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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Has It Always Been This Way?- The Sunday Collage

*Update on USAF Tortures Old Civilians. I am currently playing phone tag with Mountain Home AFB. I told them that I would most certainly meet them mano a mano if they'd like. So still no resolution. In the meantime, there is not a chance in hell that I will deliver a Pop Tart to an air base resident. I would rather watch paint dry.

If you need any sort of refresher on just how corrupt our system has become, read this link. If you finish it, in it's entirety, and you are not completely sick to your stomach- you are tougher than me. I spent this afternoon reading the piece and verifying some of the statements. I knew some of them were true.

Without a doubt, 4.5 trillion in stimulus (counterfeiting) found it's way straight into the stock market- that's what has caused the market to triple from the March '09 lows.

Did we pay down debt? Nope- in fact it has gone up 8 trillion. Did we create quality jobs? Nope- the job market was stripped of quality pay, benefits, and jobs were shipped off shore. Did the rule of law get implemented, did the banker crooks go to jail? Nope- the government pretended nothing happened. They haven't even changed accounting standards or filled those vacant properties.

You know those doomsday preppers? The ones people make fun of? They may get the last laugh and that will be the laugh that counts.You might like this vid. I know the compleat patriot will.

I am seriously getting nervous. I have this uneasy feeling- like things are about to go bat shit crazy.

I believe that our economic system is so corrupt from top to bottom that I think it must eventually collapse. I cannot think of any way to fix it other than simply destroying it. How do you pay 18 trillion in debt when allegedly- more people are supposed to be working and paying taxes than ever before- and yet we are still running 1 trillion dollar annual deficits? Our country's citizens are absolutely complacent and apathetic- they have normalcy bias. They just think this is all so much bullshit. Just like all those people did just before the stock market collapsed in 1929.

The difference in 1929 was that our country had the capacity to come back with no debt. Of course they seized our gold and eventually started WWII. So there are those little glitches.

(Btw, have you ever noticed that whenever this country wants to nullify some item in the Bill of Rights, the first tool they use is an executive order? Think gold seizures, Japanese Americans, or the Presidents Working Group on Financial Markets)

What's gonna happen this time and when is it going to happen? I'm not sure and oddly, those doomsday preppers don't seem all that crazy to me anymore. I've been taking a long look at nitrogen packed foods, storage containers, and some defensible ground. Given the circumstances, the next collapse may make 1929 look like a holiday.

What I am struggling with is this. Has our country always been this bad? Have we always been this corrupt and greedy or have I just noticed it during the last 6 years? Or is there a much simpler explanation? As people age, they always seem to think the world is going to hell. That's been my observation. I have never heard an older person say that things are getting better.

Maybe it's a rite of passage. Maybe it's simply my turn.