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Chunkymom Stalks Frankenstein Government

I am not afraid to talk about this. So a couple of months ago, a friend of mine tells me about this internet dating site. It was free- so I signed on. What happened next was completely predictable. My friend Jim, after a month, removed his profile from the site. When I asked him why he had done that, he said, "I have never seen so many fat women in all of my life. I am not interested in dating "BBW's" or whatever they call themselves." When I pressed Jim about all of this he confessed. He had actually been on 4 or 5 dates with these women and managed to stop just short of a second mortgage to pay off his Diner's Club card. And so it was that Jim pushed the delete button and preserved some dignity in his life. BBW stands for Big and Beautful Woman. Very often I have seen them lurking at Chinese buffets and Walmart. I have included a photo of a BBW from the BBW wiki entry. This particular BBW is what I would call an entry level or petite BBW. On some dat

Has Cancer Been Cured?

I am still pondering the link below. Is this true or is this some internet gibberish? I'm not sure because I am firmly in the camp that if a cure for cancer were found and greedy corporate America couldn't find a way to monopolize it somehow- they would bury it instead. Which is precisely what may have happened here. There is something reprehensible about drug companies making vast sums of money at the expense of the sick and dying. The government and its cozy arrangement with the pharmaceutical industry is the very definition of crony capitalism. Wouldn't you just chuckle if the holy grail of medical cures were something so widely available that the oligarchy couldn't figure out a way too monopolize and steal us blind? At any rate I stumbled onto this link. Look, Frankenstein Government is still one of the best values on the web. Priced competitively. I do not push alleged cancer c

Looks Like The Ladies' Room


Bank of America "Too Crooked to Fail"

I saw this posted at Dave's, "Golden Truth." At any other time in history, Matt Taibbi would probably be getting a Pulitzer Prize for exposing all of the crooked bankers and their thieving ways. In the new America, nobody gives a shit.  Read this and see if you do.

Obama, Willing To Try Anything in Desperate Re-Election Bid, Releases Strategic Oil Reserves* Updated

This story is just breaking now. From Reuters. Obama is simply the slimiest politician I have ever seen. Gawd we need to send him back to Chicago , Indonesia. *Update. Oil price- already vastly over priced- simply yawns at the big bilateral oil sale. Futures flat. Seems everyone likes the extra dough and Obama finding out just how important he really is.

Eventually, I Will Get This Blog Format Sorted Out

For the 19 years that we were married, my ex-wife ordered the ham and cheese omelet. Every time we ate breakfast out. Without fail. Oh let me guess, I would say.... And then I met Ross a couple of years ago. Everywhere we go, every time breakfast is still available... Ross orders the ham and cheese omelet. I picture Ross and my ex-wife together. Eating omelets until they puke. Me, I'm a change guy. I have eaten every item on the menu. I will order some shit just to say I've eaten it. I will re-arrange furniture, clothes, anything. Unfortunately, every once in awhile I screw things up by changing them. That's why Ross and my ex ate the same thing every miserable day. Because one day they knew, if they ordered something different, they were gonna hate it. It had happened to them. Maybe in a previous life. That's fear baby. These people live rigid and structured lives and they don't want someone screwing that up. So a few weeks ago, I screwed with the format

Winter Update, Gold and Silver Slaughter, Elantra Update

Winter never arrived in Boise this year. I used my golden shovel once. This week, it's been raining every day and pretty miserable. I thought about going to Butte for St Patrick's Day. St. Patrick's Day in Butte is complete chaos, debauchery, and drunken-ness. I'll tell you this. I will find some corned beef and cabbage- somewhere. Now that I think about it, I have these giant 4 leaf clover earrings that I am going to wear and Butte might not be the best place to do that. A little about commodities. Gold and silver are getting slaughtered. I cannot tell you how sick I am of watching those manipulated markets. Can you imagine the plight of bankers if they were not able to control these markets with paper leverage? Imagine if physical gold and silver were allowed physical price discovery? Prices would be twice what they are now. I buy gold anytime it cracks 1400. Silver if it gets below 30 is a buy. I have this giant urge to fire up a new trading account but I simply

Cop Haters

Tonight, I stumbled onto an old cop hating thread published by a guy in Payette which is just a few miles west of Boise. I am not going to link it. I found it too unlikeable. Which means, I left a nasty note but stopped short of calling the guy a fucking idiot. It's the new me. So forgive me for sticking up for law enforcement. Just this once.  I spent 25 years in law enforcement at the local level. I am including my first year which was all volunteer. During that first year, which was just exiting the 70's, I was congratulated by people waving their middle finger at me and calling me pig. I have to tell you, there were a couple of times when I thought, "maybe I should do something else." I wanted to be a cop for a number of reasons. I liked the freedom of the job and the fact that it wasn't boring. I really believed in the idea of catching bad guys and serving the public back then. I actually believed that schtick. Twenty five years and some conscious refle

Not Ready For Slime Time*Updated

By now you've probably read about "pink slime." This is the gelatinous ooze that is found in 70% of the hamburger sold in America. I gotta tell ya. I was a little pissed off to read about that slime. Why? Because we pay billions for a Food and Drug Administration who I was under the impression- policed shit like this. And if not the FDA, what about the USDA? So our government has criminally charged people for selling whole, unpasteurized, and safe milk. But grinding up God knows what and sticking it in our food- well that is apparently fine. So in addition to getting gouged 5 bucks a pound for the worst, ground up pieces of a cow, they throw in what- veins, fat, ligaments, and what ever else...just exactly what are the ingredients in pink slime? The specific parts, please. Good luck finding that information because I can't. I have a friend that has been buying commercially raised elk. No

Banker Leaves Goldman Sachs, Verifies What We Already Know

I started this blog because of Hank Paulson, the Great Thief who arrived via Goldman Sachs. If I had only one wish in the world, it would be for three minutes in a dark alley with that banker slime. Bankers have a culture of greed and arrogance. Many are sick and sociopathic. This defecting banker had the balls to say so. I believe him.

Thanks For Stopping By

After posting "Does Anyone Read This Blog"... I received about 25 comments and 4 emails. There were about 150 page views. That ratio, somewhere in the neighborhood of 6-1, seems about right. The four emails primarily had to do with commenting or more personal things. I breathed a sigh of relief actually. I was prepared to call it quits. I have two loves in my life that have always remained constant. People and writing. But I cannot write junk or play off key. There is some sense of responsibility about that I think. I have one other secret to confess to. I have a profound weakness for helping people- helping people to feel good or better about themselves. That includes myself. If I can feel just a little bit better about myself I think- maybe I can help others find some happiness. These are the things I focus on when I am mostly out there in the world but sometimes in here. I have always had my priorities right. People come first. I cling to that idea with the faith of

Retired Police Officer and New Age Girly Man, Beats System

Finally a happy ending. After a quarter century of law enforcement, a quickie retirement party and a not so quickie divorce, there were a few things I wanted to do. Adventures, bucket list things. One of those things involved riding my motorcycle all over the United States and spending the better part of a year in New Orleans. I loved New Orleans so much, that I wanted to get a big, giant fleur de lis tattoo on my back to commemorate the experience. The best tattoo artist in town was moving his "studio" days before I was preparing to return to the highlands. Thus and sadly, I have no tattoo. Instead, I poked holes in my ears. From those holes, I dangle many different styles of earrings and studs, many of which are fleur de lis designs. Now you're not going to meet a lot of ex cops or ex police chiefs of the male variety wearing designer fleur de lis earrings. Law enforcement is just not a big target for the earring market. Let me let you in on one other little trade

The "Sixteen For One" President

I see that El Presidente' has now blocked a voter registration law in Texas. This oppressive law is designed to do two things which El Presidente' hates. 1. It is designed to prove who you are. 2. It does this in an attempt to weed out non-citizen or illegal alien voters, people who are disqualified due to foreign status. Folks just like our President. For years, as I was looking at the criminal history of illegal aliens and or other criminals, I would very often see multiple social security numbers for the same individual. This is a direct result of using what ever number pops into your head as you fill out some common but required document, say for food stamps or for foreign aid, forever linking that number to your name. Maybe on a document requesting entry into a California college. That is the history of social security numbers or more precisely- why you might have multiple numbers attach

Top Calling the Oil Market

On Thurs., March 1, I stuck my neck out and said oil has to go lower. Unlike every parrot on the internet, I use actual data points when making my outlandish predictions. I used to play in the options sandbox and while I am no professional trader- I can hold my own. There is absolutely nothing to support current price levels. Nada. Not consumption. Not fake recoveries. Not even rumors of war from Iran or us. It is complete bullshit. That these price gouging levels have been maintained for the last 12 days...defies belief. Gasoline demand has fallen off a cliff- the greatest decline in 21 years...a clip from the Wall Street Journal. The weekly report from the U.S. Energy Information Administration showed declines in demand for gasoline and distillate, a category that includes heating oil and diesel fuel. The data suggested that high prices are only adding to a long-term trend of declining domestic fuel consumption. EIA data showed four-week gasoline demand fell 7.8% from a year

Boobs, More Boobs, and Money Worshipping Boobs

I have been going through this prolonged period of my life which is most commonly described as being "single." This is that period of time in your life when you think you want some sort of relationship with a member of the opposite sex, you find it, and then realize you don't want it. During the procreation years, roughly 18-40, this is serious business. Members of both sexes are seeking the very best DNA they can find to try and enhance their gene pools. At my age, I'm not sure any of us care anymore. I'm just looking for a gal with a set of jumper cables and a disability check. As I surf the web daily for hours at a time, I can't escape noticing the superficiality of our culture. When precisely did we turn into the slut fashion capital of the world? Did Madonna usher in this era? Is that her legacy? Will it ever go away? The flip side is here as well. Men like George Clooney and Brad Pitt. Not only are they good looking but they have money. If cleava

Does Anyone Read This Blog?

I started this blog sometime in 2009. At that time, I had just witnessed lame duck President George Bush, Hank Paulson, and Congress literally steal a trillion dollars worth of taxpayer money and deliver it to their banker friends. I was incensed when Paulson told Congress not to worry about who got what. Really. Except for some grumbling- people apparently didn't care. I was amazed. That's when I started this blog. I had just retired. I had been a cop and I know grand theft when I see it- even when the suspects call it something else. So I guess I've been writing here for 3 years. Tonight, loyal reader Fredd asks a fair question. Does anyone read this blog? And if they do- why don't they ever comment? A few commenters have told me that they have attempted to leave comments but were not able to do so. I restructured the commenting box- hoping that I had fixed the problem. That was months ago. When I went to the new flipcard system I went from 250 pageviews to 1500