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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Not Ready For Slime Time*Updated

By now you've probably read about "pink slime." This is the gelatinous ooze that is found in 70% of the hamburger sold in America.

I gotta tell ya. I was a little pissed off to read about that slime. Why? Because we pay billions for a Food and Drug Administration who I was under the impression- policed shit like this. And if not the FDA, what about the USDA?

So our government has criminally charged people for selling whole, unpasteurized, and safe milk. But grinding up God knows what and sticking it in our food- well that is apparently fine.

So in addition to getting gouged 5 bucks a pound for the worst, ground up pieces of a cow, they throw in what- veins, fat, ligaments, and what ever else...just exactly what are the ingredients in pink slime? The specific parts, please. Good luck finding that information because I can't.

I have a friend that has been buying commercially raised elk. No fat, hormones, no ground up hooves. Cheaper and a lot healthier. Just some food for thought.

*Safeway will no longer sell pink slime. I wish they had stores here.


Anonymous said...

I read an article that pink slime is the fat trimmings put in a centrifuge. The fat being less solid is spun off and what remains is " Pink Slime". They say its what gives the burger patties the adhesive to stick together. All the chains use it, the preformed frozen patties in the suppermarket have that content, and is used in all the food programs. Makes me wonder what they have done with the fat. After that article I have never eaten a burger in any fast food joint.

Brian said...

No shit. How much irradiated chicken can we eat? I tell you what. I've about had it with these slimy food preparers. I am gonna order an elk and have that butchered. Can't count on government to do anything.

In the words of my friend Robocop, "Fucking waste of money."

Anonymous said...

Have them add some elk fat at the 4 to 8 % rate to the burger. I do it with deer venison and it is delicious. You get low fat burger and you know what is in it. Ever thought about going out and drilling an elk yourself? Should be a no brainer in Idaho.

Brian said...

Yea, good point. I am just too old and lazy to drag one of those things off a mountain. I have done it a time or two. Maybe with a horse.

a911Chick said...

Damn, this site goes back and forth, will let me post, then won't............I don't think it likes me!!! But I will try not to take it personal..............anytime beef inards are washed with ammonia, it scares me, are we suppose to be eating ammonia????? I thought you cleaned windows with it................ hmmmmmmm