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Saturday, April 14, 2012

You Love You...

Tell me it ain't so. Cops masturbating on duty and getting caught.

Another great cop story here.

Many years ago we busted a movie star in Moonbat Valley for drunk driving. We had her at the booking window and she is balling, mascara running, and all that shit. I was working with this very old, tough, salty cop who was liable to say anything at any given moment.

So this gal, in some weepy ass voice asks, "Don't cops ever drive drunk?" My partner looked her right in the eye and said, "no." I looked at him, knowing full well that statement was bullshit. And thus he added, "and if we do, we don't get caught." "Like you."

President Obama Now At the Center of "Hummergate"

Obama is so masterful at creating jobs- he even does so in Colombia when he's on the road. Blow jobs.

I am not kidding when I tell you this. Some moron commenter over at Huffington Post said that prostitution is legal in Colombia. Therefore he surmised, if the Secret Service agents did this while off duty- there was nothing wrong with it- legally. That level of unconsciousness is outstanding.

Like the agents involved are going to give a fuck about whether prostitution is legal or not. Like smoking dope in Amsterdam. They just committed career suicide. Goodbye 6 figure job. Hello, pushing a patrol car in Poughkeepsie. Trust me, Obama will try to fly Hummergate under the radar with his media minions.

More on pussy makes men crazy.

Road Rage, Very Funny, Extreme R Rating- Not For Moonbats or Lutherans

I watched this at least 5 times. God in heaven, behold one of your sons. We got a ways to go.

Funny Stuff On the Left, On the Right, But Not Here

I knew someone was going to click here. There's nothing here. Geezus, can't you follow directions?

Nork Dick Tater Fires Large Bottle Rocket, Scares Nothing Except Fish

Geezus. You really can't make this shit up. According to this story, the missile hit a yellow seal and singed his asshole. (first line)

Well, not exactly. Here is what really happened.

In this secret and exclusive footage I obtained- you can hear the excited voice of the Nork leader just after the launch. Near the end, Kim Jung runs out and is nearly hit by falling debris.

There's Clooney, Pitt, and Well...This Is What Happens When You Don't Eat Your Vegetables

Photo snapped a few miles west of Redwood City near Woodside, Ca. I'm thinking he rides one of those recumbent bikes.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Manipulated Stock Market That Never Falls*Updated

Boy, I'd sure love to see Glass Steagall suddenly return. With all of the bankers and their counterfeit money out of the market, the Dow would drop at least 6000 points.

Like zombie banks, we have a zombie stock market. So with today's big jobs miss, on top of the eternal upward revisions in unemployment from the predictable BLS each and every week, what happened? What great news is out?

Nothing. Probably half of today's rally was short covering. The shorts, on the heels of a gigantic 5 day bear move, probably stuck a toe in the shallow end of the pool before the bankers threw a toaster in the deep end. The speculation of QE3 by two Fed members was what did it. That's all. Just some talk.

The only thing keeping this market alive is the threat of more quantitative easing. You simply cannot short a market where on any given day- just the threat of QE3 and subsequent huge liquidity injections will cause the shorts to piss their pants and cover.

That and it's an election year.

The holy grail of our American way of life is the stock market- currently on QE3 life support. Unfortunately, there is simply no other place to park any dough and make any kind of return. (with one exception) There isn't a chance in hell that equity invested retirement funds are going to make the 8% that their actuaries are counting on. Other investments are laughable and involve far too much risk for no reward. I rolled my eyes when I saw Idaho's PERSI was up a whopping 1% year to date. That on the heels of the market's big move up in the first quarter. With one quarter left in this year- they'll be lucky to make 2%. Real inflation is north of 7%.

How long can fund managers, both private and public, keep dodging the truth? Not only are funds not going to generate the returns they need for sustainability- but REAL inflation is giving them negative rates of return.

If you have been on the sidelines for the last 5 years, like I've been, you simply can't capitulate now. You would be an idiot to get in here. You've missed the zombie move. You can't short markets because Bernanke has shown his willingness to print and turn the paper over to the member banks. Those huge liquidity injections go straight into equities.

I've never seen anything like this and quite honestly- I have no idea how long the FED can keep this market levitating and on life support with it's quackery. Worse yet, all of those folks holding equities at these levels are going to need buyers to get out and lock in gains.

This will go on until it becomes so transparent and laughable that everybody in the free world, including men in pickup trucks with confederate flags on the rear slider, will have sniffed it out. It takes two parties to complete a transaction. It's pretty hard to sell something when there are no buyers. Good luck with that.

*Sometime after I posted, ZeroHedge posted this. California.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Capturing the Agenda of Moonbats and Liberals

I stole this comment from Yahoo because I liked it. Of course he was being sarcastic- but it's hard to argue with anything he says.

Why I vote Democrat.....

I vote Democrat because I think it's better to pay billions of dollars to people who hate us rather than drill for our own oil (until we develop ALGAE as a fuel source), because it might upset some endangered beetle or gopher.

I vote Democrat because I believe it is okay if liberal judges rewrite the Constitution to suit some fringe kooks, who would otherwise never get their agenda past the voters.

I vote Democrat because I believe that corporate America should not be allowed to make profits for themselves or their shareholders. They need to break even and give the rest to the federal government for redistribution.

I vote Democrat because I'm not concerned about millions of babies being aborted each year, so long as we make it easy for irresponsible couples to have sex, keep all of the people who WANT to die from dying, and stop dogs from riding on cars.

I vote Democrat because I believe people who can't tell us if it will rain on Friday, can tell us the polar ice caps will melt away in ten years if I don't start driving a Chevy Volt.

I vote Democrat because I'm way too irresponsible to own a gun, and I know my local unproductive, un reactive union police are all I need to protect me from murderers and thieves.

I vote Democrat because Freedom of Speech is not as important as preventing people from being offended. I'm only for "Free Speech" when I'm making uninformed comments, but as soon as I'm confronted with the facts, or asked to produce some, I deny that same freedom to others, and run the other way.

I vote Democrat because I believe the government will do a better job of spending the money I earn than I would. Even though the top 10% pay 70% of Federal taxes, I believe they should pay more while I pay less. While the "rich" get poor, I can be at home on my ass watching more liberal news on TV.

I vote Democrat because I believe oil companies' profits of 4% on a gallon of gas are obscene, but the government taxing the same gallon of gas at 15% isn't.

I vote Democrat because I believe in unions, not because they give the most money to our party, but because they have done such a great job with our educational system, government employees, and auto industry, such that we no longer have to tolerate educated people, affordable, safe, quality vehicles made in the USA, and intelligent government employees.

I vote Democrat because I get all my facts from uninformed, clueless comedians like Bill Maher and TV talk show hosts, rather than from someone who actually does the research.

I vote Democrat because I believe in Obamacare, as long as the rich or someone else pays for it.

I vote Democrat because, while we live in the greatest country in the world, I want "HOPE AND CHANGE".

The Last Patriot

Write in Ron Paul this fall. If 100 million of us do that- the elite won't get their way. The FED won't continue. Crony capitalism will be crushed, the deficit will end. The mongrel party will lose. Or be a coward, vote for one of the two big parties, and get the same result that we always get. A whole bunch of suck.

Bush Creates Tax Cuts for the Crony Elite, Now Wishes His Name Wasn't Attached to Cuts

You simply can't make this shit up. Former President Bush wishing that his name wasn't attached to the tax cuts his administration gave to his wealthy and elite cronies- just a decade's worth.

Of course every Republican will tell you that the rich create jobs. Unfortunately, that is pure bullshit. It's the same ridiculous bullshit that Obama and his administration spouted- while handing out a trillion dollars- allegedly for employers to create jobs.

Consumers and demand create jobs. Without consumers, there is no demand. That's why Apple rocks. And that's why Solyndra, Fannie and Freddie, and GM don't.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

If You Want To Say Nice Things About Castro, Ozzie Guillen, Find a Country That Believes in Free Speech

For chrissakes Ozzie, this is America.  If you want to say nice things about foreign dictators- you are going to have to find someplace that actually believes in free speech. Maybe England, Switzerland. Or France. Some place that doesn't get all butt hurt every time someone utters something.

All speech in America is approved in advance by the central planners, statists, and moonbats. You should have asked them first- if you could say a nice thing or two about Castro. You are lucky you still have a job.

Ozzie's horrific and offensive comments here.

Parlaying 16 College Credits Into Ten Milion Dollars a Year

That's an excellent return on investment.

Brian Williams could fall into a toilet and come out with a trout.

Williams says his greatest regret was not finishing college. I giggled when I read that. He should have just focused on completing a second semester, or maybe one year.

So for Williams, the second place prize is a gig making 10 million a year. TV been "bery, bery" good...

Monday, April 9, 2012

Newsflash! Associated Press Discovering That ObamaCare Adds To Budget Deficit, Rather Than Reducing It

Wow. This level of unconsciousness is mind numbing. Are all liberal arts majors this stupid?

Adding 40 million un-insured people with pent up health demands might actually swell the deficit rather than reduce it? But that's not what Obama and Pelosi said.

The AP just now catching on. Hoping the Supreme Court and then the voters- throw out the baby and the bathwater.

"I Love To Drink and Gamble"

The first time I ever laid eyes on Butte, Montana... I fell in love. It was the summer of '68. I was nearly 8 years old.

Butte is the coolest, most historic mining town in the western United States. It's like a giant museum. The architecture is fantastic, the brick walls of uptown Butte still have 120 year old ads painted on them.

Moving to Butte as a child was like going to the big city. I was simply in awe. There were these strange "head frames" everywhere. Giant black and iron megaliths dotting the hillside. There were at least 50 of them. Head frames that lifted men, cages, and ore out of subterranean tunnels more than a mile deep. I think of them as "iron angels." They kind of haunt me still.

The city streets were absolutely packed with cars and pedestrians, businesses flourished. Bars were filled shoulder to shoulder and seemingly around the clock. There were miners everywhere. Butte was the epitome of a mining camp in every way, shape, and form. Butte had hundreds of bars, watering holes like the Acoma, the M and M, the Helsinki Club. People gambled in every tavern but the standout was always the M and M. Punch boards, pinball, slot machines, poker. Whore houses nearby on Mercury St. All of that was supposed to be illegal in Montana- and as I look back on that formative part of my life- maybe I dreamt it. I wonder now if I can tell the true from the false.

I had my first drink at 11. That was perfectly normal and acceptable in Butte. I learned to play poker that year. I also learned to play golf and shoot pool. By the age of 12, I was chewing tobacco, swearing regularly, and gambling. That's just how it was back then. We hustled everyone we could. Evel Kneivel was a big deal. His son Robbie and I were friends. About the time Evel Kneivel reached his zenith- copper prices plunged. The Butte economy plunged as well. My family was forced to leave Butte. I have missed it my entire life. I often wonder how differently things might have been had I stayed.

So out of that nebulous cloud that was Butte, came a young man that loved to drink and gamble. I chewed mostly and cursed a lot too. And for a brief time in my life, a little over a year in 1988, I met Bill Smith and played cards with him often- in Las Vegas.

Most folks, even a few professional poker players, don't know who Bill Smith is. Bill was a gentleman and although he had won the World Series of Poker- he played in a cheap 4-8 game at the Gold Coast Casino. I played with him many, many times. After a few beers, Bill was a force to be reckoned with. In fact, Bill was often unbeatable. And since I knew him well, I cannot argue at all with this wikipedia entry about Bill Smith.

Bill Smith

Hometown: Los Angeles
Country of Origin: United States UNITED STATES
Bill Smith

Bill would drink beer and smoke cigarettes for hours. He frequently had a gal with him but I don't think they were married. I never saw him get angry. Somebody once asked Bill Smith what he liked to do best. He replied unashamedly, "I love to drink and gamble." The problem with all that drinking, gambling, smoking, sitting, and late hours is that it kills you. Bill Smith, one of my heroes, died at the ripe old age of 62. That was a shame. 

I still love to drink and gamble. I just don't do it anymore. It's a zero sum game and in the end- those bad habits come and reel you in. Maybe that's the lesson guys like Bill teach us.

I take all those lessons and all that history with me now.

Later on this month, I am hoping to return to Butte. I love to wander amidst the ruin and decay that spawned the misadventures of my youth. I see the ghosts in places like Hennessey's Department Store- and the old YMCA. I have a writing project to start and finish. I can't think of any better, more inspiring place than Butte. It always feels like home.

More photos. The last whorehouse. The Dumas Brothel. Shuttered in 1983.

Butte - The Dumas Brothel 

The scene of the greatest mining disaster, 1917. The Granite Mine. One hundred sixty eight miners died. They removed the head frame for scrap. That was a shame.

Granite Mountain Headframe Between Berkeley Pit and Yankee Doodle Tailings Pond

The Carriage Works

Butte - Butte Carriage Works

Uptown. My favoritist Hotel.

Uptown of Butte, Montana

Rigging the Presidential Election

Never ask a question unless you already know the answer.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that President Obama was a bought and paid for banker shill. It's just a matter of tracking his associates and his money. That's how he went from obscurity to prominence. A puppet that would do the elite's bidding which in 2008- meant not prosecuting thousands of fraudulent bankers. That was the deal. Bankers bankrolled the two year political veteran and thus they managed to stay out of jail. It was that simple.

This time around- the elite offering is a rich and like minded banker or an incumbent- who given his lame duck status- will surely destroy the United States because only a few of us are paying attention.

I am convinced that President Obama is sick. Spiritually sick. Obama pretends to be a decent human being. He dresses up the kids, plays sports, tells jokes, and acts like a normal, well adjusted person. He's not. He's just as fraudulent as his hidden history hints at. He is an actor and that's what our culture worships.

Look at the Republican offering. It's a two headed beauty contest that has been repeating itself, seemingly forever. We are given our two shitty choices by the status quo elite and thus we keep electing people like Paris Hilton because those are the offerings.

I cannot tell you how much I detest this system. It has morphed into the perfect way to rig elections. Instead of finding one sympathetic and shitty candidate, all big business and the status quo need to do- is find two of them. And pay for them.

There isn't a thimble's worth of difference between either candidate. Both candidates suck just like they do every Presidential election. That isn't a coincidence. It's a PATTERN, people. They want it that way because it's always about the same two things. The people with money and power- want to keep their money and power. Money and power is why this buffoon is running again. The elite and status quo "haves"- like the two party system just the way that it is. They offer up a couple of shills each election cycle to make you think you have a choice...and it works beautifully.

I spend hours each day reading the ridiculous rants of the left and the right. All of that wasted time and energy. All of that writing, posturing. These are not stupid people. They are simply unconscious. They go about their lives in some unconscious fashion, following the lead of the people before them. They cling to some party memory that hasn't had any meaning for decades. They still blame the other side like there is some solution in that. It is lunacy, idiocy. Yet intelligent people with degrees from Ivy league schools- make lots of money talking about a system that hasn't worked and has failed it's citizens for at least the last half century. Wow. Good for them. I do the same thing for free.

I don't win over readers when I tell them they are suckers.

You are wasting your vote and doing precisely what the status quo wants you to do- when you select one of their two shills. One of them is going to become your President. That's how all good plans are designed and executed. Rigging an election isn't hard- it just costs money.

I wouldn't vote for either one of these candidates if my life depended on it- and it just might.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hug An Atheist (An Easter Wish)

For the greater part of my 51 years, I have struggled with many things, but nothing so powerful as my very own ego.

Ego is that part of me that forms opinions and beliefs. It is predisposed to practicing contempt prior to investigation. In the old days- once my ego formed an opinion, the issue was over. My ego you see, had issued it's ruling. My ego was never willing to re-examine an issue once it had been decided.

Oh, how I used to struggle with the whole "God" concept. With faith. With your beliefs. With who created God. With Revelations. I wandered aimlessly until a couple of odd things happened.

I recovered. I ceased fighting. I became conscious. I no longer rigorously defended a bunch of opinions and beliefs that hardly amounted to fact. Far from it. I let people believe anything they want to believe. That includes the Klingons and the Moonbats. Even the atheists. They have that right. They are on some journey that is solely their own. I don't know where their final destination is. Or even my own.

So I became willing to believe that there was something out there far greater than you or I, or some skinny dude with big ears that talks a lot. I came to believe that quite possibly on some Good Friday many years ago- that maybe we, meaning mankind- missed the real message. If a man, painfully nailed to a cross and eviscerated, could ask forgiveness for those who were killing him (in the most painful and humiliating manner of that day) perhaps that was something outer worldly. That level of consciousness is simply not practiced on this planet. Unconditional love? Who believes in that? Maybe this guy wasn't from these parts after all.

How can you continue to love and ask forgiveness for the people who are murdering you? Is there a lesson there? Well...

Jesus practiced unconditional love. He did that with Judas who betrayed him and with the Romans who had ordered his death. As he lay on that cross, did he wail and behave like a victim? Nope. Did he profess his innocence? Nope. He was concerned about others and practicing unconditional love right to the very end in a fearless- I am going to be resurrected soon anyway- kind of fashion.

I can wrap my arms around a God that practices unconditional love. Not that man made, "send you to hell version of God." If your ego still believes in that type of God- you have every right to remain an atheist.