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Friday, May 21, 2010

The Twilight Zone on Blogger

The latest. The whole blog is now MIA. Don't bother with the link.

I am starting to get nervous. A few months ago, I started writing the Lunatic Fringe.
Yesterday, I couldn't log into the account. It was like it disappeared. I signed out of everything, used the proper email and password and nothing.

It said my account didn't exist. I've spent an hour or so trying to log on and I can't. I have two other blogs and I could sign into both of those, but Lunatic Fringe, nyet.

The last article I wrote, "Teleprompter Jesus" is still up. It is a fairly scathing piece, as many of mine are, about our Marxist in Chief, President Obama. That the site has essentially been disabled has me a little nervous.

I tried to get on to write a piece on Obamacare. It has recently come to light that on next year's tax forms, every American receiving health care insurance will have to pay taxes on the benefit- maybe. I am trying to verify this. And every American is also required to file a 1099 anytime 600 bucks or more changes hands.

Both of those items were "slicked" into the bill. Democrat legislators failed to mention that. Because if they had, it would have stopped the legislation dead in it's tracks. It would also have led to one of the greatest upheavals in mid term elections- perhaps ever.

Now I know they passed a bill that allows Obama to regulate the internet essentially as he sees fit. Now all of the sudden, I can't sign onto the Lunatic Fringe?

I am sure there is a rational explanation. Really. I gotta run, there is a big fat man named Alfred at my door with a crow on his shoulder...