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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Obama, Willing To Try Anything in Desperate Re-Election Bid, Releases Strategic Oil Reserves* Updated

This story is just breaking now. From Reuters.

Obama is simply the slimiest politician I have ever seen. Gawd we need to send him back to Chicago, Indonesia.

*Update. Oil price- already vastly over priced- simply yawns at the big bilateral oil sale. Futures flat. Seems everyone likes the extra dough and Obama finding out just how important he really is.


Jim at Conservatives on Fire said...

When is this debt bubble going to burst so we can get started rebuilding this country?

Anonymous said...

Same people who give us the candidates gave us Obama. You hate him so but he's just pushing along the MONEY TRAIN. Next stop - a second term. Get over it. This is not REALLY a democracy.