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Friday, March 16, 2012

Has Cancer Been Cured?

I am still pondering the link below. Is this true or is this some internet gibberish? I'm not sure because I am firmly in the camp that if a cure for cancer were found and greedy corporate America couldn't find a way to monopolize it somehow- they would bury it instead. Which is precisely what may have happened here.

There is something reprehensible about drug companies making vast sums of money at the expense of the sick and dying. The government and its cozy arrangement with the pharmaceutical industry is the very definition of crony capitalism. Wouldn't you just chuckle if the holy grail of medical cures were something so widely available that the oligarchy couldn't figure out a way too monopolize and steal us blind?

At any rate I stumbled onto this link.

Look, Frankenstein Government is still one of the best values on the web. Priced competitively. I do not push alleged cancer cures but here's a link  or two

* Update. Thanks for the following tip, Irish!
Here's a guy that initially says... this is all bullshit. Then he states, well maybe there is some truth to this. But it's his last paragraph that captures the essence of big pharma and government. Even if the stuff works, why would anyone initiate clinical or trial studies when there is no MONEY in it? No kidding and like a good English 101 paper, I will end this here.


Irish said...

Hey Brian, :)

Check this out, it was down in the comments section.

Needless to say I do agree with you, cancer is a HUGE business just like tobacco and alcohol it will never go away. Image like you said being able to eat some type of natural food and not get cancer, overnite BILLIONS of dollars would be lost.

Take care...


Irish said...

And if you like to read... this was back in 2007

Anonymous said...

The collective thought in Brians article and "PISSED" response are on the right track.
I found this on an alternitive news blog a few days ago and saved it for a freind.
The treatment and cure for cancer has been around for a long time. Watch the video, it is 90 minutes in length and well worth anyones time who has an interest in the truth.

Double D

Anonymous said...

Pissed, your link to wiki is for dichloroACETIC acid which is very toxic. The cancer one is dichloroACETATE, much different. The wiki article needs to be updated by whoever wrote it. has all the news videos on their site, its pretty compelling information.