Sunday, January 23, 2011

Defending Palin

There is simply no shortage of Palin bashers out there. In fact I read some piece the other day where the lefties were calling Palin stupid because they were convinced that she didn't know what "blood libel" meant. Laughing about it.

I have a confession to make. I didn't know what the hell "blood libel" meant either. I had to look it up. After looking it up, I am convinced that I am no better off intellectually now that I know what it means. The point I am making is simple. I am not convinced that just because a person doesn't know the meaning of an obscure word or phrase, perhaps "salamagundi" for instance, that somehow we can hang an idiot sign on them. But oh how those lefties try. Interestingly enough, my spell checker must be stupid. It doesn't recognize the word, salamagundi.

In the initial days of Captain Transparency's ascendancy, I defended his right to sit in a church wherein a preacher said, "Goddamn America." Right wingers found this tantamount to treason. Ok. Not me.

So this morning I defended Palin in a heated debate with a statist. The gist of the battle- as you might guess- was that Palin was stupid. I countered with Captain Transparency's alleged genius. Just where is that alleged genius and when is it going to transfer into something usable? I said if in fact, Obama is such a genius, when is he going to make that transparent and transferable? This really pissed off my adversary who then switched gears and said, "Who did you vote for?"

I said I voted for the Libertarian, Bob Barr. My adversary said who the fuck is that and how many votes did he get? I had him by the balls.

I told him that Barr only got 500,000 votes. Most folks, can't see beyond the two party puppets that get foisted upon us each four years because neither the democrats or the republicans have any vested interest in competition. They see third parties candidates as a siphon. That's why you don't know who Barr is. They don't want you to know. But thank gawd, you know what "blood libel" means and you can call Palin stupid- yet not even know who is on a ballot. That's some rich shit, I said.

He turned, got in his pickup truck, and drove away. Just like that.


rawmuse said...

Debating these people is a complete waste of time. Here is why. They are simply incapable of rational discourse. When opposed they will first, name call, ad hominem. Secondly, they will change the topic, usually by way of a red herring. Third, they will accuse you being for Bush, never mind that Bush wasn't on the ballot. Fourth, they will again call names, this time at you. Even Obama does this.

Brian said...

I agree. Subject focused debate is no longer possible. We have devolved into name calling...a tactic we employed in sandboxes and playgrounds.