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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Boobs, More Boobs, and Money Worshipping Boobs

I have been going through this prolonged period of my life which is most commonly described as being "single." This is that period of time in your life when you think you want some sort of relationship with a member of the opposite sex, you find it, and then realize you don't want it.

During the procreation years, roughly 18-40, this is serious business. Members of both sexes are seeking the very best DNA they can find to try and enhance their gene pools. At my age, I'm not sure any of us care anymore. I'm just looking for a gal with a set of jumper cables and a disability check.

As I surf the web daily for hours at a time, I can't escape noticing the superficiality of our culture. When precisely did we turn into the slut fashion capital of the world? Did Madonna usher in this era? Is that her legacy? Will it ever go away?

The flip side is here as well. Men like George Clooney and Brad Pitt. Not only are they good looking but they have money. If cleavage and boobs attract men, then looks and money surely attract women.

So when we boil down the accoutrements, we find that our culture has an extensive and exhaustive list of obsessions and wants. I have placed them in alphabetical order.

Boobs, maybe fame and looks, and certainly money. That's it.

It's not that I am against boobs and money, I'm really not, it's just that I'd like to think that there is more to American life than those two things. Boobs and money never dominated the top of my wish list...but I know quite a few people who worship those things. I have to tell you... we may have had a serious dumbing down in America. Television, print (magazines), and web homepages. Let's show some cleavage, some boobs, some celebrities and their big homes. I find it all quite nauseating.

Really? This is what we prize and value?

If I never saw that idiot Kardashian or her family family again in my life- I would be fine. Or any other number of slutty and self absorbed socialites and singers. Lady Gaga? Twenty million people are following her on twitter? I listened, just once, to Lady Gaga on some late night show. I am not sure that I can precisely describe what she said or how she said it. I will call it flip, smug, and self absorbed. Everything she said that night was something designed to be glib and cute. Lady Gaga may have ushered in the end of times.

Just as I was working on this rant, this piece popped up.

Seems one other guy has noticed our national fascination with idiots. Isn't a culture supposed to advance, evolve, get more intelligent over time? What happened to ours?


Fredd said...

Brian, watch the movie 'Idiocracy,' and this will answer your last question in your piece.

No, we're not advancing, we're declining.

Anonymous said...

In my sixty years, I've learned that the best nooky you ever had wasn't worth half the crap you had to put up with to get it. I now have a cat and if the worst I have to deal with is an occasional hairball, no problem.

I surf the interwebs and fashion tinfoil hats (according to my friends and co-workers.) And I pretty much leave everyone alone as that's the response I'm hoping to get in return.


blurred said...

Do yourself a favor and only watch the Idiocracy trailer, that's the good part of the

Our celebrity culture is garbage and food for the zombies.
Remember when Princess Diana died and everybody cried? Born with a silver spoon in her mouth and living the most privileged life on the planet...what a shame. :lol:

A few days later, Mother Theresa died, and hardly a mention of it.
Mother Theresa spent her entire life helping people.

I'm convinced that people who adore celebrities are mentally ill. Being born into privilege and luxury is not exceptional, it is simply fortunate. Those who look up to Paris Hilton, The Kardouchians, etc are losers.

MLK said it best in reference of man being judged on the content of their character.
For the most part this is what people have control of.
I find it hilarious that all of these "pretty celebrity people" consistently crash in and out of relationships and lead lives of turmoil.

Lets get back to looking at people for who they are, not for superficial outward appearance. Some of the ugliest people I've ever seen turn heads in a mall. lol

Anonymous said...


Must agree with you here, and the other commenters.

Now that my eyes are open I regret bringing children into the world.

My Ex. left me for the idiocracy, the shallow banal culture you describe, and found loser boyfriends and a lower standard of living. Go figure.

Stop the world and let me off.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Irish said...

Brian... there are good woman, partners, friends out there. It just takes time. I only have one or two friends that are happily married. The rest, including me are not. Change is coming. I plan to live on my own and date. Every so often I will trade in like a lease.

I also agree that our society is enamoured by hollyweird and sports figures. Those shallow ones will be culled from the herd when the turmoil hits. You and I both know that.

Don't get discouraged. Things will get better :)

Anonymous said...

Brian~As I go through my dating quest, I am not looking for a man with looks or money. A pretty face can be dumber than shit, and money, been there, had the best, and it didn't make me happy-I realized it was just stuff~it can't bring happiness. I would rather date a troll with a mind like a steel trap-who makes me think, a wicked sense of humor which makes me laugh out loud, and just enough money to take me out for a burger or a ride in the fresh air. Someone who keeps me curious about life. My laundry list has definately changed with age-you just have to find someone with existing similar things in common, who is willing to put in the time and effort to get to know you. Finding love is like finding shoes. People go after the good looking ones, but they end up choosing the one they feel comfortable with. 911Chick