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It's Time To Call a Convention of States

I am not sure that any of us can predict what set of circumstances must appear before calling a convention of states. It is part of our Constitution, Article 5.  In the past, Congress has somewhat routinely used Article 5 to propose and adopt constitutional amendments. However, there is also a provision which allows state legislatures to circumvent Congress. That is a convention of state legislatures. Incidentally, I believe it is the only way possible to impose term limits on Congress since there is virtually no chance they will ever impose term limits on themselves. The recently stolen election and the obstruction of any kind of investigation or quest for an accurate vote tally is the last straw. We already possess a Congress with the worst ratings in history. We have a SCOTUS that simply cherry picks what it wants to hear and what it doesn't want to hear and offers some weak excuse when deciding which cases they will find entertaining. Wouldn't any one of us love to dodge ev