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A Free Speech Eulogy- The Sunday Collage

We are gathered here today to recognize the death of one of our greatest freedoms- free speech. The Duck Dynasty debacle is just the latest in the leftist/media attack on anything they disagree with. Free speech once allowed us to converse like adults. We were not offended by opinions nor did we feel the need to personally attack someone who offered their opinion. We respected people who shared their opinions with us even when we disagreed. We did not feel "under attack" which is the common thread in today's dialogue. People voice their displeasure and often attack others for their opinions. This attack mentality is brought about by two things. Insecurity and intolerance. In short, today's culture takes everything personally. It demands that you agree with it or suffer the consequences. We can't talk about anything it seems- without offending someone. Either we have become the most insecure nation ever or perhaps and more likely, we have forgotten what