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Something Wicked This Way Comes

I've traded stocks, bonds, and options most of my life. I've made money, lost money, lost money on crooked investments that the SEC failed to see or regulate. I've read hundreds of books, far more than any given Business or Econ major does in four years. What I want to tell you here is very important. The game is over. They are just sorting out the last winners from the losers. This isn't a doom and gloom piece from some maniac that knows nothing about money creation. In fact, if you ask ten people right now, today, how money is created- you will get ten erroneous answers. Maybe one person knows the answer. Maybe one person knows that money is created from debt. We are bankrupt. Our country is bankrupt. No amount of GDP growth can turn this battleship in a bath tub. And government shows no signs of slowing down- it has a voracious and undisciplined appetite. M3 money supply is cratering just like it did in the Great Depression. At the same rate. The last great concentra

Pure Insanity

Every once in awhile, I see something so insane that it simply blows my mind.,243604 Playing tennis with a 525,000 dollar watch on? Just what kind of an idiot needs a 525,000 dollar watch in the first place? What kind of ego requires that? I have to tell you. People have lost their minds. Just reading this story makes me sick and trust me, there will be idiots who actually covet morons like this. I always thought tennis was a chick's game, still do.