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The Twilight Zone on Blogger The latest. The whole blog is now MIA. Don't bother with the link. I am starting to get nervous. A few months ago, I started writing the Lunatic Fringe. Yesterday, I couldn't log into the account. It was like it disappeared. I signed out of everything, used the proper email and password and nothing. It said my account didn't exist. I've spent an hour or so trying to log on and I can't. I have two other blogs and I could sign into both of those, but Lunatic Fringe, nyet. The last article I wrote, "Teleprompter Jesus" is still up. It is a fairly scathing piece, as many of mine are, about our Marxist in Chief, President Obama. That the site has essentially been disabled has me a little nervous. I tried to get on to write a piece on Obamacare. It has recently come to light that on next year's tax forms, every American receiving health care insurance will have to pay taxes on the benefit- maybe. I am trying to verify