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Monday, March 12, 2012

The "Sixteen For One" President

I see that El Presidente' has now blocked a voter registration law in Texas. This oppressive law is designed to do two things which El Presidente' hates. 1. It is designed to prove who you are. 2. It does this in an attempt to weed out non-citizen or illegal alien voters, people who are disqualified due to foreign status. Folks just like our President.

For years, as I was looking at the criminal history of illegal aliens and or other criminals, I would very often see multiple social security numbers for the same individual. This is a direct result of using what ever number pops into your head as you fill out some common but required document, say for food stamps or for foreign aid, forever linking that number to your name. Maybe on a document requesting entry into a California college. That is the history of social security numbers or more precisely- why you might have multiple numbers attached to one man. As most legal citizens can attest to, we have filled out a shitload of documents asking for our social security numbers over the years. Those of us with only one legal number, like me, used the same number over and over again. To fill out things like draft registration cards. Thus there is only one number assigned to my name.

Many folks, those without an assigned number, just picked random ones and wrote them down. They don't care. It's not like you are going to be elected President of the United States... for hells' sakes.

Here's a great read on El Presidente's 16 social security numbers.

You thought you elected one man. You got sixteen. 

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Jim at Conservatives on Fire said...

I lost my SS card over thirty years ago and never replaced. No one ever ask to see and I memorized the number when I was sixteen.

I believe Obama was selected to become president a long time ago. If he is reelected, we are truly screwed as a country. He is the only reason I will vote for whoever the stupid Republicans put up.