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Launching the Good Friday HuffPo Attack*Updated

Every once in awhile, I launch a counterattack. Two days in a row. I like Sarah Palin. Not enough to vote for her, but there are plenty of things to like. I think what I really like most about Sarah is that the moonbats and statists hate her so much. This is what I know about Sarah. She is very attractive. She has a birth certificate, an Idaho one. She is not a Muslim nor did she attend school in Indonesia. She was not raised by the parents of Weather Underground supporters. She has never claimed that there are 57 states nor does she say things like "punching above their weight." I'm not sure Sarah, in all of her alleged stupidity, has ever told the unelected Supreme Court that they don't have the right to review an unconstitutional law and toss it out. She's so stupid, she probably thinks that nullifying shitty laws is actually the job of the court. So today I spotted another "hate Sara

Frankenstein Government Readers Shame Moorhead Police Into Returning 12K

The Moorhead, Minnesota police department has decided to do the right thing and return the 12k tip a waitress received and turned in to police. The original story ran today and I followed that story up with the "Let No Good Deed Go Unpunished" blog complete with email addresses for the Moorhead City Manager and Police Chief. Personally, I don't know if we had any impact at all. But since I own bloggertown- that's my story and I'm going with it. Sweet.

Frankenstein Government, Off Meds, Warring With Moonbats on Huffpo*Updated

Normally, I just don't read Huffington Post. I can't stand the idiots who lurk there. Mostly statists, moonbats, atheists, and flaming liberals. However, nothing pisses me off more than Obama's war with Arizona. Whether Obama and Holder are getting ICE agents killed in a covered up Fast and Furious scandal, ignoring immigration laws and suing Arizona for passing state laws- it just doesn't matter. Color has nothing to do with it. Obama is not a good guy. Period. I know who the villians are. Hint- it ain't Arizona. So I get a little peeved when Obama and the bullies start the ridiculing Alinsky tactics now that Sheriff Arpaio is looking into Obama's murky past. Those missing and doctored documents. Just where is that selective service draft registration card? I too, would like to see that. So here's the latest. And the comment thread. I should try to teach pigs t

"Let No Good Deed Go Unpunished"

A waitress in Minnesota, a mother of five, receives a 12, 000 dollar tip. Acting responsibly, probably due in part to telling her co-workers, she calls the local police and turns the money in. They of course seize the money. They promise to return the money after 60 or 90 days. That time has passed and now they are refusing to return the money. Assuming money is drug money? How do they know that? Even if it is drug money- what right do they have to seize it? I've got an even better story than this one- but it turned out differently. It's probably been 10 years now, but I received a call from a local grocery store manager one day. According to him, two young people (20's) came in to the store and bought a case of beer. They handed the clerk a 1908 St. Gaudens gold double eagle as payment. The clerk had never seen anything like that so she called the manager. The m

Frankenstein Government, Incredibly Handsome, Just As Cursed As Samantha Brick

It's tough being so handsome. It's been a terrible burden all of my life, but mostly I have just internalized my feelings and tried to "gut" it out. George Clooney, Brad Patt, and me.  Thank gawd for Samantha Brick. Finally someone has mustered up the courage to talk about the visual debauchery of our society and their willingness to shower beautiful people with attention and gifts. You ugly bugglys may think it's all fun and glamorous but being this good looking takes a huge emotional toll on us. Being gorgeous is a curse. I wouldn't wish this on anybody. I can't begin to tell you what it's been like. Young girls staring at me and smooching on me since grade school. In high school- it got worse. Girls were fondling and groping me. Young girls removing their clothing in my car. Fighting over me at parties. Older women, teachers too. In

A Politician Will Lay Down Your Life For His Country

I could never understand why the best people in my community hated politics. The answer was simple. Good people do not crave power or recognition. When we finally managed to attract one very decent and selfless individual, a man who became Mayor,  he absolutely detested the job. Only ego maniacs need apply. Thus it seems, politics attracts the worst of us. More funny quotes. * If God wanted us to vote, he would have given us candidates. ~Jay Leno * Politicians are people who, when they see light at the end of the tunnel, go out and buy some more tunnel. ~John Quinton * Politics is the gentle art of getting votes from the poor and campaign funds from the rich, by promising to protect each from the other. ~Oscar Ameringer * I offer my opponents a bargain: if they will stop telling lies about us, I will stop telling the truth about them. ~Adlai Stevenson, campaign speech, 1952 * Don't vote, it only encourages them. ~Author Unknown * Those who are too smart to engage in

Will the Real Obama Ever Materialize?

I'm amazed he has lasted this long. Sooner or later- they're gonna get his ass. The greatest fraud ever foisted on the American people.  It's odd when you know something is wrong. Even when you lack proof. For me it started when the very first executive order Obama gave- was the one that sealed his personal records and data. Simply stated, Obama ain't who he says he is. He never has been. He is one giant fraud. You'll love the following link. Pravda is a better source of information than our own media. Proof here.

I Still Have An Idiot For An Editor

I've been working on a number of projects lately- some very good ideas. I have a fantastic book idea but quite honestly- the idea is better than my writing skills. I have been editing stuff for a couple of days and when I come here- I see more mistakes. I'll tell you one other thing from an editing point of view. It's a helluva lot easier to see someone else's mistakes. My editing proves two things. We make the mistakes we make because often we don't see our own mistakes- which is obviously true in this space. And...I still have an idiot for an editor. So I am going to try and find an "A" game. That is a level that I am not sure I have ever found. I may leave town for Montana. I feel like writing in an old creaky hotel. Maybe I can find an "A" game in the Finlen Hotel. Lindbergh stayed there. So did JFK. Ugh, even Nixon. During the past two weeks, I've had a difficult time posting stuff. You see, I am tired of writing about cro

Cyber Bullying Laws, Statism On Steroids

Arm the victims. If any of you have ever wondered how a person becomes a Libertarian, please read this latest insanity out of Arizona. Briefly, in the 60's and 70's when I grew up, we had bullies. Bullies have been with me all of my life. In fact, I expect bullies to be with us forever- despite these ridiculous laws. So clearly, laws cannot remedy every societal ill. You cannot lock up everybody for being an idiot. Idiots do not know they are idiots and even if they did know- they are too stupid to seek the solution. That's why they are idiots. Being an idiot is not a crime. Even though Arizona thinks that it is. The solution is not in investigating untold millions of would be bullies and censoring free speech. Society does not need to pay the price for what I am hoping is still a minority stake of idiots. The solution is in the spiritual education

Our Tax System Is a National Disgrace

Very often, I have written about how the rich and elite have managed to create the worst tax code the modern world has ever seen. Why? They want it that way. That's why it doesn't change. It seems other people, even billionaires, have figured this out as well.

The Gold Thread

I read for at least 3-4 hours each day. Often, I read the entire comment threads of subjects that interest me. The comment thread on a blog is the cumulative voice of like minded individuals excluding trolls and lunatics. Sometimes I stumble onto a comment that absolutely captures the essence of a subject. Central bankers hate precious metals. They cannot counterfeit gold and silver. Gold and silver represent real money - not the shit they print. So without further adieu, I want to present a comment I stole from Dave in Denver's blog, The Golden Truth. Buckler writes: "It is interesting that many of the same people who are now abandoning stock markets because of their 'volatility' over the last few years are the same people who become affronted at the slightest mention of the possibility of precious metals price manipulation. A moment's serious contemplation should make things clear. The precious metals and gold in particular have always been the 'alte

The World is Fat

My world anyway. A few years ago, I was sitting at a breakfast buffet in Branson, Missouri with my ex- wife. I had never seen so many fat people in all of my life. In fact, I did not see one person who I considered to be less than 50 pounds overweight in the entire restaurant. The restaurant was huge. Now to be sure, an all you can eat buffet is going to draw a skewed percentage of obese folks. I would expect the opposite effect in a health food store or farmers market. You wanna see something that will blow your mind? In 8 years, 75% of all Americans will be obese. Wow.

April Fool's Day Will Never Be the Same

As a young kid, I never missed a chance to pull pranks on my little sister. Her absolutely predictable behavior made April Fool's day a wonderful day. I guess my favorite prank was putting salt in the sugar shaker. The first year I did that, my sister poured her usual pound of sugar over her cereal and took a bite. She got this funny look on her face.  I saw her take a second bite, smacking her tongue, and then I watched as this nasty and contorted look overcame her. She proclaimed that the cereal was sour. By that time of course, I was laughing my ass off. I enjoy pranking people but getting pranked- not so much.  The absolute worst prank ever pulled on me was by my cousin Scott. In fact, it was nearly 40 years ago and just thinking about it- still pisses me off. After school, Scott and a friend (Kelly Kneivel, now that I think about it) were walking near St. Ann's church in Butte. Scott was holding a bottle of Mountain Dew. I should have known something was wrong when