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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kleptocracy of U.S. Declares Wikileaks Criminal, Perhaps Even Terrorist Organization, May Send Mean Spirited Memo

Who is the greatest criminal master mind in the world? Osama Bin Laden? Thousands, perhaps even millions of crooked bankers committing mortgage fraud? How about Hank Paulson or those citizen racists in the state of Arizona?

Nope. It's Julian Assange. The wikileaks guy.  

President Obama has directed Attorney General Eric Holder to launch a criminal probe and get that Australian rogue Julian Assange. Holder, noticeably absent from virtually anything closely resembling a crime, has been asked to launch a probe into the activities of Australian, Julian Assange. Initially Holder balked- stating he was far too busy suing Arizona and cherry picking a couple of hedge funds engaged in insider trading.

Politicians, such as cracker jack negotiator Hillary Clinton, are pissed. The leaked memos have exposed and confirmed what many of us already know. Hillary is just an insensitive and nasty human being. Noticeably absent from the memos as I read them, were any insider trading tips. Hillary Clinton as you may well remember, was a very adept cattle futures trader.

Hillary was quick to label the leaks as a "theft." She was also able to de-personalize the incident and call it an "attack" on America rather than an attack on her shitty diplomatic skills or nasty disposition in general- as she was busy apologizing not for her actions but blaming the criminal bastards who conspired to nab those memos. It's their fault.

Hillary ordered diplomats to spy. Grab credit card info and DNA. If you do that shit, they call it identity theft. If the kleptocracy does that shit, they call it "business."

If I were Australian Julian Assange, I wouldn't sweat this too much. Nobody really knows where he is anyway. We have these legal hurdles called free speech and whistle blower statutes which apparently do not apply here or have been ignored as the government kleptocracy mounts their furious smear campaign in the media.  Our government has been famously indifferent when it comes to applying and enforcing laws such as immigration, fraud, tax evasion, or identity theft when they are the suspects or directly involved. Not sure they can even win some contrived case.

How long has it been now,  nearly 10 years, and the kleptocracy still can't find a rich, 6'5" tall Saudi turned terrorist? Given our track record of success, I wouldn't expect much more than some nasty letter or memo, Julian. Not even sure you'll get that. Perhaps it will be mailed via the United States Postal Service, another model of efficiency. Lots to like.


Anonymous said...

Your being ex-law enforcement, this crap must really drive you up a wall. Someone should be asking Hillary why three million people had access to State Department's sensitive files.

BTW if you enjoy Krugman bashing as much as I do, I came across a grate site call Krugman-in-Wonderland.
The guy is a professor of economics at some small university (he is an avowed Austrian economics advocate) and he writes very well.


Anonymous said...

Brian, checkout my latest post. S510 is not a sure thing yet. Looks like Harry stepped in a big pile this time.