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Obama, Heap Big Christian, Says No to Catholic Cardinal

Have always thought it odd that Obama was raised a Muslim yet went to Jeremiah Wright's Church of Christ. Jeremiah says Obama only attended for the purposes of political expediency and acceptance. Of course, that makes sense. Don't we all attend church to make it appear like we are God fearing Christians? So not surprised to see the Food Stamp President turn down an offer from the Cardinal.

This Is How Mitt Romney Cheats- An Effective 13%*Updated Tax Rate on 250 Million

For the record, I detest both the Democratic and Republican parties. I vote Libertarian. This fall I will be casting my vote for the only proven non professional liar or tax cheat. I will be voting for Gary Johnson. A guy with an actual track record of success. With a platform that doesn't change. People still believing in this dysfunctional two party system and thus voting for one of the two big party candidates- continue to support our national dysfunction. Voters do that when they mistakenly believe that they MUST vote for one of these two parties or their vote doesn't count. That type of pretzel logic leaves us mired in this eternal, political tar pit. We can never escape this two party hell until a majority of people wake up. It's like Sonny and Cher singing day after day in the movie... Groundhog Day. The song, "I Got You Babe" seems appropriately titled for the millions of voters who buy into this two party nonsense. Over and over and over. I don't

Local Politicians Every Bit As Reprehensible As The Rest Of Them

Most of the time, I focus on the reprehensible actions of our President, Congress, and their lap dog Supreme Court. Today I am going to post a nice little "screw you" from the Blaine County Commissioners to their electorate- representing my old hometown of "Moonbat Valley." Articles like this infuriate me. More on that in a minute. First, a little local background. In 1994, after citizens voted for term limits 4 times in Idaho and the Idaho Supreme Court upheld the law's legality- the Idaho State legislature  refused to enact the law. It was the most outrageous and arrogant act I have ever seen any legislative body engage in. A good analogy might be workers at a factory who while refusing to perform the work that they were hired to do and while engaging in that level of insubordination, manage to keep  their jobs while still collecting a paycheck.

Big Hairy Bumper Stickers- Magnetic

So appropriate. Big Hairy is one funny dude. Order here. Magnetic sticker - copyright Big Hairy News 2012

How's That Hope and Change Workin' Out For You?

Catchy tune. I think you'll like it.

Theft, The New Boise Business Model

Man, I get tired of fighting the thieves. It's like a full time occupation anymore. I have basic satellite service. It costs me 34.99 a month. Last month, out of nowhere, Direct TV jacked my bill up to 140.00. It was so ridiculous that I didn't pay the bill except for my usual 34.99. Then Direct TV had the nerve to bill me for a late fee. Of course all of this attempted thievery coupled with late fees by Direct TV ultimately made it necessary for me to call them and waste 1/2 hour of my life threatening to cancel the service. At the end of the day, my costs were restored. Late last week, it was the water bill. They love to gouge us during the summer. Bad. Standard watering in Boise, 45 min every other night, will easily cost you 100 bucks a month during the summer. So, I said screw it this year. I water for 2 hrs every seven days. That's it. Late last week I got my bill. Sixty six bucks which includes, get this, a 20 dollar "customer charge." So they have

Free Speech in America? Not in This Oklahoma School

So a valedictorian in Oklahoma used the word "hell" in her commencement address... The school's response to this egregious misconduct? Screw her, we will withhold her diploma. Maybe I'm just getting old and angry. My only wish,  is that I could be a graduating student at this school. I would walk into the school administrator's office and say, "How about handing over that diploma or... you and I dance, asshole?" When I was a kid, that's how disputes were settled. Somehow and sometimes, I miss the effectiveness and the quickness with which conflicts were resolved. Nowadays, they say that's not civilized or that violence doesn't solve anything. Bet me.  I have grown weary of a government that censures free speech for absolutely no other reason than to flex muscle. I have grown weary of a system that talks due process but never practices it. And I am sick of government officials behaving like this. That's why I started this blog, I

In America, We Can Still Dream