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Saturday, February 25, 2012

If You Aren't A Little Angry- You Might Be Brain Dead- A Cop Story

Years ago, I had an Aha! moment for the ages. I have to be careful because I don't want to embarrass anyone who was involved in this story and might stumble onto it here.

I was acquainted with a man that had four daughters ages 9 thru 15. I knew this guy only because we did business with him. I also knew his wife. In fact, his wife and mother of those girls would hit on various men at the gym until one day- she lured a man into a rather bizarre sexual tryst. Eventually in a divorce that became legendary to only those insiders who were aware of it- the man, his wife, her lover, and four daughters all between the ages of 9 and 15- found themselves living under one roof.

The situation, I understand, calls for further explanation. There was quite a bit of deception and money issues involved- so I am going to sum it up that way and keep it simple.

To call this situation volatile is an understatement. One morning, the jilted father/husband creature, was desperately trying to get to work on time. One of his chores each day was to deliver a couple of his daughters to middle school and then try to make it to work on time. He was having great difficulty with his job- for reasons completely related to having his wife screwing their new room mate and his daughters who refused to get up and get ready on time. He had already been warned, written up, and threatened with job loss and it's not like he was showing up to work with the best attitude.

Life is great isn't it?

So on this particular morning, his 2nd eldest daughter is dawdling along. She is screwing off and our man and jilted husband type- cannot light a fire under her ass. Eventually, this situation escalates as he pleads and she calls him a couple of choice and disrespectful names which leads to a severe slap on the side of the head. The slap causes enough swelling and bruising below her left eyebrow- that I am called to the middle school by a school counselor.

Once I arrive at the school, the school counselor explains what has happened. What this school counselor cannot possibly know is that she is speaking to one of the few human beings with complete inside knowledge of this family. And so it was, that the counselor wanted me to forthwith and with undue delay- go out and arrest this abusive father.

In fact, anybody with a brain might concur with the counselor. Unfortunately, I was not one of them and I was the guy with the badge. And worse yet- the guy with the bosses' badge. When I was less than enthusiastic about going to this guy's job and locking him up forthwith- you could see and feel the absolute disgust on the counselor's face. She was beyond angry, she was in a rage. And to her credit and under the circumstances- she did the only thing that made sense. Quietly and silently- she left the room. She did not answer or return one solitary phone call I made later. She never talked to me again. No kidding.

That woman's reaction to me is something that I have never forgotten and I mulled it over for years. It became a defining moment in my life. Why? Because I understood. What I didn't understand quite honestly, was how that counselor could control herself under the circumstances. Had roles been reversed- I'm not sure I could show the amount of restraint that she did. Not saying anything was the greatest statement ever uttered by anyone to me.

What I am saying is this. Not only do I understand her anger at me- but under the circumstances it was completely justified. In fact, she would not be worth a shit as a school counselor any other way. That she dislikes me to this day is also understandable. I am ok with that. The point of this story is that anger, perhaps even rage, can be a very useful tool under the right circumstances. It motivates and pressure tests us. Sometimes we crack like dad. Sometimes like the school counselor, we do not. And sometimes, the target of our anger is forced to reflect. I was the beneficiary of all those negative emotions that day.  Which is not to say- I didn't have a few of my own.

I translate all of that to the macro scale. I love to write about human emotion.

I have never seen our country so frustrated and angry as it is now. Divisive and polarized. I think this has to happen in order for us to get well. I see our collective anger at our worthless leadership as a good thing. That includes those liberals and moonbats that still can't get honest with themselves and admit they were conned by this administration. In fact politically, I still think our country has to get a little worse before it can get any better. It's just not bad enough yet.

Oh yea. So what happened?

I charged dad with injury to a child and he plead guilty. He lost his job and got divorced. His wife ran off with her lover but he dumped her. The kids are probably in their 30's. The school counselor never spoke to me again. That was a period of nearly 10 years- up until the day I fled Moonbat Valley.

Today, my life is serene. In part- due to people like that school counselor and in part because I don't have to participate in an occupation that frays my emotional weave every day. Oh... I still have a little anger which I see as a good thing. I wouldn't have it any other way. It's a necessary ingredient in my emotional recipe...things just never seem to improve without it.


Tee DuB said...

You had more than surface knowledge. I'm wearing those shoes today. Everyone's an expert at passing judgement. Having extra knowledge can result in heavier responsibility regardless of your involvement. Not fun. Hold True To Strong GOOD Values! Love ya! Tee Dub

Anonymous said...

Love the phrase~Necessary ingredient in my emotional recipe-what a way to express yourself, Friday! 911Chick