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Saturday, November 7, 2020

Hammer and Scorecard: This Is How the Election Was Stolen

Today, I'd like to offer up an explanation for what happened this week and how. I make no apologies for telling it the way that it is. I can do that because I have no employer and I have never accepted a dime from advertisers. My speech, is the free speech defined in our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

The democrats have given us a low IQ dementia suffering President who has never accomplished anything and a somewhat black sidekick that former President Obama drools over. Fifty years of useless, bribe receiving public service with a drug addled kid and a woman who clearly knew how to use her vagina to receive any number of appointments by Mayor Willie Brown and his political machine. This is who is going to lead our country. It's hard to conceal my excitement.

Months ago I looked into the life of Kamala Harris and her affair with Willie Brown. I had also attempted to find out just who in Ms. Harris' life had contributed any black genes. It was so incredibly important for the left to select a minority ticket, qualified or not, that I began to investigate her life and qualifications. That's when I stumbled into report after report of her multi year affair with Mayor Brown. Harris had received several appointments and had the backing of Brown's extensive political machine in California. Her wikipedia entry has now been scrubbed and replaced so nicely that you won't even find Mayor Brown's name mentioned. These things always make sense.

The election circus is now grinding into phase two. We are now finding that vote counting software entitled "Dominion" is being used in 30 states to count votes. The software is not just "glitchy" as reported by the media and minions- it is simply corrupt. It is used in every swing state (30 total) including every state that President Trump lost during the week. Maybe the best link of the day.

Then there's this. Hammer and Scorecard. Software designed by the CIA which can steal votes in an undetectable fashion.

My phone this week has been eerily silent. My friends, virtually all card carrying conservatives, haven't called. My FB account has hardly been viewed. Only the hard core conservatives stop by and render a like here and there. Yes, politics in America sucks. I think my friends have been left gaping. We all went to sleep Tuesday night with a big lead- and woke Wednesday to find that somehow- that lead had vanished in virtually every state that was left. The swing states.

We knew we had been screwed once again by the liberals but how? The general consensus was that most of the damage was done by absentee balloting. Damage was also done by postal employees back dating late ballots, ballot counters with no oversight, and the aforementioned "glitchy" software which in one county alone- reversed 6000 ballots and a Trump win- into a win for Joe Biden. Not to mention the potential use of Hammer and Scorecard.

Thus we see the sweeping integrity of the American people. Are these the same people who have whined about Russian election interference for four years? Holy shit. Putin's got nothing on this crew.

Which leads me to item last.

The divide in this country was not caused by conservatives. The divide in this country began when liberals stole our healthcare and financially screwed over the working class on behalf of the welfare class. We have yet to find relief- paying fines and ridiculous premiums.

So yes, I'm angry. I'm angry at a class of people who think nothing of screwing over our country, cheating, stealing, and rendering insults. Offering up a weekend at Bernie's candidate with the obvious Harris implications. But mostly, I am angry at the absolute lack of respect for our process. For four years I've had to endure the left's constant whine when in fact- most of them are far better off financially than they were in 2016. And they gave us this package of shit.

I'm not likely to get over this anytime soon.