weakly. Once again the Chief thrust his spear into the air and yelled "Boola Boola!" That missionary was left in the same state as the first one. The third missionary was the proudest of the trio. He was pure and defiant. When the Chief gave him a choice, "Death or Boola Boola" the third missionary straightened up and looked the Chief right in the eye."I choose death" he said. Immediately, the Chief turned to the tribe, thrust his spear in the air, and yelled, "Death by Boola Boola!" 

I have had this year (2012) on my radar for years. I can't wait. Here's why.

Obama is going to start the new year out right by asking for another 1.2 trillion debt ceiling hike- adding to an insurmountable debt which there is no way in hell we are ever going to pay back. How can I be so sure? At 100% debt to GDP ratios, historically, all nations stagnate and fail. It's game over. Maybe if we had the capacity (jobs) to turn back the debt like we had in post WW2. But we don't. Need current proof? Look at the Japanese who have been dead in the water since 1989 with a debt to GDP ratio that exceeds 200%. Have they paid back any of that debt they owe? Nyet. That mess of theirs is exactly like that mess of ours. Here is a glimpse of our future.

I'll tell you how silly our leaders are. They probably figure they have at least another 15 trillion to spend before we double down and reach that 200% mark the Japanese have set. Obamacare will get us there like a rocket ship. Maybe in a year or two.

I think there is at least a 60% chance of deep recession this year. Another bout of deflation. The FED will print more money to try and stop deflation and then we will get the hyperinflation that gold bugs like me are praying for. Not just the real 8-9% inflation that we have been suffering through. We are going to get the mother of all inflation. I think it would be quite fitting if Obama was still in office to see the fruits of his labors.

Not to mention some more crazy ass weather events. Polar bears on the Santa Monica pier.

Five years ago, I read up on that whole Mayan bak'tun history. I even checked out books at the library. I studied everything I could get my hands on or watch on tv. My conclusion? Nothing is going to happen. Sadly, the apocalypse appears to be bullshit. But there are some bright spots.

I'll tell you how optimistic I am. I like our chances of having and suffering through a Mayan apocalypse far better than our chances of paying back this 16.4 trillion dollar debt. We might be better off with the quick death rather than the slow one. Kind of like the deal the Chief handed out to those missionaries.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Obama To Ask For Another 1.2 Trillion Debt Ceiling Hike to 16.4 Trillion

Outrageous left the building in late 2008. Completely bat shit crazy took it's place.

Seriously, does anyone think we are going to pay this back?

Confessions of a U-Sixer

I am a happy member of the U-6.

It had been 80 years since the bankers plunged us into a depression. I suppose we were over due. The bankers lobbied hard and bought the best politicians they could in order to get the controls lifted. It worked. Maybe this time would be different, the bankers thought.

The only thing different this time around is our abject failure to collectively call this what it is. In 1929 we called it the Great Depression. This time we call it the Great Recession. The only difference is that we haven't re-installed the controls. Or plotted a solution. It is a mess. And we have an idiot for a leader. "President Talks a Good Game" but never brings one.

So here I am. A grain of sand on the beach. Mr. U-6.

Call me a pessimist but I always plan for the worst possible outcome. That is to say, when I buy equities, silver, a house, or a car I always ask, "What is the worst thing that could happen?" And then I say, "Can I live with that outcome?"

It works on virtually everything. I exclude death in most instances.

Now I got home late last night. After all of the unpacking, I got on line. I looked at the usual dearth of jobs. Ohhh, they are shitty. They pay poorly and they offer no benefits. I have been doing this, on and off, for 3 years.

In fact, most jobs are simply not resume' worthy. Sometimes I mull over actually applying for one of those crappy 9 dollar an hour jobs. And then I don't. This is how the brain of a simpleton works.

Really crappy jobs are easy to find. Those are the ones that are open. Usually they involve submitting yourself to some humiliating form of punishment called employment. In the old days, we just came to work and worked at a somewhat leisurely pace. Those days are gone. Now you must work at a frenetic pace and often for chump change, receive no benefits, and take orders from some moron. Or be openly exploited.

Most of the time, I just can't do it. I value my freedom far more than that. I am the U-6.

I feel sorry for anyone exiting college with a tuition mortgage and entering this workplace. We passed an anti slavery law years ago. The trick now is to lure young workers into slavery voluntarily- that way nobody gets charged. You promise students' jobs if only they will pony up and get an expensive degree. Then when they exit school they will be offered some entry level job that pays peanuts from which they are supposed to pay rent, utilities, groceries, 400 dollars a month for a car and insurance. Those 4 things in Boise, a cheap place to live, will cost you a net 1700 a month. Throw in that 300-500 dollar a month tuition loan payment and we quickly arrive at 2200 a month. Another 300 a month for a high deductible health insurance policy and there you are. You need 2500 a month net money per month just to get by. Of course the government on multiple levels- is there to get their cut of your money. It will be many years before this gets any better. It will probably get far worse.

We are creating the future U-6.

Over the weekend, I think I found a way to make money writing by a person that makes money writing. The trick, as always, is to cut out the gatekeepers, filters, and middle men. Remove obstructions from free markets and amazingly enough you get- free markets. I think that's how it's going to be in this new U-6 economy. Find unconventional ways to make a living by becoming your own boss.

That's my New Year's resolution. Give up on the idea that I must find some crappy job and create one of my own with hours I like. With a boss that really cares about me.

I am a happy member of the U-6. Things could be worse. I could have a job.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas In Leavenworth

This year's Christmas activities are taking place in prison. No, not really.

I am in Leavenworth, Washington. A gorgeous place.|190#id=webcams&num=6 My sister's husband is from here. We are about 20 miles from Wenatchee. The town of Leavenworth has at least 12 million Christmas lights hung in the center of town. There is a little snow and ice. Last night we watched kids sliding down a hill in the center of town. It was fun watching them. They looked like park rats.

So about ten of us are invading.  

We are staying in a beautiful home over looking the Wenatchee River. This is my brother in laws'-father's home. I am writing to you from my couch, inside the deck, overlooking the river.

I am the only one up. This may have something to do with the 9 gallons of beer and wine that was consumed last night. I do not miss those mornings. I do miss those evenings a little bit.

I managed to cling to my meat diet. Barely. There is candy, fudge, and chocolates everywhere.

Today is Christmas Eve. We have two family traditions. We all go shopping together and buy worthless shit for each other. Like Elmer Fudd hats. I found one called the "leather hog" last night. It will look good on my Road King. The other tradition we indulge in... is the eating of the oyster stew. Gawd, how I love this. Not the stew. The stew is horrible. My sister absolutely refuses to eat it. Every year I get to listen to her concoct some bullshit excuse about why she can't eat it. This year will be the same. Hearing her whine has become the tradition now.

Maybe something really funny will happen today and if so,  I'll chime in. If not I hope every one of you has a wonderful Christmas.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lefty Press Is Insanely Adept At Vetting GOP, Had They Exercised Just 1/2 Of This Diligence With Obama- They Might Have Some Credibility

I am absolutely sick of politics. Of the media. Of political blogs.

Herman Cain- Cheater.

Mitt Romney- Mormon hustler with questionable business practices. He and his staff stole every hard drive from their offices before vacating the Governor's gig. (He's the cinch guy. They'll go easy on him.)

Newt Gingrich- Serial cheater and asshole.

Ron Paul- Racist newsletter writer. They had to dig that shit up from over 20 years ago- when All In The Family re-runs were still on.

Sarah Palin- Dumb ass. Part time governor of Russia.

Do you know why the media hasn't attacked anyone else? Because everyone else is largely irrelevant and not worth wasting the time on. Had these media assholes done 1/2 the hatchet job on Obama that they've done on every GOP candidate, I'd think they were credible. As it stands, I still think they are absolute cowards and corporate lap dogs. Irresponsible pussies. Because of them, we have this golfing idiot, I mean 4th best President ever.

Where is Jesus Christ when you need him? I can't imagine what the media ShihTzus would do to him.

Nationalism vs. Patriotism

-It's a curious thing in a material sense. The people who die fighting don't have much to lose. The people with everything to lose- don't die fighting. The trick is getting someone else to do your fighting for you. The haves are careful to call the have nots... patriots. 

Time and time again, I see people confused by the subtle differences of nationalism and patriotism. The terms are not interchangeable and do indeed- define two different belief systems. Belief systems are opinions. It is important to make that distinction. Nationalism tends to be blind loyalty to the state or political entity. Patriotism tends to be loyalty to a country, culture, or concept such as freedom. It does not require blind loyalty to a political body or entity.

The "Patriot Act" should have been titled the "Nationalist Act." That type of accuracy might have raised some eyebrows. The definitions are blurry and confusing because the state likes it that way.

Those subtle differences are not even born out with precision by commonly referred to references. Here's wiki on nationalism: It can also include the belief that the state is of primary importance, or the belief that one state is naturally superior to all other states.[3][4] It is also used to describe a movement to establish or protect a 'homeland' (usually an autonomous state) for an ethnic group.

Pretty close. Now here's patriotism:
Patriotism is a devotion to one's country, excluding differences caused by the dependencies of the term's meaning upon context, geography and philosophy. In a generalized sense applicable to all countries and peoples, patriotism is a devotion to one's country.

Wiki says that the term nationalism is related to patriotism. Really?

This is not a case of splitting hairs. In fact, these two terms are the basis for many disagreements and one of the reasons our entire culture is fractured and cannot agree on anything political.

Patriots are devoted to their culture, country, or people- perhaps to a concept such as freedom. You will not find blind devotion to the political state within the definition of a patriot. That is not what a patriot is devoted to.

Nationalism is blind devotion to the state. I cannot think of a better example than Hitler's Germany. Or unfortunately, the U.S. depriving American citizens of Japanese descent their freedom, lives, and property in relocation camps. Adamantly justifying it. Don't go waving your patriot flag at me while defending that. That's nationalism.

The lines get blurred because the political state wants them blurred. Devoted nationalists are called patriots by the political state. They want to confuse you. They want good followers. What they don't want is patriots. People who question the powerful over reach of the state. Patriots are not concerned with blind loyalty to the political state. In all cases, patriots spell death to oppressive regimes and to the political state.

I posed this question to a fellow blogger. Why are we surprised that our political state has drafted legislation to detain and imprison it's own citizens without due process? Our oppressive political state kidnapped hundreds of suspected terrorists from all over the world. Of course the vast majority are guilty, evil men. But what about the few who aren't? Are the few innocent ones simply acceptable collateral damage? The ones fingered by a desperate snitch? How do we sort them out without due process? Without due process, the innocent are denied freedom. Isn't that one of the reasons we killed the King's men? Aren't we the big flag waving patriots that say all men are created equal?

There in lies the rub. You can't have it both ways. Either you are for limiting the power of the state by refusing to engage in criminal acts of kidnapping and cloaking your activities in a shroud of nationalism or wars on terror or you are not. If you are going to tolerate the act of kidnapping by the state abroad then you must tolerate domestic acts of kidnapping, denial of due process, and forfeiture of civil rights right here. You are a nationalist, but you are no patriot. You can't have it both ways.

How would a patriot react? Patriots question the illegal conduct of government- even in the face of a majority of nationalists or popular opinion. They are devoted to their culture and country. Devoted to people confused and misguided by the state. Patriots have great courage because oftentimes- they can be an isolated minority. Nationalists are whispered a lie by the political state. You are a good little patriot.

Here is something written by patriots. Perhaps you will recognize it.

When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

You aren't a patriot simply because a political entity says you are. In fact, you are probably a patriot when the state says that you are not a patriot. “The duty of a patriot is to protect his country from its government.” - Thomas Paine

In the new world order, blind loyalty to the ever expanding and oppressive state is good. They call those loyalists- patriots- and they do so for a reason. They blur the lines on purpose. They expand their power and they get you to fight their battles for them. "Patriot." Now you know why.

All You Can Eat Meat

The great thing about having your own blog is that you can write about any damn thing you want. So today I thought I'd take a rain check on government hating. Deviate into masochistic dieting with a little history. My diet history began after the summer of '07 and a U.S. tour via motorcycle. I ate and drank very well on that trip. You can hide a little extra weight at 6'4" or so. But there are limitations. Sooner or later things get a little squishy.

In early November that year, I jumped into my Jeep and headed back to New Orleans for the winter. All 300 pounds of me. I was about to launch a weight loss mission. By Christmas of that year,  I weighed 218 pounds. I had lost 82 pounds in something like 55 days. From size 40 to 34. I could even fit into a 32 waist without too much struggle.

I have told that story a few times. Very often people think I am full of shit or at least exaggerating and they have told me that. Losing weight in dramatic fashion is not easy, but it can be done. It just takes tremendous discipline for a predetermined length of time. In just a paragraph or two, I will tell you how I do it.

In July of this year, my girlfriend and I parted company. I wouldn't have declared either one of us fat but that is probably too forgiving. Both of us were about 40 pounds overweight. Now I haven't seen her in quite awhile. Last week, I saw her for the first time since we broke up. We are on good terms. She looked fantastic. She had lost all 40 of those pounds. Nothing really says "fuck you" like losing weight where ex boyfriends are concerned and getting new boyfriends becomes a priority.

In her defense, she wasn't outwardly smug... but you can bet your ass she was enjoying that. I have to credit that gal. She motivates me. Not only did I quit smoking because of her, (she still does) but I'll be damned if I am gonna let her ice cream eating ass show me up.

Let me introduce you to the Frankenstein "all you can eat meat" weight loss program. This diet makes Atkins look healthy. It is Atkins on steroids. I limit the duration. I am going to lose 50 pounds in 40 days. This is how I will do it.

I determine how much I am going to lose. I set the time frame. Since I know it's not going to be forever or eternal, it is easier to stay focused.  My end date is Jan. 25. I have found that I have to do this every two years. That's been my experience.

You cannot drink alcohol. No milk, no fruit juice. You cannot drink coffee to excess. Maybe two cups or 16 oz. per day.

I allow myself 35-50 carbs per day. That's it. A nutritional shake in the morning or yogurt with a few strawberries in it and every other day, 12 oz. of V-8 vegetable juice. That's pretty much the entire carb intake. I laughingly refer to this diet as the "meat diet." In reality, I probably eat 3 to 4 times more meat by weight and volume than I do vegetables.

I eat every kind of meat known to man. All day long, in enormous quantities. Whole chickens, spiral ham, half a turkey. Brats and sauerkraut. Two pounds of sirloin. Lots of fish, herring, salmon, tuna. I eat gobs of low carb vegetables, salads. My favorite is asparagus, brussel sprouts, cauliflower. Huge amounts of eggs. I have virtually every kind of cheese sold in the store. That's it. Nothing else. Maybe some peanuts. And I drink tons of water. At least a gallon a day. For a snack, I sliced and ate an entire cucumber today.

Ok that's the easy part.

Now after consuming those 50 carbs or so in the morning, I head straight for the gym. I run 3.2 miles. At night I ride my airdyne for 30 minutes or walk an additional two miles. You must do this every day. The hard part is your energy level. With no carbs or easy energy, your body is forced to use stored fat and it will eat a little lean muscle too. They call it ketosis. You will be sluggish and tired and I take naps. That's just tough shitski. The problem I encounter is that I lack energy once I have used up those easy carbs in the morning. Energy at night is hard to find. I eat a few broccoli carbs toward the evening.

I use a simple trick. I do this one day at a time. I do not let my mind wander and sabotage my mission by looking ahead. I am focused on today. I know what I am going to eat. I am five days in, I have lost 11 pounds on the gym scale- just to to make sure that the meat diet is still working.

In a day or two I will be traveling for Christmas. Eating on the road is nearly impossible when you are on a mission such as this. I will take my food with me. I am not kidding. If I absorb any extra carbs- they will have to slip them in the air that I breathe. I am determined not to let some Ben and Jerry's eating, California beach bum, show me up.

Anyway, try not to get a blood test done while you are doing this. Or at least avoid looking at the triglycerides and cholesterol levels. Your doctor may have a shit hemorrhage. Mostly, I've found that doctors don't understand. This is a helluva lot easier and cheaper than a gastric bypass and you aren't gonna convince me that cutting all that tissue is healthier, either. So that's the deal. A lot of animals are going to give up their lives this month so that I can look and feel like an Ethiopian again. Forty days, 50 pounds, or die.

All you can eat meat. The perfect diet for men.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hey, Let's Put Our Heads Together and See What We Can Come Up With

A "healthy" two headed baby boy. My mind goes numb with the possibilities. What is your IQ Mike? Well, it's 107 and 129.

Frankenstein Government Cancels Winter in Boise

Who knew?

Just after Halloween this year, I went shopping at Home Despot. Home Despot and I are well acquainted. While doing my eternal home remodel this spring and summer, employees greeted me each and every day. For weeks. They called me by my first name. Some called me other things.

So it was in early November- that I did the unthinkable. I was exiting the lawn and garden area and heading to the cashier. A cashier at Home Despot is required to stand in front of their till if they are not doing anything. This is how corporate America gets it's money worth. At any rate, there is this cute gal standing in front of her till like a good soldier. I know if her line is empty that there cannot possibly be one straight man left in the joint. I hit the rocket boosters just a touch... and out of my peripheral vision I spotted the snow shovels. Shit.

Last year, we had this wintery surprise attack in Boise. A storm dumped 6 to 7 inches of wet and nasty snow. I do not particularly care about these things, having come from the land of 3 foot dumps, except that my mother is creeping up in years. Her driveway is not immune from these attacks and I have evolved out of complete self centered-ness to a point where I only think about myself 97 to 98% of the time. I have devoted 2-3% of my time to thinking about things other than myself. Or thinking about things like my mother's snow shovel and her driveway.

Last year, immediately after the big snowstorm, I decided to shovel my mother's driveway. This as it turns out, was a singular event. I arrived at her house to find absolutely nothing capable of moving back breaking, wet snow. There was a thing that looked like a hoe. The cheapest shovel one could imagine. Flat blade and dish, rusted edges all knurled up like elves shoes. Geezus I think, it would be easier to just kick the snow off of the driveway. Did she actually use this thing? Not a chance. That relic had undoubtedly been left in the garage by my long since departed brother. Precisely where he left it, 20 years ago. So it was that day, I needed something usable.

I got in my truck. I went to Home Despot. Out of shovels. I then went to Fred Meyer. Out of shovels. A trip to the hardware store. Out of shovels. While scouring the neighborhood, I did what all desperate men do. I decided to steal the first shovel I saw. I stole my lazy landlord's. Gawd knows, he probably forgot he had one.

The memory of that day and two hours of back breaking shoveling caused me to stop dead in my tracks. I whirled around and bought the most expensive snow shovel in the store. That is not like me. This baby is made of titanium and a metal discovered at an alien spaceship crash near Roswell, New Mexico. Secretly, I want to use it. That is also not like me. Trust me. I view laziness as a virtue.

So I bought this shovel well in advance of any storms. Unthinkable type of planning for a guy like me. And just as sure as I did, winter has been canceled in Boise. Day after day, it has been sunny and warm. Day after day. Cops riding motorcycles. Morons riding motorcycles. Women in grass skirts. The extended forecast? More of the same.

I'll tell you what I am willing to do. If any one of the six people who read this blog need help canceling winter where you live, just let me know. I will be more than happy to come to your house, eat your food and drink your beer while we sit these winter months out. I'll bring my shovel. It's magic.

Ron Paul Steps In Doodoo, Manages To Incite GOP Faithful Who Are Desperately Trying to Cling To Relevancy

Lets face it, the GOP sucks. Their list of buffoons and old dead money players- shrinks weekly. I am now waiting for Sophomore Governor and quitter Sarah Palin to come riding in and try to save the day.

And as bad as the GOP sucks, we all know that the central planners suck even worse. What a nightmare. Just when you think it can't get worse- it does.

Ron Paul who is shredding GOP plans in Iowa and New Hampshire- has to go and try to defend Bradley Manning. Manning of course, has already been proven guilty by the press. Thus the marginalized GOP, already on life support (Ace of Spades) is just waiting to pounce all over something like this. And they did. Sometimes Dr. Paul, can you just stop and think before you open your mouth? The smear starts at the second word in the body of this piece.

Defending the indefensible. Homosexual. Cross dresser. Awful. *Roll eyes now. Canadian Free Press.

I am voting for Gary Johnson and the Libertarians. Screw these "two" parties.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I Have Been Waiting Nine Months To See How Many Crooked Politicians and Government Employees Took Mozilo Money

Waiting since Mar 7. And I'll be damned if Issa refused to name the latest four bribe takers. Let's hope we don't have to wait until after elections to get their names.

Old Angry White Man Discovers James Kirchick, Anti-Paul Crusader, Writing With Merit and a Rigorous Frankenstein Government Defense

For a couple of years, I have been listening to slanderous claims of racial bigotry and other various  accusations lodged against Ron Paul. I never could source them and I could not research or evaluate the claims. I even read some Jewish blogger's hate filled rant about how Ron Paul hates Jews because he wants the Israelis to start paying their own costs of war without American aid- thus by connotation and assumption- the conclusion is in. Paul is an anti Semite.

Surely there is no other explanation, no plausible deny-ability. In the new America, we condemn and judge without due process. You do know that FEMA is building camps, don't you?

So what I am about to say- most of you know. I am a Ron Paul supporter. What I am not, is some media lap dog who in my fervent desire to get a black man elected President- covers up all that is potentially bad about the man. I do not practice contempt prior to investigation. Hell, I even read the Huffington Post for intelligence gathering purposes. I am a retired investigator. I was paid to listen to both sides. The costs of hastily drawn conclusions meant lawsuits and career jeopardy. So you didn't make those mistakes. In some cases, the work actually cleared the accused. And yes, human beings make mistakes. I am a member of that group. I didn't always get it right but I didn't quit until I was satisfied and exhausted- confident that I had given the matter I was investigating- my very best.

So last night, I was reading a Doug Ross anti-Ron Paul piece here:  I like Doug Ross. The rant did not cite sources- however the comment section did. I left my usual request for sources and just as I was leaving the comment section I noticed a link that an anti-Ron commenter had left. I cut and pasted it. That link led me to a young writer named James Kirchick. Kirchick is a writer, reporter, correspondent. There is a plethora of information available on him. I have read a lot about Kirchick and his work tonight. He is a pretty good writer and unlike the media who failed to expose President Obama's secret past- Kirchick actually did some work and investigative reporting. So did I. Four or five hours worth. Not exhaustive- but not bad. Enough that I got Kirchick's message. Here was my first evidence of Ron Paul's bigoted past. Finally a source. Here is the piece that launched Mr. Kirchick into prominence. It is titled, "Angry White Man, The Bigoted Past of Ron Paul." There is a picture of Paul wearing a Confederate Calvary hat complete with a sinister smile on the cover of this piece.

I should tell you that I found the title which alleges bigotry, bigoted. Had it simply said, "Angry Man, The Bigoted Past of Ron Paul." I would have given the article more credibility. And ditto, sans the Confederate hat smear. That was un-necessary. But I suppose young writers on a mission to make themselves prominent are entitled to a mistake or two. Even if they are a little bigoted toward angry white men. I am an angry white man. I will tell you this. I am getting sick and tired of being blamed for every societal ill. Emasculated by society and women. I have had enough bigotry directed at me. In fact, I may even become a very pissed off and gelded, white man.

Here is a very recent piece by James Kirchick. James does not appear to like Ron Paul which I began to understand because I am a quick study.

Google Kirchick and Paul and you will find gobs of stuff. Fights on panels, wiki, I've read a lot tonight. I am a due diligence sort of fella.

Evaluation and Summary

James Kirchick is young and possibly gay. These things do not matter. Attacking people personally is chicken shit and bigoted. There is a very important distinction I would like to make here. This is absolutely lost on my liberal friends. It is ok to attack the opinions or shaky facts of any data set or allegation. We can do that in a civilized way without attacking the person who holds those beliefs. Just because I disagree with the way Kirchick gathers and presents information does not mean I dislike Kirchick. This is a function of maturity. Kirchick is a good writer. He is not required to like Paul. And unlike most anonymous media drones- he appears to have actually gotten the best evidence. Newsletters dug out of two places. Would I have liked to see them? Of course. But I am going to have to take Kirchick's word for it- that the newsletters do exist. But be very careful drawing conclusions when in fact you have not read the newsletters in question nor has Paul ever claimed that he wrote them. This does not relieve Paul of responsibility. Could somebody else have written nasty racial and bigoted things back when society was much more accepting of racially bigoted things? Of course. In fact, I have even seen shows and read published and syndicated writing wherein the term "nigger" was used. What our society tolerates is ever evolving. What was accepted practice and tolerated when I was a young man certainly pre dates the arrival of Mr. Kirchick on this rock. Do I think Kirchick may have "cherry picked" the most atrocious things in his zeal to smear an angry white man? Of course. Does he make any attempt to be fair to Ron Paul? Good question...the answer is...

Not really or at the very least- I don't think unbiased reporting was or is the goal of James Kirchick when writing about Ron Paul. That is my opinion gleaned from four hours worth of reading. Does it matter to me what Kirchick's motive is? Not really. I am simply trying to verify if his writing is accurate. Could Ron Paul be given the benefit of the doubt? Sure. Could Paul even have said racially bigoted things? Of course. Those things were acceptable in places and tolerated to some degree in the 70's, 80's, or 90's. James Kirchick was born in 1983. I was 23 in 1983. Ron Paul was nearly 50. The term "nigger" was on it's way out. Kirchick was born at a time when our country was evolving out of "All in the Family" and  our favorite bigot, Archie Bunker. That was syndicated television. Listen to a view episodes of that... Mr. Kirchick. That was the flavor of our culture prior to your birth.

Is Ron Paul an anti-Semite? No I don't see any definitive proof of that. Ron Paul is simply tired of wasting billions we don't have fighting other peoples' wars. We are broke.

Has Ron Paul broken any laws? No. Has Ron Paul been guilty of moral and ethical failures? Possibly. Contextually viewed in a different time and place, those failures may have been somewhat tolerated at the time they were delivered. They may not have been uttered or written by Paul and indeed he has said they were not. Paul has apologized for them. Could he be fibbing? Maybe. That begs the question. Do we give people the benefit of the doubt? Do we give them second chances? And why is it that writers like Kirchick leave out every good thing that a man has done?

Because being fair is not really the point. In the case of Kirchick, I see very little evidence that being fair was one of the utmost goals of his writing. At least in terms of Ron Paul. You see, guys like Kirchick want you to tolerate and accommodate their lifestyle but they do not want to accommodate yours. They see nothing wrong with the way they view the world, it is your way of viewing the world that they condemn. They lack the historical perspective of a culture that buried kids, quit smoking enmasse, and said we are going to tolerate homosexuality. All of that in my short life time. That ain't bad Mr. Kirchick. I wish that you could have seen all that. That's the way the culture ebbs and flows. 


Suddenly, That Kook, Ron Paul Is Attracting Big Time Media Attention

If Ron Paul had just gone away like he was supposed to- the big media outlets could have said, "see we told you so."

Just when the media thought they were in control of elections and exposure up jumps a bunch of angry voters who maintain that voters- not the media- still elect Presidents. Even ignored Presidential candidates.

I am beginning to think that the blogosphere, the last bastion of truly free speech, may become a force to be reckoned with. I sure hope so.

People are very angry. They have been- for about three years. Bankers have absolutely plundered us- five trillion in the last three years alone. People are now figuring out that electing a guy who hates the FED might just be what the doctor ordered. Pun intended.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Iowa Voters Give Banker Controlled Des Moines Register the Bird, Paul Surges in Polls

Many years ago, I think we blew an excellent chance to stop the 20 million jobs that left our shores. We had a chance to elect Ross Perot. Not your typical politician. He was simply too direct for people. He didn't talk shit.

I say the same thing about Ron Paul. He is the right guy at the right time. This time the problem is the FED and that enormous debt load. Paul doesn't talk a lot of political bullshit. He is direct. Most importantly, and a point nobody will argue, he does what he says he will do.

So I was hardly shocked to see the Des Moines Register endorse the white Obama, Romney. He is this year's beauty contest winner. He is rich and elite, he talks shit, and he has no verifiable or successful history as a public servant. Unless you count the bankrupt, taxpayer subsidized, Massachusetts version of Obamacare.

I am tired of defending the only honorable, non cheating, transparent patriot in politics. Please don't vote for another stooge. We have an abundant supply of those. Really. From Zero Hedge.

Hank "I'm Not Personally on the Brink of Collapse, So I'm Good" Paulson, Profiles In Modern Day Civil Service

Hank Paulson is never far from my thoughts. With a net worth of 700 million, he is the embodiment of American elitism. Arrogant and self absorbed, smug, and greedy.

Hank Paulson may have pulled off the greatest crime in U.S. history. Working with a complicit and paid for Congress in 2008, Hank was able to secure all but a blank check to bail out U.S. banks. Banks that had made horrible and fraudulent loans, repackaged them, and sold them under fraudulent pretenses as "AAA".

Hank Paulson was the CEO of Goldman Sachs when all of that near sighted crookedness and fraudulent loan originating was taking place. In fact, nobody had a better view of the landscape than Hank did. He knew what the bankers had done. As Treasury Secretary, Hank made the big banks whole via TARP and preserved them while cutting the economic throat of this country.

After stealing a thousand billion or so from American taxpayers, Hank fled to parts unknown. He wrote a book about what a courageous guy he is. He was even runner up for "Times magazine- Man of the Year." The face of courage.

This weekend I was reading about the collapse of the Eurozone, Japan, and the United States. Now the FED is going to bail out Europe. This alleged Federal Reserve of ours. Why not? We are already 15.1 trillion in the hole, why not hand Europe an extra trillion? This is an excellent read. Hit the "full screen" button at the bottom left of the box to read the embedded piece.

12-15-11 TARP Sanders Testimony

After I finished reading this essay- I couldn't help but think about Hank Paulson. He and his crony bankers, desperately trying to preserve their way of life. A never ending bailout program that can only end in complete collapse. Hank escaped the U.S.S. Economic Collapse with his personal fortune of 700 million. Good for him. Perhaps he can buy a conscience.

Hank would probably refer to himself as personally "successful." In terms of civil service, he was an abysmal failure. In terms of ego and greed- he has been an outstanding success. Given another time and place,  Hank would most likely be in prison. That's the weird part. It's not odd that we have people like Paulson- the world has been churning them out for centuries. What is strange is that nobody seems to care about them right now. I have a feeling that is about to change.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

"60 Minutes" Edits Out Obama's Fantastic Claim That He Is the Fourth Best President Evah!

I first saw this at Mr. Always on Watch.

Obama's narcissism defies belief. Obama is clearly an idiot- at least 60 Minutes had the good sense to edit out the proof.

Here It Comes! Banker Inspired Des Moines Register Supports White Obama Er... I Mean Romney

And they say class warfare doesn't exist.

Thank God for ZeroHedge. So the gal who is the CEO for the Des Moines Register- used to be employed in the upper echelons of Citibank? Oh the hell you say. The Register openly endorses Romney...

Imagine that. Zero Hedge sums it all up nicely here. I can't wait to elect one more worthless, bought and paid for, elite beauty contestant.

How many homes you got Mitt? Five? Are you sure that's enough?

Friday, December 16, 2011

The Abject Failure of the GOP

"Pay attention to what people have actually accomplished, pay far less attention to what they say they will do."

By that standard alone, Barack Obama would never have been elected President. In fact, after having been advanced 100k on a book deal- Obama could not write the book nor make the deadlines that he had agreed on. Many knowledgeable people believe his books were "ghost written." I am one of them. The point is- is that Barack Obama had accomplished very little with his life. A community organizer. A teacher and a lawyer. Good lawyers lawyer, the rest teach. He was a superficial black guy that could speak well. He let a lot of desperate and scared bankers escape in return for their financial support. That dear friends- is why he is President.

Has life turned into a beauty contest? It's hard to argue that it hasn't. Take a look at the candidates. The females are all attractive, some of the men. Substance? There is very little substance except for Ron Paul, Gary Johnson.

I remember my first political science class. The agreed upon secret to "winning elections" is to reach the widest possible audience by offending the least amount of people or groups of people. Cast the widest possible net because winning is about including others- not excluding them. Obama even employed behavioral psychologists to attract more people and make others- who did not sign up on the hope and change tour- feel isolated from the herd. Oh did I feel that pain as I wrote publicly in Moonbat Central and criticized Obama prior to election.

In addition, candidates hide all of those nasty little truths about themselves. The affairs, the shady insider trades, mortgages from people like Mozilo, getting rid of people in cushy jobs, giving cushy jobs to your friends. Alcohol and drug problems, arrests.

You can see the problem can't you? The goal for a politician is to win the election by casting the widest net and appealing to the largest segment of voters. That goal, simply winning the election, does not have a damn thing to do with predicting actual job performance or effectiveness. It is a lie we accept.
All it tells us essentially- is that one of these guys will kiss the public's ass to such an extent that they will win the nomination. In fact, we generally elect the most ineffective person of the bunch every four years. The man or woman who pisses us off the least. Don't we? And within that framework, is the abject failure of the GOP.

So what barometer should we use?

Past performance is the best predictor of future performance.

The guy you don't like the most in the beauty contest- is very likely the man or woman that you need the most. This is the person who is not afraid of the truth, who shows courage, who takes unpopular stands, and who could care less about casting the widest net and kissing the public's ass. That person does not compromise principles to win elections. What I am telling you is simple.

Time and time again, the voters in this country have proven that they can select the worst possible candidates. Our "pickers" are broken. As a country, we keep selecting these ineffective leaders who tell us what we want to hear. We believe them. It's complete bullshit- designed to simply get votes. Think about Obama coming off like a centrist. At any time did this guy mention that he was a stone cold marxist, possibly not even a citizen, and a childhood son of Islam? Think disclosing those slight imperfections might have isolated a few voters?

So we have been pretty good at selecting the best liars. Then we bitch about it. The cycle is about to repeat itself. We have a sorry ass crew of GOP candidates. Only two of these pass the sniff test and unfortunately- neither one is a front runner.

What I am about to say here is the God's honest truth. This country would be better off finding a guy that pisses us off and elect him. At least we would know truthfully where he stands. I can't even bear the thought of Gingrich- the serial cheater, smart ass, and professional politician- getting the nod. Ditto for the great pollyanna, Romney, who I call the white Obama.

This GOP crew is the sorriest assed bunch I have seen in a long time. Even the GOP faithful know it. All the GOP faithful can manage to do is clench their teeth and hope anything is better than Obama. Like their sorry nominee in 2008.

Had the GOP lured Scott Walker or Chris Christie away- we might have had some hope. The GOP and elections in general have in fact- become beauty contests. We are going to nominate another guy who pisses us off the least- the guy who comes off like a nice guy. A beauty contest winner and I don't see any way it is going to be anyone but Romney. And then we are going to get the same old results that we have always been getting- because we keep doing the same thing over and over again. The only guy that the GOP has put forward in my lifetime, a guy who had accomplished a great deal, a man of substance and courage, a man that was not a serial cheater, was Ronald Reagan. They still talk about him. Even blind squirrels find an acorn now and then.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Troops Salute Obama

Obama closes the nine year Iraq war. Like the magnificent bastard that he is. Troops salute. Thanks Big Hairy.

Obama at Ft Bragg

Dark Closets

Who are you going to believe? The media or your lying eyes? Can you trust your government education?

A month or so ago, I got in a back and forth argument with my father. These days those things are usually avoidable. Unfortunately, like most Americans, my dad thinks that the Federal Reserve is some government institution where somebody plopped 20 trillion a hundred years ago. That this 20 trillion is just waiting around- gathering dust until at some futuristic and imminent flash point- the Fed will unleash it and save us. I guess.

Don't you find it unimaginable that not one public school anywhere- teaches the 100 year old history of the Fed? If you know of just one school or textbook that does...please by all means tell me about it. I beg you.

That is not a coincidence. If you plan on fleecing American workers forever- the last thing you want to do is tell those targeted sheep your game plan. Or admit you have been a horrible failure.

Ultimately when I find myself arguing about the Fed, I have to invoke the Frankenstein Government rule. I cannot engage is a discussion about the Fed with someone who doesn't know anything about the Fed, it's origin, it's history, or it's never ending string of failures for the American people- or the tremendous success it has been in lining international bankers pockets with billions each year. Generally speaking, a book such as "The Creature From Jekyll Island" will give us some common ground. But what makes that book credible?

Pops is one of these guys who practices contempt prior to investigation. He made his mind up years ago. The government he believes is essentially truthful. They would not allow a private banker to fleece us, would they? And ultimately, the issue lands on credibility. What makes my argument more viable, more compelling, or more truthful? Why can't I just believe that the Fed is this wonderful government institution that makes our lives better like most people?

What I like to say to people is this. You are entitled to your opinion. What you are not entitled to is your own set of facts. Before you go running your mouth, you need to investigate what somebody is telling you. They just might be telling the truth. In fact, the absolute best and most useful people in my life have told me the truth. What I needed to hear. Not what I wanted to hear.

That is the single greatest asset/skill that law enforcement ever bestowed upon me. That even the most outlandish story is plausible- it is your job as an investigator to try and prove or disprove it. If you are baffled by something like the Fed- you are baffled because they want you to be baffled. On it's own, the truth never seeks a closet to hide in. But men, for various nefarious reasons, have plenty of closets.

If it's your gold in Fort Knox and the government won't let you see it- then that's a problem. If the Fed is an arm of the United States government and they refuse to submit to an audit- that's a problem. What you don't know- will in fact hurt you. Ignorance is not always bliss. There are plenty of closets with plenty of skeletons in them. Don't be afraid to find them and peer in once in awhile. Ultimately every issue becomes one of credibility. The best you can hope to do is uncover facts that will support your conclusions. A little light finally finds its way into a dark closet.

Travelers Advisory, Interstate To Be Closed

They are taking a 200 ton lump of coal to Mt Rushmore to carve out President Obama's likeness. The load is coming down I-90. They could not find a 200 ton piece of shit.

I-90 will be closed tomorrow across South Dakota.
They are hauling a 200 ton lump of coal so they can add Obama
to Mount Rushmore... they couldn't find a 200 ton piece of shit.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Greatest Smuggling Story Never Told

The strangest story I have read in quite some time. I offer this up and I really can't corroborate it other than to say- it must be real- a lawsuit has been filed. You are in for a real treat.

A little over two years ago, I ran into this story on some obscure website somewhere. Truth be told, I thought it had to be complete bullshit.

In a nutshell, two Japanese men were caught smuggling 135 BILLION dollars in U.S. bonds in 2009. Now for you numbers challenged folks out there- there are only 4 countries in the world that have that kind of money tied up in U.S. bonds. So wtf were these men doing? They appear to be couriers but why did they select Japanese men? And what follows is one of the strangest stories you will ever lay eyes on.

The speculation at the time- was that most likely the bonds were forgeries. I think that is where I landed. Well, it turns out that the bonds are real. And if you think two men smuggling 135 billion is odd, that's nothing. Read this link. And scratch your head.

Precious Metals Getting Slaughtered, Hardly a Surprise, Get Ready To Buy With Both Hands

I love it when I hear some asshole on CNBC talk about what terrible investments gold and silver are. That happened this morning as gold was trading down 80.00 bucks an ounce. The "expert" was calling for 1000 dollar gold. Gold doesn't pay dividends he said. I was listening from my bedroom- so I didn't get a look at the suspect your honor. I have heard that rhetoric before.

My favorite line was this. Gold as an investment and a safe haven is 100% based on perception! No shit. That's what he said. Like that's a bad thing.

Now I want you to think about any decision you have ever made. Have you ever done anything- not based 100% on your own perception? Just when do we avail ourselves of our own perception to make decisions? I don't know when that happens.

Ok enough of that. Here are the reasons that today's selling comes as no surprise.

1. Central banks and investment arms all over the world are selling gold to raise cash. The euro is toast. It is trading at 129 and change as I write this. Europe is in big trouble. They are paying people to borrow gold. Negative lease rates. This is suppressing the paper price.

2. This is a "paper" gold price. Investors everywhere are fleeing paper investments. Why? Because MF Global stole at least 1.2 billion worth of customers' money and apparently nobody cares except the poor saps who have investment funds at risk.

3. Bullion banks and banks subject to position limits next year- desperately want to cover their enormous short positions as cheaply as possible. They can do this by driving prices down as fast and as hard as they can and then cover their short positions. This has already happened today in both gold and silver. As I write this gold and silver are rebounding. Gosh who would buy this bubble? Hmmm...

4. The world is broke. That has not changed. In fact, it continues to get worse. Ultimately, all strong currencies in history are backed by precious metals. That is precisely why China continues to buy bullion in record setting amounts. They want to be the world's reserve currency and they will be.

Fundamentally, nothing has changed. Make rational decisions, not emotionally driven decisions.

None of this metals downdraft is a surprise. I will not be surprised to see it get worse through the end of the year. Between Christmas and New Years, I am going to the coin shop. I will be buying with both hands.

I'd like you to remember something. If you do not have physical gold and silver actually in your possession- you don't actually possess it. I mean that. You cannot trust anyone to hold it. You must come up with a strategy for storing precious metals that you think is safe. The government is not stupid. If they move to confiscate precious metals like they did in the 30's- they will ask their buddies at the bank to close vaults containing safety deposit boxes until those boxes can be opened and their contents inventoried. I do not think that scenario is ridiculous. It has already happened once.

The absolute best investment in 2012 is going to be gold and silver. Nothing short of world austerity, honest and courageous politicians, and a deux ex machina (miraculous ending) solution can change this. If you think all that is going to happen, you might want to call CNBC and offer yourself up for an on "air interview" like that brainiac this morning. Let's hope precious metals can go lower so we can buy more!

Housing Sales- A Completely Fraudulent Number for the Past Five Years

And of course- they were inflating the number....gee I wonder who taught them that trick?

I would call this unfucking believable- except that it's not. We see similar fraudulent figures week after week from the Federal Government and the BLS. How do we know unemployment figures are fraudulent? Simple.

People with jobs pay taxes. People without jobs don't. The treasury has a two trillion dollar deficit this year which initially was supposed to only be a 1.2 trillion shortfall. That missing 800 billion? Well that's what happens when you start believing your own bullshit.

How do we know the CPI is fraudulent and understated? Because we are the ones buying inflated goods.

Anyway- here's the whole fraudulent tale from the National Association of Realtors. I only have two questions. Why did it take them so long and why disclose this now?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

In the End, There Can Be Only One! Highlander!

The second thing I've ever stolen from Ace. For Troy.

Clearly, they do not want your dieting advice.

Proud Moments in Law Enforcement

Well there is no big earth shattering news today, so I thought I'd tell you a war story.

Over the course of my 25 year law enforcement career, I had the good fortune to see some interesting and bizarre things. I also had the opportunity to see some really funny things. Some of the funniest shit- just happened to be things that I watched cops do. Sober, excuse free, cops. This story is one of the finest. You will never see this story on an episode of "Cops." There is simply no way that this story can remain untold. It will take a little character development, so please bear with me. I am going to use fictional names to protect the guilty.

A little over 20 years ago, I was patrolling a small town in Idaho. A much larger city that wasn't too far away was experiencing a big manpower shortage. I went to work for that city as a part time police officer, working a couple of extra shifts a week. It was during that time, in the early 90's, that I met the hero of this story. He was a Corporal by the name of "Rock" Jackson. Rock was a Vietnam veteran, an old time cop with over 20 years on the department. He was a gun nut and the department's range master. He was born and raised in Idaho. We liked each other right away.

Rock was a rural redneck, a real "ridin' fence" kind of cowboy. He talked slow and was never in a hurry to do much. He always invited me out for "pie" when we were working. At a place called "Sodbusters" no less. As much as I liked Rock, I gotta say- he wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer. But he was a good guy, not a hard ass, and the kind of guy that tried his very best to be a good cop. He had a big heart and he did what he was told. He was well liked by virtually everyone.

Rock was one of those rare guys who never used drugs-ever. Not even in 'nam. Like I said, he was a redneck. He wouldn't have known what an ounce of pot looked like unless the bag was labeled "marijuana." Dope just wasn't his thing. But that didn't slow him down any.

In the late 70's, Rock decided he wanted to go to work on the local drug task force and in order to do so, he had to attend training which taught participating cops how to put together drug deals, surveillance, drug identification, that sort of thing. Participating officers would still be required to patrol in uniform but be called on from time to time to help with drug enforcement. Rock was very excited about working with the drug task force.

A few weeks after taking drug training, Rock was on patrol and driving down an alley. As he came down this particular alley, he spotted an incredibly tall marijuana plant growing in the back yard of a residence- not far from the police station. He radioed to dispatch that he would be out of the car on a marijuana grow. He knocked on the door of the home, got no answer, and left a note and a business card. Rock then returned to the back yard and snapped a photo of the large marijuana plant. Rock then uprooted the plant and dragged it to his patrol car. The plant was so tall that it would not fit in his trunk. Rock slid the 16 foot long marijuana plant under his light bar. It stretched from the hood all the way back to the car's trunk. Rock then got in his car and radioed dispatch that he was clear. He also stated that he was en route back to the station and he asked dispatch to contact the head of the drug task force, a man I will call Bobby. Bobby agreed to meet him back at the station.

Upon arrival at the station, Rock grabbed the marijuana plant and dragged it into the station's back hallway. There he was greeted by several cops, mostly drug task force members. After dragging the plant into the building, Rock looked at Bobby and said, "Isn't that the biggest pot plant you have ever seen?" Bobby and the rest of the cops were speechless as they gazed at the plant. You could hear a pin drop. Finally, Bobby leaned over the plant and said out loud, "That is the biggest fucking elmujuana plant I have ever seen, Rock!" Bobby broke out in hysterical and uncontrollable laughter. The rest of the cops were laughing so hard that they were crying. Rock had uprooted somebody's young elm tree and seized it. The worst part is that he had left his name and phone number at the house.

When they told me this story I laughed so hard I nearly pissed my pants. I forgot to ask the guys what the supervisor told the people when they called and asked about their missing tree. I can't imagine how they explained that.

Nobody told that story outside of the police department. I think it was just so embarrassing that even the cops felt sorry for Rock. He really was a good guy. I haven't seen Rock for 15 years. As I was writing this story- I started laughing- like this had happened last week. Every once in awhile, stories like this one bring a smile to my face. That's when I realize I really do miss law enforcement and all of the interesting and zany things that people do. On both sides of the law.

Monday, December 12, 2011

GImme Back My Drone!*Updated

Of all the funny shit that's been happening lately, I'm not sure that anything could top President Obama asking the Iranians for our drone back. The drone that we were spying on them with.

Now picture this. The greatest pussy man of all time, a guy who throws like a girl, gets beat up in a basketball game, and wears some high rise dork bicycle helmet is asking the Iranians to return our high technology drone. I'll bet they are just scared shitless.

Maybe Obama needs to throw a pair of Uggs at 'em to get their attention. That's how they do it over there.

Ain't that rich? Next thing ya know, Mexican drug smugglers will be asking for their confiscated dope back.

I managed to intercept this Iranian reply to President Obama's pleas to return the drone. *Now it's formal.

Mother Teresa Didn't Have Any Kids

Who thought buying a car was easy?

It's easy as long as you let the seller dictate the price, the terms, and the other little slick things they throw in the loan during closing. Including higher interest rates.

So it was, I have backed out of the third deal this month and I cancelled a flight because of it. After all of that, I finally have the deal on the car I wanted but I have to wait a month to take delivery. Big deal.

I am in absolute awe at how ridiculously priced car dealers price their inventory. Car dealers are piranhas.

So what I thought I'd do is show you a run of the mill used 2011 GLS Hyundai Elantra priced at what I believe is an absolutely insane price. This car invoiced new at 15,500. Here it is used.

What would be an appropriate price for a one year old used car that invoiced for 15,500? I know this- not 19,999. That price is so ridiculous that I can't even approach the dealer. I looked at that car last night.

Here is a brand new Elantra with a manual trans. Add 1000 for an auto trans and you get a brand new Elantra GLS for 3700.00 dollars cheaper than our used car above. How can that be?

Today, I finally put a deposit down on the Elantra I wanted. This after a month of dickering, wasted time, wasted phone calls, cursing at finance managers, unraveling mysterious charges for items that I don't want and don't need. Today I paid 15,800 out the door for a manual trans. The dealer will make 1000 on the sale, 500 on the manufacturer's hold back, and money on the loan financing. This Elantra is new and delivered in Jan. That's 4 grand cheaper than that used one here locally. Was it worth it?

Barely. The truth is, I hate dealing with car salesmen and dealerships. I simply have never had a good experience with these piranhas as they try to separate you from your money. Buying a car is a huge personal commitment. It takes an emotional toll on you. You can't just walk away and get your money back after a year or two. That's why you absolutely cannot over pay for a car on the front end. You are committed to a big payment or a big payoff. An upside down car loan or a voluntary repo is just not something most of us want.

So don't feel sorry about playing hardball with car dealerships. They will do everything imaginable to steal your money- your job is to try and prevent that. So yea, I suck to deal with but I'm not going to apologize. I've never received an apology from a dealership.

Woman Executed in Saudi Arabia For Just Trying To Make a Buck, In America She Would Have Been Given a SBA Loan

I am not a proponent of capital punishment. I know...I know...not wanting to kill people is irrational.

In Saudi Arabia, they apparently kill you for practicing sorcery or trying to treat illnesses contrary to accepted practices.

In America, this woman could have applied for and received a small business administration loan for practicing alternative medicine. Had she proven that she voted for Obama, the loan would have been fast tracked and she might even be selling franchises by now. She would be alive and well, touted as a business woman with acumen, creating jobs in America.

Wait for the Precious Metals Selloff and Then Buy Physical Mortimer!

I've been reading Turd Ferguson's, "TF Metals Report" quite a bit lately. He has been "spot" on and he called today's huge sell off. He is on my blog roll on the right margin. And here.

Gold and silver are getting their asses kicked today. Bad. Gold is off 50 bucks. Here is a very timely piece on why. Strange.

Of all the reasons for today's metals sell off- the one I find most intriguing is that paper speculators are heading for the exits. There is simply no point in trading paper (futures, options) if the underlying commodity has several claims on it. Because of the MF Global bankruptcy, one investor has already filed a lawsuit claiming that he paid for and wanted to take delivery of physical gold and silver. Metals that he paid for before any bankruptcy was declared by MF Global. As the metal was about to be shipped, a trustee halted the shipment. The lawsuit is in the judge's hands- the point of contention being simple. Who has the priority lean on assets? Investors who got ripped off? Other people speculating on the same metal? Or this last guy who paid for the stuff? It's a fore shock of what is to come.

Rehypothecation is a practice that occurs principally in the financial markets, where a bank or other broker-dealer reuses the collateral pledged by its clients as collateral for its own borrowing.

Banks have been notorious throughout time for lending money or assets that they don't have. It's called fractional reserve lending and it's quite legal as long as you have a crooked central bank willing to do it. Like ours. Writing several calls or puts on the same underlying metal and believing that futures will be settled in cash- much as they always have been- is another scheme that bullion bankers use. Very few traders actually take delivery of precious metals. If everyone buying a contract stood for delivery- we'd find out in a hurry just how broken these markets are.

I've been expecting this de- leveraging. People are going to trade out of paper and into actual physical metals. People are also going to take year end profits and precious metals are one of the only places where anyone has made any money. Like Turd, I expect this hemorrhaging to continue until the end of the year and then we'll see how effective the new position limit rules will be. The banks are already suing the CFTC over the new rules.

I am going to add another 150 ounces of silver to my holdings if silver breaks below 29 or 28- and I am going to add a few ounces of gold as well. This may be the last opportunity you will have to add some precious metals on the cheap while people rush for the futures exits and unwind- as the world continues to print worthless and unbacked currency as it's only method of debt repayment.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Why Obama Is Not The Anti Christ, The Archived Madness of the Lunatic Fringe

Friday, May 14, 2010

It's Official, Obama Is Not the Anti Christ

About a year ago, a neo conservative friend of mine called and asked if President Obama could be the anti-Christ. Although Obama clearly has many of the qualities and characteristics that one looks for in a good anti-Christ, I was not sure. After watching Dear Leader this year, I feel confident in saying that Obama is not the anti-Christ.

I know, I know, some of you righties want to cling to hope. Perhaps you are questioning my credentials for determining anti- Christs. But I've watched this dude closely last year, which you can do when you are unemployed. Eternally. Trust me, I am using solid logic.

One other thing. Just because I have determined that Obama isn't the anti-Christ doesn't mean that you non religious types can breathe a sigh of relief. You still have work to do.

The anti-Christ is thought to be a gifted orator. Now at first blush, many of you may think that great oratory qualifies Obama. It doesn't. In fact, what has been spilling out of Obama's mouth lately is precisely what has led me to conclude that he isn't the "big baddy." Nor is he the great genius the lefties think he is. In fact, I'd give this dude a slightly above average score on the big bell curve. Nothing special. Even aided by teleprompters. I could prove my suspicions if we could ever find those missing college transcripts.

The real anti Christ is thought to be cunning and devious, willing and able to persuade everyone. As Obama attacks and blames Bush, attacks and blames Fox news, attacks big banks, attacks auto makers, attacks health insurers, and attacks and blames big oil for a once in a lifetime spill, attacks and blames Arizona for doing the job his government won't, attacks his own constituency and adds glib, snide, and caustic comments- he is guaranteeing and sealing his fate. But not as the historic third anti- Christ. Before it's over, this guy might be able to unite this country but not because he is sneaky smart. We won't unite because of him, we will unite despite him. Obama is not the slick talking orator that will bring about the end times. To do that would take a lot more skill, tact, and savvy than this dude possesses.

There it is. Prima facia evidence Obama isn't the anti-Christ. He ain't even close.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Frankenstein Government Considers Paying Readers, Or Boob-A-Thons, In Desperate Attempt To Acquire More Readers

Ya know I've been banging away at this keyboard for a little over two years. I manage about 2000 page views a week.

I will never advertise.

Then I see these new blogs come on line. Half naked chicks, funny shit, guns, and more half naked chicks. What happens? The new blogs get gobs of followers, page views up the ying yang. What happens to me? Nada. Left at the altar. Same old number of followers, same old amount of page views.

Even when I manage to write clever shit.

I can't do the half naked chick thing. My friend Al says I should. He says the internet was primarily invented by men to exchange porn. For free. All of this other shit is ancillary according to Al. Google earth, maps, buying shit, writing nasty stuff about the government. A waste of time, Al says. Time spent looking at porn is time well spent. You gotta admit, it's hard to argue that.

Al's sister, Jenny, suggested I get girls to lift their shirts and snap photos from the neck down. Post them here. Kind of like a boob-a-thon. I wonder about that family of theirs. I am not sure a boob-a-thon is the way to go.

I am ready for some new kind of recruiting or membership drive. Maybe I will have to start paying people. Perhaps I will hold a weekly raffle. Now there's an idea. If you leave a comment, a nice one, I will put your name in a jar and draw a name. Send prizes.

Or maybe I should just stick with half naked chicks.  

The Collapse Is Herreeee Johnny!*Updated Courtesy of ShakeALeg

This is going to get interesting.

I've been watching and reading about the eurozone collapse for what seems like years. I can sum it up in a sentence or two.

The greatest credit expansion of all time will be followed by the greatest collapse of all time. This will be a world wide event. The only thing keeping this collapse at bay is the life or death struggle of the status quo (bankers, insurers, bond holders, politicians) as they desperately try to find ways of stopping the inevitable.

Dave over at the Golden Truth published my all time favorite quote from Austrian economist Von Mises who quite succinctly stated the out come: "There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion. The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as a result of a voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion, or later as a final or total catastrophe of the currency system involved."

This collapse will be a fucking doozy. 

In the present case- the entire world is at risk. This isn't just some mess confined to Europe. These are world wide bankers, one giant web, interconnected by swaps and shadow lending, leverage on steroids, derivatives, insurance, and counter party risk. When banks and countries start falling like dominoes, everything is going to go to hell. How is a bankrupt and collapsed Europe going to buy US treasury debt? There is nobody left to borrow from.

You can bet your ass that Obama is well aware of the systemic risk to his re-election prospects. Knowing this fiasco is beyond his control and knowing that he sold us out to bankers- gives me special delight. It is justice.

I enjoy watching the worldwide soap opera knowing that there is only one way it can end. Watching these people run around and search for non existent solutions is amazing. On a micro scale- I am out of TBTF banks entirely. I have possession of silver and gold. You should also take a significant amount of money, currency, out of the bank and have it at your disposal. After watching MF Global literally steal at least 1.2 billion of customer/client money and get away with it- I am now starting to worry about counter party risk everywhere.

Quite simply, if you don't have your assets in your possession- they are not your assets.

Check out this link courtesy of shakealeg. Love this dude, don't even mind a rant he goes on about atheism... 

Friday, December 9, 2011

Cops Making A Quarter Million To Guard a Bridge?

This is the type of nonsense that happens when you allow public sector employees to unionize. Taxpayer chaos. A quarter million to guard a fucking bridge?

That type of "no brain" job should be contracted to a private security company for 15 bucks an hr. No wonder we are all broke.

The United States of Corruption, More Banker Lawlessness, MF Global and Jon Corzine's Testiphony*Updated

I have been waiting for this for weeks. Corzine should have been in a jail cell.

Please allow me to get the introductory dry stuff out of the way- so that we can talk about criminal acts and the good shit. This is how the elite and connected are given every opportunity to escape. The MF Global scandal is just one more example of an executive branch that is ethically and morally bankrupt. Obama and this administration. What has happened with MF Global is actually pretty simple once we get the background out of the way. 

MF Global was a derivatives broker/agent which includes options and futures. Customers' kept money on account and traded for their accounts. MF Global traded for it's own accounts. Customer's money and MF Global money should not have been commingled. MF Global was also a primary dealer for government bonds- which has a hell of a lot more to do with the company's CEO and connections than whether or not MF Global was properly capitalized. It's CEO, Jon Corzine, was a bond trader. Ex Goldman Sachs CEO. It of course- gets worse. 

On Oct. 31, MF Global suddenly went bankrupt. Approx. 1.2 billion dollars worth of customers' money immediately went missing. Customer accounts were frozen and they lost the ability to trade out of losing positions. What happened is unprecedented. Quite succinctly, the victims and customers who had nothing to do with MF's bankruptcy, were completely screwed over. To this day, over a month later, investigators have found some money, but not most of it.

Jon Corzine. In addition to his other vast accomplishments, he is a former  Governor of New Jersey and perhaps the number one campaign bundler for President Obama. I mean quite literally, the two are best buddies. Corzine held a NY fundraiser dinner for Obama at his apartment this spring that netted about 600k for Obama.

So there you have it. Two well connected and elite politicians. Both crooked and ethically bankrupt. Both have each others' backs. It is crony capitalism at it's finest. MF Global goes bankrupt, customers lose 1.2 billion, and the CEO, Jon Corzine goes missing for five weeks. He is allowed to escape. Until Dec. 8, the day Corzine testilies testifies. Check out the well rehearsed and evasive testiphony here.

Now I have written many times about the complete absence of the rule of law in this country. President Obama, who took an oath to uphold laws and the constitution as the head of the executive branch, seems nearly as culpable in this as Jon Corzine himself. Presidents have the express power to order investigations- well unless they involve your friends- that is. Which is why criminality, currently, is at epidemic type levels.

Was a crime committed or was this whole thing just some civil matter? Prosecutors often make those decisions. Prosecutors generally determine how to proceed and build a case. In this case, I believe there was clearly fraud and grand theft on a colossal scale. Quite simply, customer accounts and MF's accounts are two different things. Had only MF lost corporate money- this would have been civil. When sequestered customer money came up missing is when this whole thing moves from the civil realm to the criminal realm. That's when it turned into fraud. This is what happens when a crime is committed. Victims notify the appropriate law enforcement agencies as they realize their money is missing. It's law enforcement's job to determine who has jurisdiction. The appropriate agencies determine how to proceed and who to call for help. An investigation is begun.

Has anyone heard the term "criminal investigation" attached to this? Why not?

Good cops know that all crimes and especially the evidence attached to those crimes, is time sensitive. Good cops immediately identify and secure crime scenes so that evidence cannot be tampered with or destroyed. Evidence is seized before it goes missing. Accountants forensically piece together transactions, conduct audits. Cops interview hundreds of employees and potential witnesses. They subpoena and search accounts. And somewhere in the midst of all of that- somebody should have been reading Mr. Corzine a Miranda waiver. What did you do with the money, Mr. Corzine. Where is it?

"I don't know" Corzine might have replied. However, the Sarbanes Oxley act is prima facia evidence that you are not allowed to plead stupidity. Quite simply, as a CEO you are required to sign under penalty of law that your books are in order.

So what happened to the chief suspect? Isn't the goal of the police to interview the most likely suspects? Isn't the goal of the police to interview a suspect like Corzine- lock them into an initial explanation (story, alibi)- and then prove or disprove by means of an investigation?

What cop worth a shit allows the suspect to simply vanish for 5 weeks? To rehearse a beautiful story with some of the finest tacticians and lawyers that money can buy? What kind of a cop does shit like that? Well, soon to be unemployed cops, where I come from. Apparently NYC and DC investigators are not burdened with penny ante cases of a missing thousand million. They have bigger fish to fry. Maybe some kid selling pot near the DEA's office.

Here then is the big finish.

Several different crimes took place at MF Global. The entire episode was treated as some giant civil matter rather than a criminal investigation. I suspect that came about as a result of federal prosecutors or federal police agencies- acting on orders from above. Clearly, I would love to see who made those decisions. It might very well turn out to be the usual folks. The chief architect of this, a guy who bundles contributions and turns them over to the President went into hiding. Most of us would have been interviewed/interrogated for a confession and put in a jail cell. Or at least been the subject of a grand jury by now. But instead, because you are special Jon Corzine, you were allowed to go free and construct an OJ Simpson defense. Still looking for those drug dealers that slashed up Nicole.

In the brave new world, the elite are given every opportunity to steal and if caught- they are given another chance to escape. Jail is never on the menu for these banker thieves- somehow they float above the possibility of jail as though it simply does not exist for them. It pisses me off.

Because somehow they keep getting away with it. It's like a fucking epidemic.

Fraud. Conspiracy to commit fraud. Grand theft, theft by conversion. Embezzlement. Violation of Sarbanes Oxley. I am sure there are others.

*More on this coward here.