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The Big Ugly is Here- Living Through the Law of War- A Must Read and a Must Watch

 For many years now, decades actually, I have had a friend named "Compleat Patriot." Compleat Patriot has tried to explain to me that the United States has been organized as a corporation operating under various forms of law. I must admit I have never fully understood what he has been trying to tell me.  Today I finally discovered what he has been trying to explain to me all of these years. My sister sent me a link. This makes sense. Please watch. 38 minutes. Clif High, Predictive Linguistics. Brighteon

87,000 IRS Agents Are Coming for You

 Let me introduce this topic with an IRS story of my own.  About 5 years ago, my wife cashed in an annuity that had reached maturity. It was a tax free annuity which was purchased with already taxed money. In other words, it was like a savings account where you deposit money and the only tax bill you receive is on the interest. About 18 months ago, I get one of those soft audit letters in the mail informing me that we owe 14 thousand dollars in back taxes and penalties. We did not report it as income because it wasn't. So then we have to dig out the 1099. In the box where tax amounts are written in, it says "no tax." I forward that to the IRS thinking that will be the end of that. About 3 months later, the IRS sends another letter. This is an agree or deny letter for 4000. The IRS says, you are right but you should have added it as income for the year. To that I replied, "If I close out a savings or checking account, do we list that as income as well?" This forc