Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Obama Asks, "Is That Who We Are?"

Each and every time I hear Obama talk about budget cuts- he talks about "tough choices." He loves to use the rhetorical phrase, "Is that who we are?" when he talks about these things. He said that again in today's speech.

Let me explain "Who we are."

We are debt slaves at this point. It doesn't matter anymore- this question of, "Who we are or what we believe in." It is irrelevant. You see, we can believe passionately in any number of things, health care for the elderly and poor, social programs, wars, left or right belief systems. All of that shit gets tossed out when you can't pay for it. It's that simple and anything else is wishful thinking. That is the harsh reality.

Obama still hasn't figured out that the rats left the ship before he climbed aboard.

Just once, I'd like to respond to Obama's rhetorical question, "It doesn't fucking matter who we are." Capiche?


Airstikes for Peace said...

maybe our country's creditors will take 35 cents on the dollar. We still couldn't pay it.

Anonymous said...

I just read something over at Bunkerville
that makes me wonder if all this shit we write about matters at all. The stock exchanges of the US and Europe are planning a merger. Sounds like the first giante step towards the one world order with our friends the banksters incharge.
I'd appriciate it if you could find time to read the article at Bunkerville and tell if I am worrying for nothing or is the end upon us.

Brian said...

I used to dismiss a one world order and currency as the ramblings of mad men. Until a couple of years ago. Destroying the dollar, as they have been doing the last 3 years is the end game. It certainly sets the stage for the "solution."

Still not sure that the new world order can get folks like China aboard. In fact, China is most certainly our replacement. Bankers are devious bastards. They can not operate in the light of day. They operate in the shadows. I'm told the best book out there right now is the Creature from Jekyll Island. I have not ordered it since reading it would only enhance and re-enforce my hatred of the FED which is our domestic enemy. The one that is killing us now.