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Friday, December 18, 2020

It's Time To Call a Convention of States

I am not sure that any of us can predict what set of circumstances must appear before calling a convention of states. It is part of our Constitution, Article 5.  In the past, Congress has somewhat routinely used Article 5 to propose and adopt constitutional amendments. However, there is also a provision which allows state legislatures to circumvent Congress. That is a convention of state legislatures. Incidentally, I believe it is the only way possible to impose term limits on Congress since there is virtually no chance they will ever impose term limits on themselves.

The recently stolen election and the obstruction of any kind of investigation or quest for an accurate vote tally is the last straw. We already possess a Congress with the worst ratings in history. We have a SCOTUS that simply cherry picks what it wants to hear and what it doesn't want to hear and offers some weak excuse when deciding which cases they will find entertaining. Wouldn't any one of us love to dodge every tough call or hot button issue knowing that our careers cannot be jeopardized? Our system of governance no longer represents "we the people" if it ever did. We can either intervene and attempt to stop this self serving behavior and make government accountable to us or we can continue to ignore it until we are faced with some variation of mob rule democracy, corruption, ridicule, and ruin.

 “On the final day of the Constitutional Convention in 1787, when our Constitution was adopted, Americans gathered on the steps of Independence Hall to await the news of the government our founders had crafted. They asked Benjamin Franklin, ‘What do we have, a republic or a monarchy?’ Franklin replied, ‘A republic, if you can keep it.’ 

Article 5 of the Constitution allows for a convention of state legislatures by a 2/3rds majority of states. The passage of any proposed amendment requires a 3/4 majority vote. It most certainly would have to be called by state legislatures. Drunk with power and terms that go on for decades, Congress no longer serves the people. It serves corporate America with their shills and lobbyists. Congressmen serve whoever promises the fattest campaign re-election checks. Term limits would have to have the highest priority with one very notable exception. The Constitution, the Bill of Rights and amendments must stay intact. Nothing gets removed or deleted. The convention of states' work is purely additive. 

There are many people, scholars and people far more knowledgeable than I, who think that once the convention is called- everything is on the table to include removing the Constitution. This can never happen. The Constitution is the lifeblood and history of America. However, I think it would be unrealistic not to admit that after 240 years worth of industrial expansion worldwide, immigration and population growth, and the general evolution of our culture- at some point we have to be willing to bring the outhouse indoors and change the plumbing. Our government needs some updates and remodeling.

There are many items to address. Term limits, campaign reform to include making lobbyists and bribes in the form of contributions and cushy jobs for family members- illegal.

The Federal Reserve "Bank"  and this ridiculous 28 trillion in debt which is never going to be repaid. That must be addressed along with a return to sound money.

This insane idea that we must carry on wars, wasting trillions and costing thousands of lives. The military complex in this country is a money sucking curse. I am sick of using our kids as cannon fodder so that we can continue killing and blowing things up in the name of whatever excuse is politically expedient. Self defense? Absolutely. Picking fights? Absolutely not. Our wars even need term limits.

We need to tackle health care. The ACA was nothing but a health insurance bail out. In it's present form, where absolutely nothing was reformed, it is the worst piece of legislation ever foisted on the American public. 

Elections. Good gawd. Can't we agree on one process in 50 states wherein everything is processed quickly and can easily be checked for accuracy? Is this some impossibility on par with colonizing Jupiter? Must we be ridiculed when we want to check accuracy?

I am also weary of our judicial system particularly at the upper echelons. I am tired of watching SCOTUS time and time again consistently vote for more government over reach. I am tired of watching the high court pick and choose what they will hear and what they won't. It's time to write a job description for these people to adhere to. While campaigning for the Affordable Care Act and lying to the country about health insurance premiums going "down" accompanied by a 2000 page bill no Congressman bothered reading- the democrats foisted this unread monstrosity with penalties on middle class America. Obama never, ever, referred to the Affordable Care Act as a tax. He chose his words very carefully. Our last hope was SCOTUS. Justice Roberts, knowing there would be no appeal of his tie breaking vote, and certainly not concerned with job loss or even a reprimand, cast his vote for the ACA and justified his decision by calling the bill a tax. That was the last straw. They conned and lied to us to sell this terrible bill and then called it a tax at the SCOTUS level to justify it's passing. The errors, omissions, and outright fraud used to pass the ACA should have rendered it dead on arrival. Five justices voted for that garbage.

That was the day I learned to hate SCOTUS. I realized that they could justify any position that they wanted. I'd already seen the Citizen's United decision where they rationalized that limiting corporate funding of campaign ads somehow violated the First Amendment which was a ridiculous stretch of imagination. Al Capone was a piker compared to these thieves. Al never had the benefit of some ruling body sanctioning his deeds. 

These are just a few issues. I'm sure we can think of many more items from pandemic response to installing budget limits and deadlines that will be published and enforced. No longer playing kickball with budget deadlines and the accompanying political nonsense.

For years I have read a constitutional scholar who is very adamant that she does not want a convention of states fearing that they will destroy the Constitution in the process. I have agreed with her up until this latest election fiasco. If we have no process of safeguarding a system and seeking the truth in something as simple as counting and verifying votes then we have no business pretending we have a republic where the rule of law is subjugated by political parties and petty tyrants in every state. People can't even cast a ballot without fearing they are wasting time and thus, will simply quit voting altogether.

One last thing for folks to consider. If we wait 10 years- the mob rule liberals will have an even larger stranglehold on the states than they already have. We employ due process, negotiation, and revision. That is the fair, peaceful way to resolve conflict. We have a rule of law in America. JFK once said, "Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try." Kennedy also said, "Those who make peaceful resolution impossible, will make violent revolution inevitable." If plan A fails, then it's time for plan B.

It's time we remove our consent to be governed.

If we don't bring about an intervention with serious changes now- then all that remains is mob rule democracy with it's associated chaos, rigged elections, repressed first and second amendment rights, illegal seizures, bad rulings, and more government enslavement. The founders included Article 5 for a reason. Things change. This is how you keep a republic.   

Breaking news 12/19. Attorney Lin Wood calling Justice Roberts corrupt.