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Censorship in America, the N.A.C.A., and Hating Trump

I started this blog back in 2009. Here I can say any fucking thing I want to. I don't have to worry about advertisers, liberal cry babies, or any other member of pussified America. In the 11 years and 2000 blogs that I have written here- I have removed a total of 4 comments that were not ads or spam. They were vitriolic and hateful attacks directed at me. Nothing more. Had they attempted to make a useful point- I would have left them up. Those are my "community standards." In America right now- you simply have no right to any sort of thing resembling free speech. Content publishers are quick to point out that your right to free speech is only a contract between you and the United States Government as defined in the First Amendment. You have no right to free speech apparently where any third party content provider has established a comment section. Third party publishers are quick to remove anything that they don't like under color of "community standards" or