Monday, November 12, 2012

Quelle Surprise! SEC Decides Not To Charge JP Morgan Bankers

The crony capitalists are out in full force today. The SEC, the most spineless agency on the planet, ends another banking probe by not charging bankers. Instead, JP Morgan is going to pay another fine. A fine in all likelihood, comprised of the proceeds of taxpayers who bailed them out and continue to bail them out, courtesy of gawd knows how much in loans and currency debasement.


Anonymous said...

How long can this corrupt system of ours endure before it comes crashing down and the majority of us wake up to find ourselves living in Haiti-like conditions?

Anonymous said...

The bankers always win! I am getting sick and tired of it. The only way we could ever defeat the banksters is if we by some miracle elected a courages president along with a courageous Congress and before the Federal Reseve could monetize tha debat, this president would pick up his red telephone and make a conference all to all the other important heads of stste and tekk them what he was going to do and suggest that they do the same. Renounce all debt. Period! the Banksters would be ruined and we would be free of them for a decade or two before they tok over the world again.