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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Censorship in America, the N.A.C.A., and Hating Trump

I started this blog back in 2009. Here I can say any fucking thing I want to. I don't have to worry about advertisers, liberal cry babies, or any other member of pussified America.

In the 11 years and 2000 blogs that I have written here- I have removed a total of 4 comments that were not ads or spam. They were vitriolic and hateful attacks directed at me. Nothing more. Had they attempted to make a useful point- I would have left them up.

Those are my "community standards."

In America right now- you simply have no right to any sort of thing resembling free speech. Content publishers are quick to point out that your right to free speech is only a contract between you and the United States Government as defined in the First Amendment. You have no right to free speech apparently where any third party content provider has established a comment section. Third party publishers are quick to remove anything that they don't like under color of "community standards" or any other arbitrary excuse they come up with. We are seeing this all over Facebook and Twitter. 

In reality- this is really no different than the small town newspaper publisher that edits or removes editorials written by members of the community for any number of reasons. We have always been at the mercy of who ever owns the printing press.

The first blog I was ever removed from was "naked capitalism." Yves or Susan Webber or whatever she goes by- became angry with me for arguing with her about Modern Monetary Theory or MMT. I had read a number of things, including a manuscript or two, by various people who had written pros and cons about MMT.

Ultimately, I had reached the conclusion that in theory- MMT might work but not in an environment where you were already 25 trillion in the hole. The MMT theory never took into account a pre existing debt level that was out of control. MMT was hatched on a zero balance sheet. It would not work any better than the trillion dollar coin nonsense hatched years earlier. Yves was a big proponent of MMT at the time and certainly was not going to argue with some knucklehead from Idaho. She was far superior to that. So after a few condescending remarks meant to shame me- she bounced me from her blog.

I never went back.

I have always been a daily reader of ZeroHedge but I suspected that the blog had been sold months ago. However, I cannot find anything on the web supporting my theory. ZeroHedge had always been fight club and billed itself that way with the Tyler Durden moniker. You literally could say anything you wanted there. Hate jews, gays, liberals, profanity. Anything goes. The comment section was lively and then- suddenly ZH started to crack down and ban commenters. Suddenly that all changed early this year.

I have now been banned twice. Once I suspect for profanity. The second time I called them cowards and boot lickers for catering, allegedly, to their advertisers who demanded more civility. I do remember them mentioning liability for hate speech directed at specific targets. This by the way, is bullshit.

I should also tell you that section 230 of the Communications Decency Act has been litigated and offers very broad based immunity to blog publishers and the like. In other words- there is no liability in a comment section and therefore any effort to say we could be held liable for what our commenters produce becomes fruits of the same bullshit tree. Here is the act for reference.

Yahoo simply disabled their comments earlier this year. I suspect there was too much support for President Trump and they were getting a lot of push back from commenters who hated their anti-Trump editorial pieces which they disguised as truthful reporting.

I got bounced from Facebook once and re-instated when it was found that my post was accurate regarding Benghazi facts wherein President Obama and his team of liars concocted excuses for failing to help Americans who died defending Benghazi. Of all the traitorous acts ever committed by a government- I consider none greater than Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama sitting idly by while Americans they employed and installed in Libyan posts were killed- two months before Obama's re-election. If you thought we were swirling the drain then- you might be right.

Nobody dared question the Obama God. 

I have also been removed from MarketWatch, which is another liberal hate Trump site. These "news" sources have all been under attack from Trump since day one. So trying to defend Trump and call out MW for their selective and quite obvious hateful rhetoric has gotten me bounced there as well.

My countrymen apparently have no problem with the arbitrary removal of comments and commenters. Often I read what they write and the very best minds grant them authority over their comment section despite the fact that section 230 grants them full immunity.

The over reach in this country has never been worse. We have employers policing the internet, disciplining and even terminating employees for expressing their views on Twitter, Facebook, You Tube. Blogs and corporate news sites remove your comments for no other reason than it disagrees with their position and they are not about to let you point out and criticize their opinions and content.

A lot of people think that our fractured America came about as a result of Trump. That's simply not true. I believe and this is my opinion- that America became fractured when President Obama and Congress stole our health insurance, our doctors, and handed us this ridiculous NOT affordable care act- read NACA for short. We all remember the lies. Your premiums will go down. You can keep your doctor. You can keep your plan. 

The NACA was passed in 2010 purely by democrats and signed into law by a democrat. It is without a doubt, the single worst piece of legislation ever conceived and written in America. That's what started all of this American fighting, nastiness, censorship, and hatred. The liberal bastards in America hate being pushed back. That's what this is really all about.

It all gets resolved in a couple of weeks. 

For me, I'm not voting. I can't get behind a government that can't defeat robocalling, 77,000 page tax codes, 26 trillion in debt, hyperinflation, or 1500 a month bronze health care plans. Sure, I am going to vote for more of this shit. No. 

I know most will disagree with me here and I am cool with that.

Sometimes, and I think this is one of those times, you simply have to close your eyes and let the waters do with you what they will. Trust the process. If we get Biden, so be it. We will be that much closer to the inevitable collapse and then maybe we can rebuild this country. Interesting times indeed.