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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Donald Trump, Political Apprentice- The Sunday Collage

Prior to last year's election, I found myself arguing with a couple of Trump supporters. The Trump supporters had bought into the "Art of the Deal" mentality that Trump gets things done. They think, I suppose, that business triumphs translate into political triumphs. They are two entirely different worlds.

I knew this. But I also know that people don't like Donald Trump. His likeability index flat lined long ago.

So right after Trump gave Hillary another get out of jail free card, Trump set about the task of appointing his elite millionaire and billionaire buddies from places like Goldman Sachs to cabinet positions- solidifying more control for the aristocracy.

Then we had last nights- non vote- on the Obamacare repeal and replace. With republicans controlling both houses and the presidency, they can't even bring a bill to the floor for a vote. Much less pass one.

Why not?

Because people don't like Trump. His own party doesn't like him and when people don't like you- they will find ways to sabotage your efforts and make sure you fail. 

This isn't some business where you can control people and if they don't do what you demand- you simply fire them. These people are elected. They do not have to kiss President Trump's ass- and in fact- he's about to have his ass kicked a few more times. Because the politcos and stakeholders don't care about his success. The losers of course are American taxpayers- workers forced to pay for the healthcare needs of the McDonalds fed minions. 

In 2008, bankers received their trillion dollar bailout courtesy of Congress. So did health insurers. That's all the ACA ever was- transferring middle class income into health insurer pockets. Another bail out.

I don't think voters, or Donald Trump for that matter, knew how ineffective Trump would be as President. He is completely outside of his comfort zone. This ain't some construction company or silly television show.

Oh sure, the alternative was un-electable. I know. Her opponent called her a criminal and anyone with warm blood knows that statement is true. 

So now I hear next up is tax reform. Tax reform for who?

Do you know that Congress could pass a fair or flat tax in a matter of hours? Eliminate thousands upon thousands of pages of IRS regulations, substantially reduce the IRS, and put a million accountants out of work?

Normally they might call that kind of situation a win-win. It makes too much sense. Yet, it will never happen. 

The aristocracy in this country have a tax structure that they bought and paid for via campaign contributions and other juicy deals and loans made over the last 40 years. There is not a snowball's chance in hell that the puppets of Congress are going to pass any real reform that helps individual taxpayers like myself. At their expense. They may bail out some rich folks, maybe a corporation or two, but if you think they are going to help you out Mr. Working Stiff, think again. Someone has to pay for all that free shit and it ain't going to be Warren Buffet or Mark Zuckerberg. Or General Electric. Or Donald Trump. Or all of those deep state bankers now embedded in Congress and government.

Here's a universal truth. People like and help nice people. If you aren't a nice guy, then the world isn't particularly motivated to come in and help you succeed. Trump doesn't have the emotional skill to change his likeability. He thinks he's gonna bark orders and get things done in a world full of people that want him to fail.

The next episode of Donald Trump, political apprentice, will begin in a couple of weeks. I am expecting the same level of success for tax reform that we saw with health care reform. At least we know now that even his own party will throw him under the bus- which is not exactly a formula for success.

Post Script. On 04/06/2017, we learned that Congress is no closer to tax reform than the repeal of fact they is further off. Tax reform in the form of a 3 tiered, no deduction, fair tax could be accomplished in an afternoon. It will never happen- our government masters will see to that.