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King Putt Nominates Gun Grabbing Judge, Quelle Surprise!

I stole the quelle surprise line from Yves at naked capitalism. More on naked capitalism in a week or two. CNBC calls nominee "centrist." Carly Fiorina calls bullshit on live television and says he is the most liberal of the three potential picks. Reading a lot about Obama's Supreme Court nominee today, Merrick Garland. Now waiting to hear King Putt introduce the pick on television.. Chief Justice on the D.C. circuit court of appeals. He is a statist technician. A guy who would seek to expand federal power. Merrick Garland is another crafty Washington insider and of course- he has the mandatory Harvard indoctrination. (His undergrad degree was the highly sought after Sociology degree) They are calling him a moderate. At first blush he looks moderate but the truth is- he is a gun grabber and wants to revisit the 2nd amendment and overturn our Constitutional right to bear arms.