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Monday, February 13, 2012

The Solution To Our National Problem...Quit Paying Taxes

I want to have a serious discussion about refusing to pay taxes and why that is the only solution that makes sense in our national economic malaise. Refusing to pay taxes is the only real way we can put an end to an irresponsible political class who absolutely refuse to stop bleeding us, borrowing and inflating our debt, and paying off their crony banker friends and the welfare class. An overview of the problem is in order here.

Each year, we borrow nearly 40% of what we spend. Our nation is bankrupt. We owe 16.2 trillion that we can never pay- a sum that your government will not stop trying to take from you. It has to increase. They will continue this madness until you do something about it. The largesse gathering welfare class now make more money not working than the working class does working. Here is a link to my friend Jim's site which restates this problem in more detail. He also provides links. 

About three years ago, I was listening to a You Tube video of Craig T Nelson talking on Glenn Beck's TV show...he was stating that he was considering not paying Federal taxes. I was absolutely shocked. Why? Because here was a man on national TV supporting a felony, tax evasion. And yet- it makes sense.

For the record. I have no problem with state or local taxes. My state/locality balances its budget.

You cannot vote these bastards out of office for two reasons. First of all, the largesse gatherers and the idiot voting class will  continue to over power the working class. We are out numbered and out voted.

Secondly, you cannot distinguish the good guys from the bad guys. Because at this time in our nation's history, the political class refuse to do the right thing and make the appropriate cuts. They are all bad guys. If they had any political will or courage- they would end this. But they do not. They are elite thieves. And the game is nearly over.

The only viable solution- the solution that each of us can do on our own is to starve the beast. That's right. Quit paying Federal income taxes. If you had a daughter ringing up a 100k dollar charge on your Visa every month that you could not pay- would you let her keep the Visa? Of course not. You would cut it up. Why then, do you continue to pay taxes to a government that spends 1.5 trillion more than they take in every year- year after year? A government that refuses to do a budget?

Because we are a nation of cowards. We are afraid. We are governed by a nation of bullies. They will threaten to put you in prison. They operate exactly like the mob. Pay their protection costs (taxes) do not question them or suffer the consequences.

Not paying Federal taxes is the only solution to our national problem. I know it sounds nuts. It is the only plan that you have control over, where you can make a difference. You will move from the bitching class to the action class. Can they throw millions of us in prison? Nope. The truth is, they can't even afford to run the prisons that they have- not that budgetary problems have ever been a big concern of our government.

Please consider what I have said. I will leave you with a You Tube video of Craig Nelson. The young kids who are broadcasting this and introducing the piece- call Nelson nuts. Of course they do. That is what normal people think when discussing tax evasion. However extraordinary times- require extraordinary solutions. That's how bad this has gotten. These kids don't want to emotionally grapple with the possibility that Nelson has the only solution. Which he does.

So what will not paying taxes accomplish? It will bring our government to it's knees. It will not be able to pay it's bills. Our pathetic leadership will know we are dead serious. Serious enough to risk prison. That's political courage. You must be the change you want to see in the world. The subtitle to this blog. Think about that.


Anonymous said...

You do realize that they passed NDAA, right? It was nice knowing you!

Jim at Conservatives o Fire said...

Yep! You and I are definitely on the government's watch list now.


republicanmother said...

I said something similar after Obamacare passed in a chat room thingy at the other mccain. People acted like I was a tax cheat or something. I just referred them to the fact that if our government won't listen to us anymore and the ballot box doesn't work, what can you do?

Check out Harry's War on Netflix, which deals with this subject right on. The setting -an army surplus store..

Anonymous said...

Can they throw millions of us in prison?

They only need to throw a few hundred in jail and the rest will get terrified and run away.

This country is now overuled by complete pussification.