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Let the Bankers Eat Cake

I was just looking at some interesting charts. I read a lot of business news. Everyone has been cheering 2010's 11% rise in the stock market. This magical feat was accomplished by some of the greatest manipulation I have ever beheld. High Frequency Trading. (HFT) Banks buying stock thanks to the repeal of the Glass Steagall Act. The FED literally making money out of thin air and giving it to big banks. Waiting like a bunch of vultures for the rest of us to get in so they can dump that stuff on us. Interestingly enough, you would have made 30% by simply buying physical gold last year. No forms or applications to fill out. No great market collapses. No taxes to pay. That is a very significant advantage. The government cannot take a bite out of your ass. Yet. Anytime you make money and the government cannot prove it or steal it from you, you win. This has to piss banks and the government off. I watched that very thing happen last week. A gal came in, plunked 200 ounces of silv

The Greatest Story You Probably Didn't Hear About in 2010

The mystery missile fired off the LA coast has been one of the greatest cover up stories of the year. In fact, if our military complex truly doesn't know who fired that missile- we have wasted billions on our missile defense systems and we have a bunch of asshats sitting at the controls. The mystery missile was the second greatest story of the year to fall into obscurity. There was only one larger. The FED's disclosure that they loaned 9 TRILLION dollars during the financial crisis ranks as the greatest story you have likely not heard about. The FED fought like hell to keep this information from being disclosed. Once it was, the MSM, the (main-stream-worthless-media) hardly even noted the event. So how in the hell could the FED loan 9 trillion to the banking sector with no collateral- with over night rates so fractional- we didn't make shit? Why did Hank Paulson plead for the 700 billion dollar bailo

Quick Silver Update

If you haven't bought any gold or silver lately, have a feeling a dip is coming. Both silver/gold dealers I use were reporting that people were selling more than they were buying today. As I was speaking to one of them, a gal walked in and plunked two 100 oz. bars on the counter and walked out with 6100 bucks. Said she had paid 1200 bucks for them in 1987. Once the shakeout occurs at this level, maybe a few weeks, expect prices to continue to rise. I am going to wait for some more dips. Just a thought.

U.S. Thugocracy Criticizes Russia, Ain't That Just Rich?

The United States is upset with Russia. Russia has jailed their richest billionaire oil tycoon and now have tacked on a few more years to his sentence. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton led a chorus of political figures in the United States and Europe in condemning the verdict. It "raises serious questions about selective prosecution and about the rule of law being overshadowed by political considerations," she said. Khodorkovsky is nearing the end of an eight-year sentence after being convicted of tax fraud in a case seen as punishment for challenging the Kremlin's economic and political power, in part by funding opposition parties in parliament. Now I don't know whether Khodorkovsky is guilty of tax evasion or siphoning off billions. I do know that Putin used to be the head of the KGB. He might know a thing or two about Khodorkovsky. At any rate Mr. Putin, here's how we do it in the


Imagine if you will, hooking up with an attractive attorney. She blows gobs of money planning your (her) wedding- nearly 100k. Because, don't you know, she's entitled to live in America. Then in some moment of clarity, the groom realizes that he is about to marry Selfzilla. He beats feet. Selfzilla is pissed. Rather than write her own careless spending off to poor decision making, she gets angry, starts spewing blame- which has become a great American past time. I don't know who that groom is. But something tells me he dodged major big time shit. The best money you'll never spend brother. Imagine a few years down the road in divorce court. That 100k gonna look like something you put in parking meters.

Well at Least They Haven't Outlawed Parents Rights to Profile, Yet

Dad, I met the neatest guy last night. I spent the night at his place.

Honey, When Is the Yeti Going To Get Here With Our Pizza?

I had hoped to buy some more silver at a sub 30 dollar price. I may have missed the boat. Silver crashed the 30 dollar gate, closed above that level and is not hovering around 30.60. That represents a better than 4% move in two days. I am waiting for everyone that bought around 14 or 15 and has doubled their money to off load some gray matter and give us a dip. I'm not sure that's going to happen. Gold has been rising steadily as well. It held the 1400 dollar mark. I've tried to explain the inverse relationship that gold and silver have to the value of money. In researching debt levels- I came across a fantastic and historical piece of web history from four years ago. Congress was raising the debt ceiling to 9 trillion in 2006. Check out this headline. You'll love it. In four years time, our debt level has risen 60%. That is a parabolic move. Not quite as ridiculous as flipping a house you owned

Wussy Gov Gets Game, Economic News Bad- POMO Market Will Ignore It, Gold and Silver Blast Off

The Pennsylvania Governor will get his Vikings-Eagles game tonight. This after calling all of us wussies because some upper crust NFL types saw fit to practice a little blizzard caution on Sunday. How 'bout them Saints? Let's hope Governor Rendell stays away from local news. He may discover that some fully grown adults actually fondle and molest children. He will then call us a nation of "cho mos." That is slang, ya know, for cho mos'. I have followed Michael Vick's (aka Ron Mexico) career closely. From Virginia Tech, to Atlanta, to yelling at him because he could not complete a ten yard pass, to giving out anonymous herpes, to dog fighting, to prison, and back to the Eagles. I think Vick is just some crazed kid that won the DNA lottery for football skills. I have been secretly rooting for him. I believe in second chances. Dude has actually been throwing the balls to his receivers rather than the turf. Tonight, I will be rooting for him and the Eagles de

When Did Gallup Start Polling Crack Houses?

Geezus. I think I need some valium. Barack Obama is the most admired man? Hillary Clinton, that sexless would be spy, the most admired woman? Gawd we're in a lot of trouble.

Governor Calls Us a Nation of "Wussies"

NFL cancels Vikings v Eagles game due to snow, this is the response. Governor Ed Rendell joined countless fans upset about the game's move to Tuesday when he told FOX News :  "It's an absolute joke. I was looking forward to this. It would have been a real experience. This is what football is all about. We're becoming a nation of wussies." Now there are only a few things in life worse than having a politician call you a wussy. Perhaps an 11 year old daughter calling her mother immature. Or a guy living at the mission telling you to get your shit together. Whenever someone makes some blanket statement that raises my hackles, I check to see if they have a law degree. It's just a weird thing with me. Twenty five years worth of listening to their bullshit- bullshit spewed from what they think is the intellectual high ground. So of course, not only is Rendell a lawyer, he is married to a Federal Judge. A double whammy. It reminds me of a story. The state