Monday, February 14, 2011

Arrgghh...More Vitriol From the Left, Right, and Nationalistas

Do you remember how many times Reagan ran for President and lost? I do. What that means is that a majority of Americans were wrong about the guy up until that point when they finally elected him.

He was a decent man and far from perfect. Finally, we saw fit to elect him in his 70's. I think most people would agree that he was a pretty good man and a decent leader.

I have a friend who was detailed to Reagan's personal security in California. He maintained that Reagan might have even been a better guy... than most people give him credit for.

Shit, I am going to have to stand my ground against the anti-Paul herd. Not that I am looking for a fight, some vitriolic comments, or a little isolation...but because I think he is a good guy, a straight shooter, and worthy of a little decency. I wonder... had the internet been around in Reagan's time, what kind of garbage I would have read about him. Ponderous. 

I've made my Paul case many times. I don't apologize nor do I claim he is perfect. If any of you find the perfect human being, please let me know. I'll be glad to write about him.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, it is a cinch that I'm never going to make it back to the States. But if you ever find a reason (can't even imagine what that would be) to come down to Venezuela, we're going to have to sit down over a shot and a beer and talk about your Libertarian philosophy. Ja!

I like Ron Paul too. But he'll never be elected President with his Libertarian views about the use of the military. That is just a fact.

I just joined your fray at My Tea Party Chronicles. After Cheryl has had a chance to post my comment, you might enjoy reading it.

Bottom line, Brian, I don't care what others may say. You are alright in my book.

Seriously though, I would dearly love to have a chance to sit down with you, one on one. I know I'd learn a hell of a lot.

Keep up the good fight, my friend.


Brian said...

Thanks Jim. I agree. Right or wrong, the US is no place for sovereign old men like Paul. There is simply no reason to think that will ever change until one day...we waste all of our money and all of our bombs in one giant and epic display of who is right. Well, I am trying to get a passport this week but demand is so heavy, I have to make an appt.

Rats fleeing the ship? Don't be surprised when I show up at your V doorstep...if in fact they let you keep it!

Thanks brudda!