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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hillary Is Again' Sexual Mutilation

I knew a toothless old timer that often said..." You are either for me or again me." Gawd I used to laugh when he said that. I have always been again Hillary. Hillary is again sexual mutilation.

Personally, I always thought that Chelsea came by way of immaculate conception or adoption but I imagine Hillary might have had sex once. Doubt she liked it much. Laughs at the link from Big Hairy.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Potheads Flying Cessna Are Greeted By Fighter Jets, Treasury Agents

Maybe President Obama placed an order for a little campaign trail chiva. Another odd story from the city, state that tends to generate oddball stories. This is what happens to potheads in Cessnas'

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Join Me In Suing the Federal Reserve Bank!

Courtesy of Patriot Storm.

Here's the sign up page.

Could this be some hokey internet scam? Sure. What's the worst thing that could happen? The worst thing that could possibly happen is that men dressed in black with helmets, flash bangs, and machine guns will burst through your door and drag you off to some hellish prison where you will die a horrible and miserable death due to lack of health care and shared suffering. Maybe some water boarding because that is legal.

But hey, you weren't going to live forever anyway, were you?

Here is a copy of the email it generated.

Congratulations, and thank you for joining PatriotStorm’s litigation as a Co-Plaintiff.

It is an honor to welcome you as the latest patriot seeking to abolish the Federal Reserve System and advance the cause of freedom in America as we remove the yoke of debt and the bondage it brings with it.
As soon as the attorneys in your area are ready, they will contact you to gather some additional information to learn more about you and complete your qualification status. Please be patient, this may take a while as the case is being prepared.
In the meantime please check back frequently at our Website at to see what's new; and tell all of your friends about this very important cause.
Also, if you would like to receive the latest breaking litigation news and to follow all of the behind the scenes action, subscribe to StormFront, our Members-Only insider news service that includes newsletters, email updates and breaking news flashes delivered right to your email. This is an excellent way to show your support; Memberships are only $10 per month.
Our success is dependent upon having as many people involved as possible. There is strength in numbers when it comes to deposing the Federal Reserve. If we stand united, we can defeat them and regain our economic freedom along with getting our country back.
We look forward to serving you,

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I Hate Pekingese*Updated

So I've got this friend, I'll call him Billy- because that in fact is his name. Billy absolutely refuses to date late 40ish or 50 year old women. This would not be an oddity except that Billy is not 30.

He is 52.

Now Billy and I are talking and mind you- this is Billy's conclusion. Not mine. This is some wild stuff. Get ready. Billy alleges that there is nothing more cynical, hateful, and judgmental than single women in their late 40's and early 50's.

Billy has made one other observation and he has a theory about women in this age group.

Billy's claim is that women in this age group usually have been married a couple of times and are divorced. Many are angry and bitter empty nesters. They generally hate men- but they are smitten with the idea of eternal love which has been thrust upon them by romance novels and movies. Unfortunately Billy concludes, they cannot find that elusive love nor can they make a man submit to them. Their tools are aged and their bottled up animosity leaks through. Henceforth Billy maintains, frustrated and jaded women settle on small dogs. These they can control. And since yielding control is approximately the same as love for many of these women... small, yappy dogs fulfill the same emotional needs that one finds in a Danielle Steel piece.

This includes dog breeds such as Shih Tzu, Bichon Frise, and Pekingnese. Deplorable creatures, all of them.

Billy made the small dog-hateful woman connection years ago. I had marveled at the observation. Like Billy, I had seen it but I simply didn't understand the parts. Billy unlocked that mystery for me.

Sometimes Billy says, you will find single middle aged women without small dogs. This can be tricky. During the initial interview phase which some men refer to as the coffee date, Billy says you should pop the question. Do you like dogs? If they have one of those deplorable little yappy dogs, they will drone on for hours about them. If they have a large or useful dog, Billy says they might be ok.

If they don't have a dog, ask them what breed they might consider.

To be safe, Billy just avoids the whole demographic. He will not date anyone over 40. I am a veteran of that older demographic. I am beginning to understand Billy's logic completely.

I know a couple of men with small dogs. I asked Billy what he thought about that and no sooner than I had finished asking the question... than Billy immediately got this puzzled, somewhat baffled look on his face. He said he didn't know what that meant. Other than receiving a small dog in some property split, Billy could not think of any reason why a normal man might own a small, yappy dog. Billy added that it didn't matter much to him anyway because he is not in the habit of dating men.

So I thought of Billy when they announced the Westminster Dog Show winner. A Pekingese. You just know the owner is a middle aged woman and the judge or judges are populated with middle aged women. Probably divorced. In fact here is a picture of two older women with a stupid looking dog. Note the absence of a wedding ring on the handler's finger.

Perhaps the government can fund a few studies or give some grant and research money to Billy and I so that we can attempt to prove or disprove the small dog-hateful woman theory. Until then, I think it is wise to follow Billy's advice. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

*Update. Apparently, there are other Pekingese haters. We are not alone. 

Odd that the press cannot spell the name right. See ^^above.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Now Even Math Challenged Liberal Media Types Calling BS On Obama Budget

In 2008, you would have thought Obama walked on water.

In 2012, even his liberal media supporters realize he is full of shit. Proof here:

Read the following 26 trillion debt figure and weep. That is the projection. Absolutely no attempt to stop spending. On the current trajectory- the debt will be more like 33 trillion. At 3 percent interest rates- our interest alone will be 1 trillion a year or 3 billion a day.

The budget shows a gross debt of $25.9 trillion by the end of the 10-year budget window in FY2022.  Rep. Paul Ryan, the chairman of the House Budget committee, called this "a recipe for a debt crisis and the decline of America."
"The broken promises and recycled gimmicks contained in this budget have dramatically widened this president's growing credibility deficit," Ryan said. "Our families, seniors, children and grandchildren deserve better than this reckless budget and this dismal failure of leadership."

St. Lukes Hospital, The Great Not For Profit Scam of the Century

Ranking near the top of all misleading titles, the Federal Reserve Bank is neither Federal nor does it have reserves. The name was designed to imply that it is operated by our government- which it is not- or we would certainly be entitled to audit it. The term reserve implies that the bank has dust covered trillions laying around just in case there is a bank run here or there. That also is complete bullshit.

Deserving a place in the misnomer hall of fame, comes the term "non-profit." Most Americans, when they see the term non profit, conjure up some thought of bell ringers outside of a Walmart store. Charities barely scraping by on subsistence wages, breaking even. That is also complete bullshit.

Here in Idaho we have the great St Lukes Hospitals. St Lukes calls themselves "non profit." St. Lukes has a hospital in Boise, a 16 million dollar hospital that was built for them by the rich and elite in Moonbat Valley, and they have opened up a hospital in Twin Falls the size of which can be seen by the naked eye from Jupiter. That thing is GINORMOUS.

All of this done of course, with non profit money. What does "not for profit" mean? It means simply that you must spend all of the money you make- rather than distributing it to shareholders. It is an I.R.S. term that allows "non profits" to make as much money as they want and not pay taxes. Non profits also get tremendous breaks on state and local taxes. In short, non profits are some of the most profitable companies on the face of the planet- because they do not pay taxes. Here is a slice from wiki:

United States

For a United States analysis of this issue, see 501(c) and United States Charitable Organization.
After a recognized type of legal entity has been formed at the state level, it is customary for the nonprofit organization to seek tax exempt status with respect to its income tax obligations. That is done typically by applying to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), although statutory exemptions exist for limited types of nonprofit organizations. The IRS, after reviewing the application to ensure the organization meets the conditions to be recognized as a tax exempt organization (such as the purpose, limitations on spending, and internal safeguards for a charity), may issue an authorization letter to the nonprofit granting it tax exempt status for income tax payment, filing, and deductibility purposes. The exemption does not apply to other Federal taxes such as employment taxes. Additionally, a tax-exempt organization must pay federal tax on income that is unrelated to their exempt purpose.[21] Failure to maintain operations in conformity to the laws may result in an organization losing its tax exempt status.
Individual states and localities offer nonprofits exemptions from other taxes such as sales tax or property tax. Federal tax-exempt status does not guarantee exemption from state and local taxes, and vice versa. These exemptions generally have separate application processes and their requirements may differ from the IRS requirements. Furthermore, even a tax exempt organization may be required to file annual financial reports (IRS Form 990) at the state and federal level. A tax exempt organization's 990 forms are required to be made available for public scrutiny.

So the other day, my doctor (who works for St. Lukes) finally put her foot down and essentially ordered me to come in for an office visit or she refused to refill my prescriptions. I avoid doctor visits like the plague because they cost a gawd awful amount of money. But being a hostage means that I was held for ransom by St. Lukes. We chatted for ten minutes. She palpated  my midsection because I thought I might have a hernia. I then left her office. Yesterday, I got my ten minute bill from the great non profit hospital. One hundred and eighty five dollars. That is about 1100 dollars an hour.

Eleven hundred dollars an hour, tax free. Holy shit. I need a gig like that. One hour a week.

Now think about an army of not for profit hospitals, lawyers, and accountants poring over the Obamacare bill. Ready to exploit every possible loophole, gouge the living hell out of taxpayers at about the same time- 30 or 40 million formerly uninsured people show up for economically procrastinated health care needs.

We are going to get our asses kicked. In fact, if Obamacare stands the liberal scrutiny of the Supreme Court this spring, I believe it will absolutely bankrupt our country. Which I see as a good thing. We can finally put the last nails in our financial coffins and get on with rebuilding our country.

All that a non profit has to do is spend it's profits on itself. Something like 34% of all money burned up by non profit hospitals is spent on administrative costs alone. In that regard, U.S. hospitals are far and away the world leaders when it comes to wasting health care dollars on non health care costs.

Next time you hear the term, "non profit" think about huge organizations like the Mormon Church building marble shrines or hospitals building Taj Mahal sized structures. Think about giant organizations not only pillaging the hoi polloi, but doing it twice by avoiding any tax costs. Think about hospital administrators making hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions a year.

Think about a ten minute bill for 185 bucks and know that after Obamacare is in effect, it will most likely double. I can't wait until the government just takes every thing we earn.

Now if you'll excuse me I have to leave to go to my part time job that pays 9 bucks an hour. I have to work 25 hours net of taxes so that I can pay my 10 minute clinic visit.

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Solution To Our National Problem...Quit Paying Taxes

I want to have a serious discussion about refusing to pay taxes and why that is the only solution that makes sense in our national economic malaise. Refusing to pay taxes is the only real way we can put an end to an irresponsible political class who absolutely refuse to stop bleeding us, borrowing and inflating our debt, and paying off their crony banker friends and the welfare class. An overview of the problem is in order here.

Each year, we borrow nearly 40% of what we spend. Our nation is bankrupt. We owe 16.2 trillion that we can never pay- a sum that your government will not stop trying to take from you. It has to increase. They will continue this madness until you do something about it. The largesse gathering welfare class now make more money not working than the working class does working. Here is a link to my friend Jim's site which restates this problem in more detail. He also provides links. 

About three years ago, I was listening to a You Tube video of Craig T Nelson talking on Glenn Beck's TV show...he was stating that he was considering not paying Federal taxes. I was absolutely shocked. Why? Because here was a man on national TV supporting a felony, tax evasion. And yet- it makes sense.

For the record. I have no problem with state or local taxes. My state/locality balances its budget.

You cannot vote these bastards out of office for two reasons. First of all, the largesse gatherers and the idiot voting class will  continue to over power the working class. We are out numbered and out voted.

Secondly, you cannot distinguish the good guys from the bad guys. Because at this time in our nation's history, the political class refuse to do the right thing and make the appropriate cuts. They are all bad guys. If they had any political will or courage- they would end this. But they do not. They are elite thieves. And the game is nearly over.

The only viable solution- the solution that each of us can do on our own is to starve the beast. That's right. Quit paying Federal income taxes. If you had a daughter ringing up a 100k dollar charge on your Visa every month that you could not pay- would you let her keep the Visa? Of course not. You would cut it up. Why then, do you continue to pay taxes to a government that spends 1.5 trillion more than they take in every year- year after year? A government that refuses to do a budget?

Because we are a nation of cowards. We are afraid. We are governed by a nation of bullies. They will threaten to put you in prison. They operate exactly like the mob. Pay their protection costs (taxes) do not question them or suffer the consequences.

Not paying Federal taxes is the only solution to our national problem. I know it sounds nuts. It is the only plan that you have control over, where you can make a difference. You will move from the bitching class to the action class. Can they throw millions of us in prison? Nope. The truth is, they can't even afford to run the prisons that they have- not that budgetary problems have ever been a big concern of our government.

Please consider what I have said. I will leave you with a You Tube video of Craig Nelson. The young kids who are broadcasting this and introducing the piece- call Nelson nuts. Of course they do. That is what normal people think when discussing tax evasion. However extraordinary times- require extraordinary solutions. That's how bad this has gotten. These kids don't want to emotionally grapple with the possibility that Nelson has the only solution. Which he does.

So what will not paying taxes accomplish? It will bring our government to it's knees. It will not be able to pay it's bills. Our pathetic leadership will know we are dead serious. Serious enough to risk prison. That's political courage. You must be the change you want to see in the world. The subtitle to this blog. Think about that.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

California Misses Revenue Estimate for January By a Measly 528 Million

The article from Bloomberg.

There are two tremendous bright spots for California.

The first is the stealth bailout package, or the 25 billion dollar mortgage settlement that allows all of the fraud committing bankers to get off the hook for peanuts. Four billion of that settlement will go straight to Los Angeles.

The Facebook initial public offering will offer an absolute tax windfall for California. Company insiders, like that schmuck Zuckerberg, may have to pay billions in taxes. Since he certainly qualifies as elite- on many fronts- he will be doing his damndest with an army of accountants charged to find loopholes and ways of avoiding taxes.