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Has It Always Been This Way?- The Sunday Collage

*Update on USAF Tortures Old Civilians. I am currently playing phone tag with Mountain Home AFB. I told them that I would most certainly meet them mano a mano if they'd like. So still no resolution. In the meantime, there is not a chance in hell that I will deliver a Pop Tart to an air base resident. I would rather watch paint dry. If you need any sort of refresher on just how corrupt our system has become, read this link. If you finish it, in it's entirety, and you are not completely sick to your stomach- you are tougher than me. I spent this afternoon reading the piece and verifying some of the statements. I knew some of them were true. Without a doubt, 4.5 trillion in stimulus (counterfeiting) found it's way straight into the stock market- that's what has caused the market to triple from the March '09 lows. Did we pay down debt? Nop