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Hammer and Scorecard: This Is How the Election Was Stolen

Today, I'd like to offer up an explanation for what happened this week and how. I make no apologies for telling it the way that it is. I can do that because I have no employer and I have never accepted a dime from advertisers. My speech, is the free speech defined in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. The democrats have given us a low IQ dementia suffering President who has never accomplished anything and a somewhat black sidekick that former President Obama drools over. Fifty years of useless, bribe receiving public service with a drug addled kid and a woman who clearly knew how to use her vagina to receive any number of appointments by Mayor Willie Brown and his political machine. This is who is going to lead our country. It's hard to conceal my excitement. Months ago I looked into the life of Kamala Harris and her affair with Willie Brown. I had also attempted to find out just who in Ms. Harris' life had contributed any black genes. It was so incredibly important for t