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How Long Will We Allow the Covid Tyranny to Continue?

A few weeks ago, after I miraculously survived 9 days on a ventilator, I got into a back and forth with a good friend and his daughter on Facebook. My friend's daughter was of the firm opinion that the unvaccinated are putting the vaccinated at risk. She even called me selfish. Her father held the same position. They believe vaccinations are good and everyone not getting one was an idiot or worse. Two more of my liberal friends admonished me for being "cavalier" about the covid vaccines. They all believe they are practicing some form of common sense. What they are really practicing- is fear. Fear so great that they have no problem blaming others and acting like little children when you disagree with them. I am not going to argue the preposterous position that "vaccinated" people are put in jeopardy by the unvaccinated. I am not going to be bullied by a bunch of liberal fools who think this cesspool of a government can be trusted.   The emotional cowards who popu