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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Obama's Arrogance Truly Knows No Limitations

Electing Obama has been such a disaster on so many fronts. Not only was he completely inept and incapable of meaningful "public service" but he is a complete narcissist. That wouldn't be so bad normally except that this asshole is like a narcissist on steroids. 

The dude is incapable of any, I mean any, rigorous self honesty. He does not have any.

He loves to make recess appointments of nefarious characters for reasons unknown except to him. By making recess appointments of dubious people- the American people have no means to question the integrity of these individuals- and thus the whole Senate confirmation process is avoided. This time I think he is doing it out of anger. Like a little boy throwing a tantrum. The intent of recess appointments originally was to make them when absolutely necessary to keep government running while Congress was in recess.

Not to piss off the opposing party. Obama pays little attention to the intent of the law.

Mitch McConnell calls Obama's latest recess appointment "unprecedented." Where the hell has McConnell been? He's been doing this for years.

To be fair, Obama has made far fewer recess appointments than his predecessors. I am going to include this "everything you ever wanted to know about recess appointments" link here:

More significant than recess appointments- has been Obama's appointment of Czars. In three short years, Obama has appointed more Czars than anyone else including two term Presidents. Regular readers will note that Bush (I am no fan) was no stranger to Czar appointments either.

Deep down, Obama is simply a scared little boy. He really doesn't know what the hell he is doing but that doesn't stop him from doing it. I think the only real skill Obama has mastered is the art of deception. He does what he wants to do. That's why many members of his cabinet have departed. The remaining ones couldn't get jobs at car washes.

I would love to see Obama try a desert survival exercise or similar test all by himself. He couldn't survive a day or two. After all, when you are the smartest guy in the room, why do you need another opinion?

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