Monday, August 20, 2012

Free Speech in America? Not in This Oklahoma School

So a valedictorian in Oklahoma used the word "hell" in her commencement address... The school's response to this egregious misconduct?

Screw her, we will withhold her diploma. Maybe I'm just getting old and angry.

My only wish,  is that I could be a graduating student at this school. I would walk into the school administrator's office and say, "How about handing over that diploma or... you and I dance, asshole?"

When I was a kid, that's how disputes were settled. Somehow and sometimes, I miss the effectiveness and the quickness with which conflicts were resolved.

Nowadays, they say that's not civilized or that violence doesn't solve anything. Bet me. 

I have grown weary of a government that censures free speech for absolutely no other reason than to flex muscle. I have grown weary of a system that talks due process but never practices it. And I am sick of government officials behaving like this. That's why I started this blog, I guess.



Anonymous said...

The left demands tolerance but thet don't practice it.

Anonymous said...

Language is dependent on thought and thought is dependent on language, period (it's a symbiotic relationship in that one cannot exist without the other). By proscribing speech, the aim of the left is to curtail thought. I say screw the left. They can take a flying f**k at a rolling doughnut for all I care, them and their "political correctness". As the commentator above notes, they talk a good game on compassion, tolerance, inclusiveness and diversity, but show none of those traits when confronted with an opinion which differs from their own. Cowards and f**ktards, the lot of them.

Anonymous said...

Does not sound left to me. More like some right wing witch hunt. Consider the possibility. AE

Anonymous said...

But I agree with you all on the left overall. AE